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    1. Yes
    2. Haha. Actually yes since I have some spare money and thought that I might find something else of value by buying it I did it to show support, but no again same thing 10 videos and ebooks but only 1 thing of value the rest was garbage. For example he said that the reason we sometimes can't see in our dreams is because we have glue in our eyes and I was like "Really?!" and he made up some idea about evil entities putting glue in dreamers eyes... Anyway what I did learn was that I could visualize and day dream on my awakenings and it wasn't necessary to fall asleep and that was of great help because again his reasoning for that was outrageous but if I think for myself I could see why it was of value.

      I would recommend the 4 min ramp (8, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 20) and if you want you can put the so called ... (Fast OBE alarms) afterwards 6, 6, 6, 6, 6, 6

      That's the one that I use.

      Going to sleep now, I'll see you tomorrow!
    3. Yes I see - just checked it out and agree
      I'd almost buy it tho even tho it's not a cool selling style...have you ever read or listened to the 102 stuff? ( shame ! Don't tell any one I thought about buying it )
      I down loaded the alarm - any tips on which one to try first
    4. I guess it's just the fact that he mentions sleep paralysis and have a seller vibe. It just doesn't rub me right.

      But I appreciate his work anyway.
    5. Ha ha yes we certainly do Why such a bad view of the Lucidology guy?
    6. Haha we need to have some Patience
    7. Okeydokey staying tuned !
    8. I am glad that you like my work. Luckily for you it's my passion so I will never stop.

      The timer ideas was actually something that I took from the most hated lucid dreaming source on the internet: Lucidology. And in my opinion 99% of what he talks about is pure bullsh*t.

      But I was open minded and realized that his idea about the brain's response to shock awakening was actually of use. Youtube search: Timer Method Lucidology

      You can find most info about how set up timers in that video. I personally use a mp3 audio track that I play from my Iphone.

      I'll make a thread when I feel that it really is as effective as I want it to be, and I am talking about lucidity at will, not at chance. Still needs more testing to verify that.
      And in that case I will not only write a thread, I will make a video demonstrating it all.

      Stay tuned because this is only the beginning.

      I hope this was helpful and have fun with the timer.

    9. Hey MasterMind - its interesting to read about your FA and technique's you have started to create based on having them - I get more and more FA these days and am working on training myself to recognise them awareness etc ( any personal tips to share are welcome tho )
      I have noticed if I focus on that morning bit of sleep, as you mention,with the correct amount of intensity they happen more often and I recognise them sometimes but haven't got a system yet - Yours sounds really interesting with your buzz alarms etc - will you make a thread to explain it more as I am sure it could be useful for me and others who have similar experiences and can learn from you
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