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      Hi ^^

      I just read your DJ entry on your first WILD (oh and congratz on that!), and I was just wondering about what you did to wake up after each REM cycle?

      Oh and welcome to the forums.
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    2 Short WILDs followed by a 5 minute+ WILD

    by mattg on 09-17-2012 at 10:15 PM
    9/17 - 3 consecutive WILDs

    Today marks the first day in months that I woke up feeling like I made significant progress with WILD.

    The night started normal. I told myself to wake up around 6am after my REM cycle. I found myself awake around 6:30. I made my way down to the computer and browsed the web for about 40 minutes. Went back up to bed and put on my sleep mask and put in my earplugs.

    Tonight I decided it would be my focus to attempt multiple dream stabilization techniques. After a moderate wait I felt HI followed by a white transition. Remembering my focus I opened my eyes right after my transition and looked at my hand. My hand was very clear. I traced the outline with my eyes and began shaking my hand. Shortly after shaking my hand I found myself awake inside my bed.

    My body was deep in SP. My thoughts remained passive and shortly after awakening I began experiencing a second round of HI followed by another flash of white. I opened my eyes and found myself in a very groggy state. I held my arm up and examined it. My arm was very clear but at the wrist there was a thick transparent line followed by a very blurry outline which resembled my fist. I tried to focus in on my fist but my attempt was unsuccessful. I soon found myself awake again with a strong feeling of SP.

    I stayed calm and clear minded and experienced a 3rd round of HI followed by another white transition. after this transition I opened my eyes and found myself laying in a bed inside a room a didn't recognize. I walked over the the window, the sun was shining and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I looked at the ground which I guessed was around 4 stories below me. Then jumped out of the window and began flying upwards in a slow spin. After reaching a comfortable height I paused and looked at the ground. I was in a neighborhood that consisted of multiple houses and a road connecting them. While I was pausing I remembered my intention when I fell asleep. I decided to spin. I dove at the ground as fast as I could, spinning as quickly as possible. I imagined I was a drill and upon hitting the ground I began tunneling into the earth. My speed slowed down significantly after reaching the ground but my drilling remained consistent. I was dropping foot by foot into the earth and upon reaching a depth where I could see little sunlight I burst back into the sky.

    I stopped at a treeline and saw what appeared to be a helicopter. I began flying over to the helicopter in hopes that I could find a pilot I could speak to. As I began approaching the helicopter it became clear that it was a car that was driving down a hill. As I got closer the car began shooting objects at me. I began dodging them and saw a man inside the car who was aiming at me. The inside of the car was lit up with neon lights and was filled with gauges. I flew back to make dodging easier and began launching projectiles out of my hand trying to hit the car.

    The projectiles that were coming out of my hand were small but after hitting the car a couple times the car exploded into a massive fireball. As the explosion approached me I closed my eyes and imagined Paris. I opened my eyes and found the explosion even larger and still coming in my direction. I remained calm and began humming a song. I imagined Paris again and after opening my eyes I found myself in a black void. It was peaceful and shortly after opening my eyes I found myself awake in my bed. This time when I woke up I had to much excitement to remain clear minded. I found thoughts racing through my mind so I got up.

    In the future I am going to try to remain calm when my dreams end and transition back into them. The experience I had last night gave me a nice motivational boost.

    Notes: Sleep mask, earplugs - no background noise. WBTB 40 minutes @ 6:30am

    Very Short WILD

    by mattg on 09-15-2012 at 02:28 PM
    9/15 - Short WILD

    Used WBTB for about 45 minutes after waking up at 6

    After laying down it took awhile to reach imagery. After reaching imagery the first time I paid to much attention to it and set myself back a bit, the next couple times the same thing happened but after a few tries I made it to a transition. My transition was a flash of white followed by the pattern that is on my blanket. I kept my eyes closed, letting the imagery fade and tried to let my dream stabilize before attempting anything. After waiting for about a minute in a black void I opened my dream eyes and found myself in a bed wrapped in covers. The images were very groggy, as I stood up I kept repeating clarity and my dream became noticeably more vivid but nothing like the level of detail I've experienced in the past. Next to the bed was a large bay window and outside of the window sat 4 empty beach chairs fully reclined on a concrete patio that was surrounded by trees. I decided I wanted to go outside so I tried to walk through the window. My attempt was unsuccessful so I walked back and ran into the window trying to pass through it. This time I slammed into the window, again failing to pass through it. As this happened people appeared outside of the window and began walking towards me. They were nonthreatening and seemed to wonder why I was running into the window. As I began to think about how to pass through the window my dream faded without me noticing and I could hear the familiar sound of my bedroom fan.

    After this WILD I attempted two more. Both attempts failed and I slipped into non-lucid dreams that were very odd. One involved a FA that I never acknowledged until waking up and the other involved a group of people and a car pulling up to me demanding that I get in. After declining and walking away I had a small child tell me it was time to go on my journey and that I needed to go with the car.

    Both the dreams were very thought provoking and while I did not experience the best WILD the dreams that came following the WILD were well worth the effort put into the attempts.

    Notes: WBTB 45 minutes @ 6am, sleep mask, ear plugs, fan

    Updated 09-15-2012 at 02:33 PM by mattg

    lucid , non-lucid , false awakening

    Short WILD

    by mattg on 09-04-2012 at 10:12 PM
    9/4 - WILD inside house

    Woke up this morning around 7 and worked on homework for roughly 2 hours. After I finished a section I decided to attempt WILD so I made my way to bed and tried to fall asleep.

    This WILD went very smoothly. Kept myself well anchored and made a nice transition into a dream. The imagery I experienced was from a video game. I "interacted" or influenced it and snapped into my dream in a flash of white light.

    I kept still for about 30 seconds to make sure my dream was stable and opened my eyes. I was inside my bed with the covers over my head. I could see the covers and they were well lit. I used this as a reality check because I knew that when I opened my eyes I should see black because I have a sleep mask. As I was getting up from the bed I felt my dog laying by my side. I moved her and got out of bed.

    I walked over to the railing (long wooden railing) and jumped up onto it, slid down and at the bottom I did a double back flip off it. There were two ceiling fans at the bottom of the railing that are not in my house, I noted them as I walked around the corner into the dining room. The dining room was empty in the center (has a large table) and it was carpeted. The carpet was maroon in color with a square pattern. There was a hutch in the far side of the wall that I also noted as I walked past.

    I went into the kitchen and saw a meal being made. There was corn on the cob boiling inside a pot and two on top of the pot, there were two steaks on top of a broil tray. I thought it looked very good and right as I was about to walk away I decided I've never eaten anything in my dream and Id like to try. I grabbed a piece of corn and took a bite out of it. My mouth was watering and I remember the taste of butter. I thought to myself, this must be hot i'll save it for later! I kept it in my hand and began walking to the porch area and as I rounded the corner my dream faded instantly.

    Notes: Light mask, ear plugs WBTB (2 hours)

    Worst WILD yet

    by mattg on 08-12-2012 at 01:44 PM
    8/12/12 -> WILD

    Woke up around 4 am naturally, went on the computer for about 20 minutes. Started to feel pretty tired so I made my way back to bed.

    Decided to put real effort into a WILD attempt. Felt my body go through SP followed by imagery. My transition this time was quite odd. As I went into my dream I experienced a feeling I could best describe as being dizzy. It seemed like my entire body was dizzy.

    After a 15-20 second period experiencing this dizzy feeling I found myself with a full field of vision inside my bed. I rolled to my left off the bed and right where I was landing stood a dream character bright yellow and slightly shorter then my bed height. The DC looked very similar to this but wider.

    I became startled, closed my eyes quickly and started rubbing my hands. The sensation of rubbing my hands was incredibly strong. It felt just like I was rubbing my hands with my eyes closed in reality. I knew I was still inside my dream and I continued rubbing them. I experienced the hand rubbing sensation for between 5-10 seconds and I felt the familiar feeling of my heart pounding and a familiar black backdrop. I knew I had failed in my dream stabilization and I was awake deep in SP.

    I attempted DEILD but failed, shifted positions and attempted WILD a few more times and failed.

    This was extremely disappointing. Put a great deal of effort into my first attempt, had a transition and forgot to stabilize my dream correctly.

    Just wanted to update my DJ, I've been trying to have lucid dreams naturally with less effort. Here are two backlogged entries, they are not WILDs.

    7/29/12 - DILD after failing to notice a WILD transition, first time being able to stabilize my dream after being 100% non lucid.

    Quick update since my last post, I've had 3 lucid dreams that resulted in waking up immediately after becoming lucid. I have also been failing WILD a lot. Now to the dream.

    I used WBTB at 3am after waking up naturally. Stayed up for over an hour and went back to bed when I began feeling tired. After laying down I attempted WILD in a very lazy manner. A lot of my WILD attempts lately lack persistence. This is due to the way I've successfully had transitions and a lack of effort on my part. Usually when I have transitions I have to 'float' my consciousness into a transition. I've been 'floating' a lot earlier then I normally did and as a result I usually fall asleep into a non lucid dream.

    Last night, looking back I experienced a dream transition which I've never experienced before. Usually I have falling or rising sensations, last night however I had a transition which resembled a gunshot. It was very loud and quick. After the gunshot sound I fell into a normal dream. It was a very interesting dream which I decided to write in my dream journal after experiencing it. I began writing on what looked to be some kind of computer screen. I saved it three times and after saving the last one I read the dates and times on the first two, when I got to the third date it was very blurry and unreadable.

    At this point I had a very strong realization that I was dreaming. I had a rush which in the past was accompanied by me waking up instantly. This time as I experienced the rush I focused on rolling my body. Rolling didn't seem to work and I was experiencing extreme vibrations that were similar to a dream transition. After my rolling didn't work I tried to rub my hands together and during this my vibrations continued and the hand rubbing still didn't seem to work. I again tried to roll and after rolling failed I switched back to hand rubbing a last time. This time it worked and my dream felt stable.

    I closed my dream eyes, cleared my mind and slowly opened them not trying to influence my dream. I woke up inside a home with my girlfriend by my side. We were both naked and I decided to fly out of the room I was in. I flew up and without even thinking I went right through the roof into the clouds.

    Shortly after my girlfriend appeared by my side again, she was flying by my side. I accelerated to a high speed. The clouds in my dream could not keep up with my pace and my field of vision was became pixelated. While flying I unintentionally switched my vision into some kind of targeting mode, every cloud had a label with a line attached with a single line description. They were blue and red in color.

    After this I decided I wanted to land. I flew down and without thinking I was placed into my parents home with my girlfriend. We were in an embrace upon landing and as I realized where I was I decided to explore my surroundings. I jumped out the window and landed on the ground mid stride. I looked at the neighbors homes while running down the road. The all seemed to have accurate details.

    As I reached the bend in the road there was a home with a massive deck that I didn't recognize. I walked up on the deck and found a door that was cracked open. I walked inside the door and found myself in a beautiful roman style home. There was very detailed marble and tile work in the massive foyer. There was a staircase that wound up in a very long half circle.

    The handrails were very detailed carved wood. I walked up the steps and as I reached the top I found a doorway in front of me and I stepped inside. I was placed inside another beautiful room with similar style. The walls had very little drywall, most of the wall was covered in marble/tile work but the sections that were drywall were painted purple. Shortly after entering this room my dream ended and I found myself awake on my bed.

    Notes: WBTB stayed up until I felt very tired then attempted WILD, had dream transition but failed to identify it. Earplugs, light canceling mask, no background noise.

    8/10/12 - Lucid dream, became lucid without recalling any kind of realization or transition.

    At roughly 3am I woke myself up in the middle of a dream after having an altercation with a dream character. Upon waking up I was groggy and my body felt extremely tired and heavy. I got up and went to the bathroom to get a glass of water. After drinking the water I laid down and fell asleep very quickly.

    The lucid dream I had was very long and some of the details in the beginning of my dream became vague by the end but I can recall the main events that were happening. My dream recall started while I was in a very tall stone and mortar building. I was in a side room by myself with a hallway that had a jail cell door separating me from the main hall. Inside the room was a window that overlooked a vast desert mountain range. I recall thinking that the room was very high off the ground (10+ stories). As I came to grips with my surrounding I floated effortlessly through the jail cell door. The main hall had no roof and a large amount of workers inside it.
    They all seemed to be working on the stone mortar joints. I flew around to the different people and talked to them but I do not recall what our conversations included. After carrying multiple conversations with the workers I went back to the room down the hall and looked out the window. After admiring the landscape, I flew out of the window and experienced extreme sensations through my body, it truly felt like I was flying. After a short flight I closed my eyes and thought about teleporting. I recall spinning for a long time.

    The spinning sensation was very strong, the strongest I've ever felt and after opening my eyes I found myself outside of two homes with grass in-between. Most of my family was along my side and they were having conversations with each other. I asked them if they were in control of their dreams. They replied no and I began explaining how they were in my dream and they were free to do whatever they desired. They did not seem to grasp what I was explaining and I recall my grand mom asking my sister about what she was eating. My sister explained that one food in particular she stopped eating because she read it was harmful to baby development. They all seemed content talking amongst each other and I decided it was time for me to go. I told everyone I was going to leave and it was nice seeing them. Everyone huddled around me and I closed my eyes and teleported to a new room.

    This room had royal purple walls with a white ceiling. There was a stained wood door and a card table with a computer in the room. The rest of the room was empty. I recall being disappointed but the PC in the room was startling me. As I looked at it, the pictures and words were incredibly clear and accurate. At this point I started to lose focus in my dream and felt my extreme level of awareness slowly decrease. After inspecting the computer for awhile I closed my eyes and tried to wake up.

    As I opened my eyes I found myself in my room. I was very cold and my girlfriend had most of the blanket. I had a feeling that I was still in a dream but it was unclear. I stood up and walked into the bathroom and noticed water puddles on the floor. The feeling I had when I walked over the wet carpet didn't match the feelings from reality so I became increasingly suspicious. I asked my girlfriend to come look at the water. We went from the bathroom into the dogs room and there were puddles a couple inches deep throughout the room. While we were walking through the lights seemed to be dim and without any recollection of how it happened I had a flashlight in my hand. I clicked on the flashlight and we made our way up the attic.

    As we walked through the attic I kept trying to turn on the lights and none of them were working. I thought we must have kicked a breaker. We continued to make our way through the attic and I noted there was no water on the floor. As we came to the end of the attic my girlfriend walked into strings that were hung from the ceiling. They were little pieces of garlic that had been cut in half and hung. She began panicking and I woke myself up.

    After awaking I held my nose to confirm I had actually awaken in my bed and my girlfriend was awake. She had been having a nightmare and we discussed our dreams with each other.

    Notes: Had a drink of alcohol before bed, went to bed at 11:30, woke up in the middle of dream naturally from occurrences in dream. Very groggy fell back asleep within 2 minutes of waking up. Dream lasted well over an hour.

    30+ minute WILD

    by mattg on 07-02-2012 at 01:24 PM
    By far the most stable I've been inside of a dream. I'll dive right into it.

    I experienced a light amount of imagery and a very small transition which fooled me. My transitions in the past had been very strong and lasted over 5 seconds every time. When I transitioned into this dream the falling sensation lasted for less then a second, it was fast and convinced me I had tried to stabilize my dream to quickly. I remained still in my bed and continued my WILD technique. Weird things started happening, I had a full field of vision with my eyes closed. At the time it seemed normal. As i realized i could see i thought some how I had opened my eyes, I closed them quickly and continued WILD. After thinking about what had happen I opened my eyes and got up in my bed. I looked around and everything seemed normal. I had the feeling that i had waken my self up. As my gaze lowered to the floor i realized there were things missing. Things that would be impossible to move as quickly as they had. I began becoming suspicious. I thought to myself, this seems real but there is no way those boxes could have been moved without me waking up. As i thought this i looked at my hand and began trying to push through it, at first nothing was happening. I tried to will my finger through my hand and i had a slight bulge in my left palm but nothing like i had experienced before when doing reality checks in dreams. At this point I abandoned the hand check and was convinced it was a dream. I covered my mouth and nose and found myself breathing naturally and I began walking into the next room. I walked in the hallway and found my girlfriend walking towards me, she had a very blank look on her face. I continued past her into the bathroom and was planning to teleport through the mirror.

    At this point I paused and remembered to take time to make a point to my mind how dreams felt. I took in my surroundings and noted the feelings i had while i was non lucid and noted how real things can seem. I thought to myself it is in the details. I continued going through what i experienced and re stated to my mind how real a dream can feel. After feeling like i covered everything i I walked back to my girlfriend and told her my name very loudly. She just gave me a blank stare. I began to notice that even though i thought it was my girlfriend the details in her face did not match my recollection perfectly. The shape of her face was slightly different and many other minor details. I said this is my dream it is monday morning. She continued to stare at me. I bellowed very loudly and clearly and said repeat after me, then I stated my name, the day and said this is a dream. She repeated everything i said and I turned away. I said very loudly as I was walking I summon my dream guide. Nothing happened. I then thought I would teleport to him through the bathroom mirror. As I thought of this I wanted to show my GF how I was able to teleport through the mirror. I walked back to her and there was a figure behind her that I quickly noted and told her to follow me. I think this figure was a result of me thinking about the mirror and not walking directly to it. She followed me to the mirror and I said watch this.

    As i looked at the mirror i felt slightly sidetracked, i began looking at the details of my face, while aquick glance looked very accurate the detail in my face was very wrong my jaw was much squarer, my brow was less defined, my eyes were shaped differently and i recall thinking that i did not look like myself at all. Then i regained my thought process, i decided I would teleport to my dream guide.

    I dove through the mirror. I fell into darkness and shortly after i found myself clunking in a cabinet. I opened the cabinet and found my self in a very tall room. I looked over my shoulder and there was a huge throne about 5-6 stories in the air. The throne was empty and there was no one in the room. I began walking away from the throne and to my left was a chinese style hallway there were huge banners and other designs that reminded me of chinese decor. I remembered thinking that looks like a very secure location. I walked past the hall and there was an old man sitting down cross legged. I walked up to him and asked him if he was my dream guide. At first he seemed like he would say yes but in my mind I decided I would ask him multiple times and put the truth to the test. After thinking this he gave me an awkward hand shake and would not answer me. I asked him again if he was my dream guide and he said why of course. I did not believe him and thought he was some kind of guard. He was lacking conversation and became very un-animated. It seemed i could influence his speech and gestures which made me begin to lose interest in speaking to him. I walked around a little bit and soon after my dream faded quickly in the same manner it did on saturday morning. I believe my REM cycle ended.

    This dream was the longest lucid dream I've ever had, I know, based of times that i fell asleep and woke upthat it was over 30 minutes. The detail was very strong in this dream and the only thing I found odd was the lack of emotion and speech in all of my dream characters. I found I could control them which is somewhat disappointing because I wanted to find/create a dream guide before I began controlling dream characters.

    Notes: no nap, Used WBTB naturally at 4:11 AM, stayed up until 4:40, tried to fall back asleep, GF moved 9 times between 4:40-6:00 fell asleep at approx 6:10 and woke up at 6:54.