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    Reading With My Eyes Shut

    by mattbrox on 02-22-2011 at 12:54 PM
    My Notes

    The first dream began outside my friend's old house. I'm at the bottom of the hill, when I find an old and very rusty watch. It had a small key with it that went into the back. I bring it home and try to unlock it. It doesn't unlock, so I jam a screwdriver into the back.
    I'm at school, outside my lockers again. The watch looks different. It now is shiny, and it glows. I show everyone how it has strange little mechanicals under the glass. I drop the key somewhere and can't find it. I look up to find my teacher, Mr T, passing it to me with a grin on his face.
    I'm in a new building I've never been in before, still with the watch. It now has a large wide-screen on it which has a red button on it to the left. I press it to see what it does. Two people pop up on the screen, kissing. I then realise it's a porno button. "That's odd," I think, and do the nose-plug RC. For a moment, everything is in third person and I'm watching myself do the RC. The first few times my hands slip, but then I get it right, and I become lucid. Although I was lucid, it was a very low level of lucidity.
    I turn around and see a window the size of the wall. The sky is completely blue, and there's a great big beach-city below me. I'm at least 100 floors up. I turn back around and see two people. One dares me to jump off. I say I'll parachute down. I think the dream ended either then and there, or a few moments later just as I jumped.

    Second dream (this was one of those dreams that made no sense whatsoever): I'm in my bedroom. In my cupboard I have lots of board games in a black vertical board game rack. I really loved owning them all. A black tower, the same height and diameter as my board game stack, appears in the middle of my room. I'm concerned that it's going to replace my board games.

    Third dream:I'm in my bed, but I'm in the top bunk instead of the bottom. I become lucid straight away. The first thing I notice is how dark it is (darkness is much more scary in dreams I think). I close my eyes and expect it to be day when I open them. This doesn't work. I try a second time and notice the the wall to my right has a very feint glow, but still there was no real light, so I decide to just leave it there.
    I run out of my room, reminding myself to stay lucid. I run into the front room. My older brother is sitting in the main chair. I manage to say "Hi," before the dream ends.

    Fourth dream: I'm on a computer, sitting next to some guy I don't know. I show him someone's youtube account. I notice that page has 31 dislikes. I didn't know you could even dislike a channel. I find out that I had accidentally gone into my channel. I notice he writes down my username. Embarrassed about him going on my channel, I contemplate deleting it.

    Fifth dream (only a fragment): I see nothing but a page of a book. I know that my eyes are closed. I try to read it, but it eventually gets harder and harder to read. As I read it out loud, I notice that I'm barely paying attention to what I'm reading and won't remember it.
    This may not have been a dream, but me seeing HI in a daze, just after waking up. It was most likely a dream though.

    Sixth dream(also a fragment): I'm at the Year 9 Centre at my school. Some girl walks past with dark green hair. A person tells me how green is now an official hair colour now. What she meant by that was: people can now be born with green hair and have it in there genes. Even though it's different, I like the new colour.

    Seventh dream:I'm in third person, watching two young Asian girls walk around an abandoned dock. The eldest one walks inside the building, which had walls that appeared to be made of a bright wood, and finds a switched-on laptop. She goes further down and discovers two more switched-on laptops. For some reason this gives her the impression that the owners of the laptops must be in danger, and she panics. They both climb the roof and start yelling and waving to a boat in the distance.

    Eighth and final dream: I'm inside... somewhere. Two people are standing next to a narrow tunnel that goes up on a 45ish degree angle. One of them keeps throwing little stones up it. He says it's to distract someone who wants to steal an important orange stone. I remember thinking to myself how, in this strange and big world, police would never know how to deal with this, and these guys are right to deal with the situation themselves.
    I climb the narrow tunnel. At the top is a dark blue ocean at night. There's a lone wooden boat with only one man on it. He looks a little bit like a demon. I get on board and wrestle him into a headlock. One of the guys instructed I drown him. For a moment, he turns into a purple book. He's now in his true form: a young looking man with blond hair, and light-brown body hair. He looks just like one of those half animal half human anime drawings you see all over the internet. I finally get him in a headlock and put my hand over his mouth. I see by the look on his face, he's no longer an evil person, just scared looking. As I have him in the headlock, I can feel all over my body his warmth. It was equivalent to leaning against your partner, only dream-amplified. Straight away I feel connected to him, then I feel sorry for him, as I now have to drown him.
    I pull himself and I overboard. I watch him closely. I can't let him go till I know he's lost conscientiousness. I begin to struggle to hold my breath. I try to distract myself from the need to breath, and then I wake up.

    Eight dreams... New personal record?

    Updated 02-22-2011 at 01:02 PM by mattbrox

    lucid , non-lucid , false awakening , memorable , dream fragment , side notes

    Meeting Her Majesty The Queen

    by mattbrox on 02-19-2011 at 03:02 AM
    My Notes

    I made a big mistake last night. I went to bed at around 12:40am. I then set my alarm to 6hours and 25minutes. This is the time I usually wake up, so trying to WBTB then Instant-WILDing obviously failed.

    My first dream was short and lacked detail. I was in a crowded place with The Queen. She looked normal, but she was wearing black glasses and looked cooler in general. I asked her a question I thought of on the spot. To my surprise, she replied with a smile.

    My second dream began outside. There were lots of people, and some guy was showing me something he had. It was a fairly big black horn. When he played it, the "Dun,dun, duuuuuh" sound came out (see this popular video). I'm now at school, outside the canteen. For some reason everybody is piling up to form a square wall. Even in the dream, I had no idea what the heck was going on. There is a girl, in the wall, near me who is upset. She keeps saying how she really doesn't want anybody on her. I later see a big black-skinned man on her, and she's fine with it. Hah. I see inside the canteen, they're making crÍpes with pizzas. I'm really disappointed that I didn't bring more than $5.
    I'm now at some big film award ceremony, like the Baftas. Behind me are hundreds of filled red seats, each row higher than the previous. I'm right at the bottom, on the seats furthest to the right.George Clooney is near me I seem to remember.
    I'm on the stage, well, not really. I'm just viewing everything from the stage. Donald Faison is on the stage singing something. There are lots of women skating around him. I think to myself how much pressure they're under not to screw up.
    I'm back in my seat. My little sister has the black horn thing. She keeps turning it on and making the sound in front of all the celebrities. I'm quite embarrassed.

    Driving in a Fake-Lucid

    by mattbrox on 02-18-2011 at 06:42 AM
    My Notes

    I remember dreaming I was having a lucid dream. I was having fun driving around in circles in a car. I kept fiddling with the gear lever, which only went up and down, wondering why it didn't work.

    Oh. and I'm also going to be trying out the "Instant-WILD technique by Michael Raduga.
    Check out this thread.

    Chuck Norris Look-Alike

    by mattbrox on 02-16-2011 at 11:09 AM
    My Notes

    I tried the Iso tone again. I tried to WILD, but I have a sore throat (the result of a cold) and couldn't stay still. WBTB also failed me, unfortunately.

    I'm at a small town. I don't remember who, but a man is telling me the government has collapsed, and that the people will go out of control. I assure him that it's a nice town, and the people are smart enough to know rioting won't help them. We pass an old white two-story house. My friend –who I think was Joel– next to me says it had been destroyed once, then it was rebuilt. I think to myself, if it were rebuilt, then it's no longer an old building.
    I'm now inside the building. Jennifer Aniston and a man who looks remarkably like Chuck Norris are sitting on a single mattress on the bare floor. The man is saying very romantic things to her. She seems eventually won over, and then he asks her to marry him. When he asks this, he sounds very pathetic and desperate. She obviously is unimpressed. She gets up and walks away. Before she gets to the door, the man stops her and tells her how the house is worth millions, and that they're both rich. She agrees to marry him.
    I think to myself that it would be an empty marriage she was only in for the money.

    The second dream was just a few fragments. I'm at my friend's old house. He also has his friend over. I had just bought a new G Shock digital watch. I press the button to turn on the lights. Unlike a normal watch, the lights come out of four lights on the sides. I have the watches hands. They glow in the dark, and they need to be screwed in somehow. I notice a black screw I could use, but I'm nervous I'll break the watch.

    I don't know how well WILDing will go tonight. A sore through really screws with concentration, plus I have to constantly swallow.

    Updated 02-16-2011 at 11:12 AM by mattbrox

    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Lucid Dream From Iso Tone

    by mattbrox on 02-15-2011 at 07:17 AM
    My Notes

    Tonight, I decided to try to WILD with the help of a free lucid dreaming Iso tone I got from iso-tones.com. I would listen to if after I woke from my alarm.

    My first dream, and in fact all my dreams this night, were very long & vivid. The first dream wasn't very pleasant. I was standing outside my bedroom with my older brother. We were looking inside my bedroom. There were six spiders on the inside of my window. Six spiders. In the real world, I'm quite scared of spiders, but it's x10 worse if the spider is in my room. I express my disbelief to my brother.
    The scene changes; I'm in my backyard with my younger brother. My bed is also out there. Since it's a dream, the extension has yet to be built. It's night-time, and we're spraying the bed with my insect & bug killer. i don't miss a spot.
    I'm back in my room. I notice, in the cupboard, there is an old dirty hole. I franticly spray in there. I think to myself, it must be where they get it. I don't see any more spiders. I feel that since they're all gone, and that the holes have all been sprayed, no more should be in my room again. This gives me some peace of mind.

    I'm back outside again. There is a big old-looking tree. It has a tarp, I think a green one, going over it. On the top of the tree (it's slightly taller than me) is a disturbing sight. It's a mouse, completely engulfed in spider webs. The tree is covered in spider webs, that look similar to beeswax. My little brother, who is now with me, doesn't realise what it is. I have to explain it's a mouse.

    My alarm wakes me up. I remember to use the iso, combined with WILD. I listen to the entire 30 minute MP3. I'm still nowhere near entering SP, and my hair is beginning to itch, so I decide to just go for WBTB instead. I remind myself to become lucid, and to remember my goals and to stabilise the dream. This pays off.

    I would rate the following lucid dream as a layer three, minor.
    Spoiler for Layer Three:

    I'm on a stretch of road, in a small town. I don't really how I become lucid; I think I was lucid from the beginning. I excitedly rub my hands to stabilise the dream. I yell "This is a dream" many times. As I do this I notice some buildings in the distance increasing in detail. I want to finally complete some of my dream goals. I consider finding my DG, but I realise that may take some time, so I just try to find my dream name instead. A friend of mine named Harry.B is in a black car near me. I get in the car as he starts to drive. I ask him my dream name. He think for a few moments. He says "Hansen Francis." I can tell by the look on his face, and the fact that a friend of mine is called Hansen, that he just made this up. I decide to disregard this. Whilst in the car I have to yell "This is a dream" a few more times.
    By now, my lucidity is fading. I'm still lucid, just much less aware. I'm at school outside my lockers, and I'm still trying to find out my dream name. I ask a kid named Luke. He gives me a very intellectual speech on how one does not just find his dream name, he must earn it. I'm surprised at how much sense he's making. I remember for a few moments being in the canteen, but this doesn't last long.
    Now I'm outside again. There is a big factory to my right. Nobody is near me. I decide to try and fly. Since my logic was still not working very well, this was very extremely easy. I just jumped up, and off I went. I was thinking to myself how badly I didn't want to forget this when I awoke.
    Then I woke up.

    Only when I woke up, did I realise how un-lucid the end of that dream had become. I happily wrote the the dreams down.

    I went back to sleep for a short while. I had a third very vivid but short dream. I was in my maths class, which was very dark and gloomy. Sitting next to me on my left was my school crush. I hear someone to my right on the other side of the room talking to her. I'm slightly embarrassed, and incredibly sick. I have a very runny nose and headache. I keep coughing and sneezing. I look to my left again to see that an old lady had sat between me and my crush.

    I'm ticking the "task of the month" DJ category because I believe "find your dream name" was a previous one. I'm going to try my luck with the Iso tones again tonight. Hopefully I can use it to aid WILD.

    Updated 02-15-2011 at 07:43 AM by mattbrox

    lucid , non-lucid , nightmare , memorable , side notes , task of the month