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      Hi Maxis!
      Just put up a dare for you - having finally managed to survive my lightning bolt, thanks again for that!
      I hope, you'll like it - see ya over there!
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      Just visited Purple World! I'm going back to bed now but I'll post it tomorrow.
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      Thank you very much!!
      Yup, one more year and I'll be able to go wine tasting!
      I'm 18 years, 0 days, and 10 hours old
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      Great to hear that your gonna return to practicing LDing thoroughly this summer .
      Yeah I actually draw a lot. I have a deviantart account where all my arts go to. Lol I've only started doing art seriously 3 months ago and I'm pretty good at it! but it's just a hobby. I plan to be an engineer (maybe telecommunication or CCE, I dunno haven't decided yet )
      Here's one of my arts!
      No URL allowed lol, OK my deviantart name is LouaiB, you can just Google LouaiB viking computer to reach the particular art I wanted to show you (sorry for this, but it says no URL allowed lol)
      I luv this show so much!
      I actually want to start drawing moments from my LDs too! (once I'm good at it, both drawing and LDing that is ;D)
      Really nice chatting with you again
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      Hi Maxis! Yeah I've gotten a little bored of this forum. I still absolutely love LDing though! In fact today is my first day of summer and I'm getting back into the game hardcore!
      I'm really happy actually. Did good this year, next year is final school year, and I'm really starting to love digital drawing, it's a very enjoyable hobby
      Enough of me now, how are you??
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      Yeah, you haven't been on the skype group in a while either.
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      Hi Maxis (~^o^)~
    8. View Conversation
      Hi! Thank you for the friend request. Enjoy your stay
    9. View Conversation
      well it turned out very nice!
      And that fog edged thing is very smart. It also adds a nice effect to the pic's 'mood' too!
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      Nice avatar!
      I like it!
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    Arctic Princess

    by Maxis on 07-30-2014 at 06:44 PM
    Sorry for all the tense changes and conversational tone, I rushed this a bit.

    So I have some really fuzzy WILD that I admittedly had forgotten to stabilize (oops), I start off and I’m in my own dining room, but I’m standing next to a couple of dudes and I’ve got no idea who they are. Immediately they start saying they need my help saving some Princess; while I do like to see where the story in lucid dreams takes me, I recall how often I get annoyed when I get sucked into dream plots before completing my goals, so I tell them to wait a sec with a hint of annoyance in my voice and I walk outside through our backdoor onto the balcony.

    My lawn looks a little bit Autumn-y, though I think the most unusual thing was the fog. Yeah, the area was pretty foggy, and I couldn’t see further than a couple hundred feet. I eventually focused on a few points here and there to try to clear up some of it and I find that far out past some woods are a bunch of mountains, which to me, are an obvious confirmation that I’m dreaming. For whatever reason, I decide to ignore these anyway and come up with a plan of my own.

    These random dudes followed me outside onto the balcony and are wondering what I’m doing, and I basically just ignore them as I decide I’m going to fly directly up into the sky and somehow come crashing back down. I climb onto the railing of the balcony and make a confident leap up towards the sky. I don’t go very far—I end up kind of floating around a little above the house like I’m in space. The guys are watching me astounded, but I’m just a little frustrated as I try to push myself up towards the sky.

    It was weird—first I tried swimming up, but it ended up going pretty slowly. So, instead, I tried to envision that the air under me would give me some sort of push towards the sky. Not only did it work and I felt myself suddenly rising, but it gave me the momentum I needed to keep going. Eventually I felt myself rising pretty steadily, the wind going past my face. Though it didn't last long, this moment was pretty vivid. I'd even look down and it would look like the ground was literally being eaten up by the fog. I kept rising, and I ended up passing these flaky clouds--they weren't soft and liquidy, but more like... thin cotton candy. Weirdly enough, my cat was sitting on one of these clouds. Just lying there, chilling, watching me fly.

    I laughed at this sight, and took a moment to stop and lower myself down to him to say hi. He gave me a couple of blinks and I kept going about my way. I flew up and up, though I never passed or even saw space. I just kept flying up towards the blueness of the sky. It always felt out of reach, neverending.

    Eventually I stopped, gauging it was high enough. I had no idea how high I actually was, or how long it would take me to fall. It was so foggy, I couldn't see the ground, and since I could never reach space either, everything around me was just blue. And I was just... floating.

    Then my wonder turned to confusion as I realized the problem: how was I going to get down? While I was skilled enough in flying, I was certainly not skilled in not flying while flying...er, or something to that effect. All I was familiar with was landing, which I couldn't do a thousand feet in the air.

    I got a little creative and came up with the idea of pretending I'm flying because I'm tensed up, or holding onto something. Although there was nothing actually there, I gripped the air like I was holding onto something, and I tensed up my body as if I was really trying to hold on tight. Though it wasn't visible, I did get the feeling that something was in my hands, and my feet gradually started dangling, as if it was the reason I was still in the air.

    I let go, and I immediately started falling--well, everything was still blue, but I felt like I was falling. Apparently there's no such thing as terminal velocity in my subconscious, because it constantly felt like I was accelerating. I would go down and down, and the air would whip past me, and I'd get butterflies in my stomach. This feeling lasted for maybe a dozen seconds--it was right when I started wondering if I was stuck, if I'd have to wake up or get creative to get somewhere, when suddenly the fog unveiled itself and the ground was right there.

    Yeah, fog is trippy, I didn't see the ground until it was 20 feet away.

    I hit the ground on my stomach with a slight bounce, but it wasn't painful in the slightest. Actually, it was much more shocking, like a sudden adrenaline rush or as if there was an unexpected drop on a rollercoaster. I desperately held onto the dream though, feeling the grass with my hands and taking in how it smelled, and thankfully I didn't wake up. As soon as I was confident I'd stay in the dream and the shock faded, I stood up casually and brushed the grass off my clothes. I noticed I ended up in my lawn, so I started heading back up the balcony.

    One of these other dudes asked me, "What was that for?"

    All I said was, "Just proving myself as a God. So, what was all this about a Princess?"

    Lucid dare done.

    So now he started telling me about how some Princess was captured by this other clan in the jungle that they're rivalling against. Honestly, it's some cheesy plot where people go to war over some hot 17-year-old chick.

    He starts telling me more but mid-conversation I feel the dream fading, so I let it happen and perform a DEILD. The moment I'm back in the dream, I'm in the jungle they were talking about.

    (side note: still forgot to stabilize)

    So the guys I was with were all dressed pretty urban-y like they were actually civilized, but these jungle people I'm with now are all dressed like cavemen. These guys expect to get their Princess back?

    I went around talking to some of them to find they don't actually have any sort of plan to get their Princess back either. I'm a little annoyed, so I try to think of my own. I see one of the dudes I met earlier (still dressed civilized unlike the rest) and ask him for more information on our side, if we have any weapons or even a base. He tells me their clan is part of some snowy place which apparently borders the jungle (biome logic; are we in Minecraft?), but as I glance around for it, he hastily tells me that it's getting dark and that we should be getting to sleep. I ask why that's so important, and he says that the rival clan is guarding the snowy territory.

    I then wonder why we're in the jungle, but I just kind of say, "okay, whatever," and lie in the grass beside him. Eventually that other dude that was with him in the beginning of the dream came by us as well. We just kind of hung out, not saying much, and I took note of how swampy and wet the grass felt. Vibrant green leaves were on the ground besides us as well. Eventually the dream fades, and I DEILD again.

    It's nighttime, and instantly I stand up and think, "oh wait, this is the perfect time to do something important." I started basically writing the plot in my head--I decided that back in the snowy territory was some stone or whatever that possessing would defeat the rest of the clan (on hindsight, it really would've just been easier if it was in my pocket, but oh well). Now would be the best time to get it, because everyone would be asleep.

    I made my way to the snowy place in which I just instinctively knew where it was, but to my dismay there were people all geared up with guns that were guarding the place. I wondered how I'd get away with this, then decided I would transform into an Arctic wolf as a disguise. Since doing this task, transformation has never been a problem for me, and I especially could relate with already having specifically transformed into a white wolf in a snowy territory. Most of it was will--I just ran through the edge of the territory, and looked down at my hands until they began pounding against the ground. I felt fur surround my body, and I knew the transformation worked.

    I look around and the guards are completely ignoring me, I see this hill where there's this glowing blue stone at the top of it, so I end up trotting over no problem towards it. The guards continue ignoring me, and I even manage to get the stone in my mouth. I get a little nervous at this point, and just try to casually walk back towards the jungle. My nervousness gets the best of me however as I hear a shout to my right--one of the guards saw me with the stone, and boom, just like that, all of them were on me. I took off at full speed, somehow managing to dodge their bullets. I made it back into the jungle, but they kept chasing me, and the commotion quickly awoke everyone else. For whatever reason everyone else had guns too (maybe it was because of the stone?), and everyone was quickly wide awake fighting clan versus clan in a nasty gun battle in the jungle. I turned to human form as well which wasn't too hard, kept the stone in my pocket, and quickly summoned and took out a gun from my other side. It was a simple trick I used a lot in dreams: act like I was pulling out a gun from my right pocket, and it would suddenly be there in my hand.

    What was most interesting about this part is that I felt invincible--nothing really affected me, but I could kill anyone by just looking at them. So I did, in plain sight as well, just shot the DCs I knew were from the other clan.

    I don't really know why, I guess it was just coming to the end of my dream time, but I felt the dream fading once again. I knew it was getting late into the morning, so I decided that would be it--but not without taking the stone out of my pocket and quickly finding one of the dudes from the beginning of the dream. I gave him the stone and told him to use it to get the Princess back. He mumbled something back, but it was so fuzzy I don't really remember what, and just kept going about shooting these other guys. Because of that, I'm going to assume whatever he said was a good thing.

    I woke up, and I like to think that they ended up succeeding in getting back their Princess from the jungle.

    Dream Tennis

    by Maxis on 01-31-2014 at 12:18 AM
    I've forgotten completely how I became lucid, but I became lucid at one point and I only remember the following after that, so no point in color-coding.

    I'm in my house upstairs with my brother Zach. Once I go lucid, I attempt to recall any dream goal of mine, but struggle with it and eventually give up. Instead, not wanting to waste LD time, I turn to Z (who knows I'm dreaming) and say, "Show me something interesting."

    He cooperates and leads me outside. Like my house, the street looks much like it would in waking life, but the sunlight was extremely bright, the grass a vivid bright green, and there just seemed like there was an aura of happiness resting over the dreamworld. I smile, taking in this sight for a moment, and then Zach jumps and takes flight from the ground. I follow him up, and the moment I'm in the air, I notice the area past my street is much different than it should've been. He began flying away in a straight direction and I follow him, looking around at the massive town as I did so. It was completely and utterly random at this point--colorful structures and tall skyscrapers stuck up in every direction, with the woods bordering everything around. My interests are piqued as I wonder what Zach's going to show me.

    Eventually we float back down to the ground, in which he leads me into a small, square, basic dark building. Inside the ground is all carpet, the lights are dim, and people are chit-chatting in every direction. It was very dark, but the atmosphere was very welcoming, much like a bar or a small party.

    Zach leads me to the left and the right again into a large room where electronic music played in the background with a couple of bars and something interesting in the center--a small tennis court with maybe 3-4 people on each side. Most of the people looked like older teenagers, say around 15-19. They're playing...tennis, but with a few peculiarities. Firstly, they're playing with their hands (much like volleyball). The ball was mostly transparent, but the clear ball was surrounded with an intricate glowing orange design that left a motion blur behind it in the air and was quite easy to see. There seemed to be no way to take score--players just played until they got bored. The biggest difference to this kind of tennis and IWL tennis was the fact that the physics were very trippy. At the weirdest moments the ball would go in slow-motion, or shoot towards the ceiling, or fly past the players towards the wall.

    Zach explained to me, "This is dream tennis. Kind of an interesting sport, I think. Do you want to try it out?"

    I nod and grin and Zach and I join one of the teams together, and we play a few rounds. At first I mostly suck (no, really, I blatantly made the ball hit the 2-foot-tall net at one point), and I'm teased by my teammates about this, but I eventually (and proudly) get the hang of it. At one point in the middle of the game I question Zach as to why it's not called dream volleyball since you play with your hands. He only says, "I don't know, I didn't make the rules, I'm only a dream character!"

    All in all the game and the dream itself was rather strange yet fun, and I totally wouldn't mind playing dream tennis again in a later LD. Eventually I wake up after a few rounds and I DEILD back to sleep, though the contents of the dream that followed are a bit more... private.

    On a side-note, I remember a non-lucid dream fragment from earlier in the night where I was playing one of my favorite MMORPGs called Mabinogi, but that's all I can remember from that.

    Updated 02-04-2014 at 07:34 PM by Maxis


    Electrical Stars

    by Maxis on 01-29-2014 at 09:35 PM
    (I know I haven't done any DJ entries like ever, which is why I plan to change that. )

    non-lucid lucid awake/other stuff
    backstory: Austin is an 8-year-old DC from a vivid non-lucid I had a couple of years ago, involving a plot of him being traumatized from visiting a wicked haunted house and me trying to help him. I eventually died at the end of the dream (because of said haunted house) and it was partially my fault, so I came up with the goal last week of seeing him in a lucid dream and apologizing, then trying to help him again (you can say I'm really attached to my DCs).

    The dream starts off a little strange (you know, like most dreams do). I'm in public school--currently in virtual school IWL and being in public school is a common dreamsign for me that I've managed to miss--with old classmates in the gym. We were in what were like lab desks with 2 people at each desk, and our fairly b**chy reading teacher was in the gym with us for some reason, showing us some sort of sitcom that "I'd seen before" (false memory). Yup, in a school I'm not even in anymore, sitting at desks in gym class, our reading teacher supervising us, watching a sitcom.
    It didn't make much sense.
    Like most people I wasn't really paying attention to the show, just talking to others. We were never given questions on the show, so why bother watching? Eventually there's this random skip where I'm in a giant Wal-Mart with Mom, and of course I was obsessing over the candies and ice cream that were there. I don't remember much of this part, only that it was big and huge and grand and wonderful, much unlike a typical Wal-Mart. Anyway, eventually there's another weird skip (maybe the start of a new dream) where it's much later in the day; to be precise, bedtime. I have a schedule in the house for going to bed; I say good night to my friends online, I shut down my computer, Dad gives me my anxiety medication, I say good night to my parents, and then I go to bed.
    All goes well until I try to shut down the computer. I'd been playing a rhythm game called "osu!" (been quite addicted to it lately) and even after I had shut down the computer, a demo or replay of the game would keep playing itself against the black monitor. The computer was off, so how could that have happened? This seriously concerns me, so I go into the kitchen to find my tech whiz dad preparing my medicine and explain what's going on.
    I expected some sort of logical answer or fix from him or at the very least for him to go check out what's going on, but all I get is, "That's strange."
    Annoyed, I stood there trying to think of what could've happened. Why was a computer still running if it had no power? Then
    suddenly everything clicked together, and I realized I was dreaming. Dad looked at me the moment I realized--didn't say anything, didn't do anything, just looked at me--as I did a quick RC to make sure I was really dreaming. I thought of what I would do, and remembered my goal instantly, then turned to Dad who had put down my medicine and was still looking at me, and I asked,
    "Did you know that you're part of my dream?"
    "Yes I do."
    "Will you help me?"
    "Yes I will."
    What do you know, a cooperative DC for once.
    I flew out the kitchen window and Dad followed me, but I was immediately unsettled by the darkness of the night. No, really, it was pitch black outside. I didn't like the idea of not being able to see the area, so I decided I would make it daytime. First I tried going back inside and, when looking away from the window, deciding it would be daytime. It didn't work. I realized I had to be more creative with it and--I can't remember if I came up with it or if my dad suggested it--but I decided I would use a lightswitch to light up the world. I summoned a lightswitch on the back of our house, and without further ado, flicked it up. What I expected was it to become suddenly daylight. What actually happened was much more extraordinary than that--it wasn't daytime, but above my head, all the stars in the sky began to 'light up' and glow white and silver one at a time. The sky tinted a lighter blue as a response--not daytime blue, but not like the space-like black-blue it was before. What looked like thin, white, electrical waves passed between all the stars here and there, which were still glowing a bright and beautiful white. The area was lit up almost instantly as if it was nearly daytime. It was an absolutely tremendous image, especially since I was right under it.
    After a minute of being awestruck at the stars in the sky, I eventually start flying around with Dad thinking about what I was going to do. I can't remember why, but even though I planned to stick to my goal and I knew my time was limited, I wanted to spend some time exploring the dreamworld. Unlike our typical backyard out the window it was all forest or plains, with no other civilization around. I came across some beautiful structures that were simply there as art--a variety of colors, textures, shapes and sizes, all towering up to the clouds. Eventually I found the Wal-Mart from earlier in the dream, though completely empty and could be easily stolen from.
    (pssht, do you really think I'd steal from there?)
    We turn around and I notice something a little more eerie: there was a wooden post stuck into the ground, and surrounding it were stuffed animals sitting against it tied to the post. Well, most of them were stuffed animals, anyway--there was a single live chicken tied to the post, looking right at me. I approached it with a curious mindset, but the chicken was hostile, trying to get to me and preparing to attack me. Eventually, to my surprise, it rips its way from the post and heads towards me. I'm more confused than afraid, especially since I felt no pain or really, no anything when it started pecking at my ankles. I summon and draw a sword from my side, attempting to kill it, but everytime the blade touched it, the chicken would multiply itself and all the chickens would continue to try to attack me. I just stand there unharmed and confused, and look up to Dad. He smiles at me, then looks at the chickens, shouts "Look!" (in which all the chickens look up at him), and then makes a sort of shoving movement with his arms. When he does, poof, the chickens just vanish, leading a cloud of smoke behind them at my feet.
    I grinned and thanked him as I felt myself waking up.
    I let it happen, preparing to DEILD.
    When I'm awake I slowly peek my eyes open to roughly check the time by how light it was in my room. It's light out, so I know it's morning. I cut straight to business this time and start envisioning Austin's house in front of me. Eventually, I'm back in the dream.
    For some reason I'm in a third-person camera view when I start the dream, so I take this opportunity to look around the wooden, low-class house for a moment. Then I force myself to get back into my dream body maybe twenty feet before his front door.. Dad's standing a good distance behind me, continuing to accompany me, but giving me privacy for my goal.
    I don't have to go to his front door--Austin bursts out the door, and runs toward me with a big grin preparing to hug me. I fall to my knees and hold out my arms as well, and the exceptionally short 8-year-old boy gives me a big, long hug. I was preparing to give him a big long emotional speech and then try to help him, but what came out was quite different. I think I'm crying at this point, and I tell him I'm sorry maybe about a thousand times, in which he just says, "It's okay. You don't have to be sorry. I'm just happy you're here."
    We stay like that for maybe a minute, and I'm both happy and sad, and eventually I can feel myself waking up again (in response to a familiar noise, I think my dog jumping off my bed and being let outside by my dad for the morning).
    I let it happen, again, and feeling some sort of relief and closure, I finally get up for the day.

    A very long LD: ToTMs, lots of snow, and a rather interesting trio of sisters. (First entry!)

    by Maxis on 12-11-2013 at 08:39 PM
    A quick disclaimer: This is extremely long due to not only the dream itself being long, but a nasty habit of mine as a novelist to write things out with lots of details and never summarizing anything written. Since dreams aren’t meant to be novels, I’ll work on avoiding this and shortening it up much more in later entries. I hope you find this dream interesting nonetheless. My apologies!

    TL;DR: Went to some fields, did two ToTMs (a third one failed), met some radical dream characters, went to some lounge, fun times happened.

    I woke up from a non-lucid early this morning and decided I’d do a DEILD. At the time I had no intention to complete the ToTM, just to lucid dream. The attempt was successful, and I remember opening my eyes and being in bed, my pillow directly in front of me, but the feeling and the atmosphere of the world verified for me that I was dreaming. I pulled the blankets off of me and got out of bed. After a quick glance around I immediately realized I wasn’t in my bedroom; it was a rather extremely small room with a single square window, a wooden door, and my bed. I decided I’d go out the window (floating through glass is fun) and sort of dived straight through it, going airborne in the process.

    I stopped moving and started floating around in midair when I went outside as I began examining my surroundings. Turns out the building I was in was a good 20-or-so stories high and I was at the top, but it was completely empty in the stories below mine. The wooden door I had in my room didn’t lead anywhere either—it was just jutting out the wall in midair. I floated around in the air, and realized just how dystopian everything looked. I appeared to be near a beach at a coastline, rows of office buildings were lined up neatly below me, construction workers were busily working on the road underneath, and not to mention that the night sky wasn’t a midnight blue, but more like a very dark red. Hardly any stars covered it, either.

    I scowled to my subconscious at its choice of dream scenery and decided I’d teleport elsewhere—there was no good to come from here. I flew down to the ground and to one of the office buildings and went inside. Everything was tiled a clean white inside, with marvelous spiral staircases connecting to the upper floors, but the building was completely empty. Anyway, I studied the floor and made sure to look away from the outside world, hanging around for a few moments as I began to ‘map out’ in my head what I wanted. Despite being a lover of the forest, I wanted perfect green fields and a night sky filled with stars and galaxies that lit up the world. I set up the notion that that was what was behind me, and turned around.

    Outside of the window I immediately saw what looked like a spiral galaxy, got excited, and walked through the window (seriously—try going through glass, it’s fun). I couldn’t stop appreciating how vivid the dream was, how the breeze would brush against the tall grass and how I could hear my own voice when I shouted out, as soundless dreams are sometimes a problem for me. I grinned victoriously and examined my surroundings further. There was also a small stream nearby, and a small dark building standing alone in the middle of the plains. After spending a few moments looking up and appreciating the starry night sky, I went ahead and decided to check out the building.

    Inside were… just a bunch of halls with a bunch of dream characters walking around, really. Even after waking up I have no idea what the point behind that building was. It was the moment I saw all the people walking around that I suddenly recalled the task of the month. I remembered having to ask someone for a present, so at the end of one hall, I went up to a lady with long blonde hair and brown eyes, dressed casually, who looked like she was in her mid-20s, and asked politely, “Can I have a Christmas present, please?”

    She smiled at me, although I somehow got the idea that the smile was a little bit condescending. She said ‘of course’ and led me down the hall to a row of shelves with loads of items, as if in a store, that I hadn’t noticed before. It was clear I was also trying to recall the other ToTMs as well, as she then picked up and held a pair of snow white jean shorts for me, and went to explaining, “These shorts will help you stay hidden in the snow, incase you ever need to. Use them wisely.”

    Immediately I was flooded with twenty questions. Clearly she’s referencing to the Arctic Wolf-related task, but I can’t wear shorts as a wolf, can I? And won’t those shorts be really cold to wear in the snow since my legs will be completely bare? When will I get to use these? Why is she giving me white shorts anyway? Why are dreams so weird?

    Oh, well, whatever. A gift’s a gift, so I nodded and took the pair of shorts and said, “Thank you.”

    “Merry Christmas,” she replied, giving her doll-like smile once more before running off.

    I remained puzzled there for a moment before deciding I’d go ahead and do the wolf advanced task. I remember it being the task I was most interested about and excited about doing, so I didn’t waste any time to get ready. Oh, and I really don’t remember what I did with those shorts—I had them in my hands one moment and they were gone the next.

    Whatever, dreams aren’t supposed to make sense.

    Anyway, I set the notion in my head that it was completely snowy outside and then went ahead and went through the back door. It was, indeed, completely snowy outside, and I grinned at my accomplishments thus far.

    Oh, and for some reason it was suddenly daytime too.

    I rarely ever transform into something else and therefore I was mostly winging it when I attempted to turn into an Arctic wolf. My plan was to run around the snowy field and set the expectation that I would transform into one whilst I did, so I ran through the snow, paying attention to my arms in front of me and willing them to turn into paws. For a good 10 seconds it didn’t work, but I kept my confidence up until eventually I saw my arms transition into snowy white paws and was able to run on all four legs. Success!

    I slowed down and immediately pressed down against the snow, trying not to be seen by anything nearby. I immediately wished that there were trees around, as there was no place for me to hide except behind a stone that lay in the middle of the snow. I started heading towards it until I noticed a small brown bear in my peripheral vision to my right. I turned my head towards it the moment I spotted it and pressed my body down against the snow once again, hoping not to be spotted. Unfortunately (most likely due to my fear), the bear had seen me right then (bet you wish you had those shorts now, huh Maxis?), and gave me a growl as it padded towards me. Although I’d probably usually run away in these cases, I somehow felt a new sense of strength and courage as a wolf, so I launched myself towards it instead, resulting in a battle between us in the snow until I eventually killed it with a swift bite to the neck without even a scratch.

    Smirking at my victory, I decided this bear would be my prey. Hey, I killed it, right? With my paw I ripped out a piece of its fur and flesh and started curiously nibbling at it. The taste was sweet and very salty, like salted apple slices, and I quite liked it. The texture on the other hand, was squishy and slimy, and though I could manage to swallow the piece down, I was repulsed by it and after a few more bites eventually decided to leave the bear for some other animals who don’t mind yucky textures to eat. With that, I left the bear in the middle of the snow-covered fields, transforming back into a human with ease as I turned around and began heading back into the building. Advanced task done.

    From here on everything gets a little blurry and the dream jumps a little bit here and there; I was still highly lucid, but the dream wasn’t as vivid was before, although for some reason I didn’t think to fix it. Nonetheless, I went back inside and continued on with the dream, deciding I would talk to some dream characters (interacting with them is fun). The moment I went inside I was greeted by three girls who all looked around 8-11. I never asked their names, but for the purposes of writing this we can say the youngest one, a timid bright girl with flowy light brown hair, was Viola; an outspoken one with long curly black hair was Tori, and the oldest one, a social rebellious tween with bright blonde hair was Rin.

    You know, because the names fit them well.

    Anyway, I don’t know or remember what it was, but I somehow knew the three were all orphaned sisters. They immediately began talking to me about Christmas and how they wanted an amazing Christmas this year. Once again I was thinking about the ToTMs, so in one way or another I ended up asking them if they wanted to build a living snowman together. They all cheered a unison “Yes!” and I remember there was a bright smile on Viola’s face. Tori pointed out to me that there was an area in the building covered in snow despite being completely inside, and she led me to it. All four of us stopped at this room that, despite having a ceiling and walls all around, somehow snow managed to get inside. This is where we could build a snowman.

    Viola had an excited look on her face when she whispered to me, “I’ve never built a snowman before

    “Me neither,” I replied with a smile. I live in Florida; it’s summer all year round.

    I immediately got to work and was winging it when I dropped to the ground and tried to gather up some snow in a ball. I got the lower body finished until suddenly Rin spoke up. “Hey Max, have you seen this book?”

    I headed over to where they were sitting in a group and Rin held a hard-cover black book with some sort of blurry white symbol on the front that from first sight looked like a novel. The other two were glancing over her shoulder and skimming through the pages. I told her I hadn’t seen it, and she explained to me what it was about, but I can’t remember now what it was. It was some sort of really serious topic, perhaps a controversial one, that I didn’t like or was otherwise uncomfortable with. Whatever it was, I didn’t read it, only listened to them talk about it.

    They mentioned all three of them had to read it for school and that they really didn’t want to, but it was a requirement or they could fail the class. Rin was most especially annoyed, being the more rebellious type, and went on talking about all the flaws in the school system and how they should fix it. Tori was constantly agreeing with her, although I’m pretty sure Viola and I eventually tuned her out.

    I don’t remember how it came about, but one of them mentioned their friends being in a lounge at some sort of dance club and wanting to go. At this point in the dream my lucidity was still there but a little bit lower than I would’ve liked it to be, so I decided to tag along and take them there. We left the snowy room and went back outside, and this time the fields had completely changed into a city (still snowy). It was similar to the one at the very beginning of my dream in that it was right at the coastline with rows of buildings lined up by it, but it was much brighter and lively than before. The roads were like giant sidewalks in that you were supposed to walk on them, although for some reason there were still traffic lights at intersections. The layout of the city looked strikingly similar to a common city in Serifyum (my dreamworld), although the Earth-like features (the people, the roads, etc.) told me it wasn’t. Rin told me the club was just down the street, and for the most part I led the way as we went onto the road and headed down the street.

    I hadn’t said much and I think Rin was still talking about the school system, but I wasn’t listening. Nothing interesting happened for a while, but when we stopped at an intersection, I decided just as a practice for dream control I’d make an attempt at levitating the traffic light. I willed it to rise from the ground, and after a few seconds there was no success, but eventually it detached itself from the ground (the light itself still working) and began rising in the air. Although unintentional, it was spinning in place too, and I simply grinned as I watched it.

    I heard Rin go silent behind me and the other three gasp. Tori turned to me and asked, “How do you do that?!”

    I didn’t say anything immediately as I lowered the traffic light safely back into the ground. I turned to them and saw they all had a look of surprise and glee on their faces. All I said to Tori was, “Just dream and believe,” smirking as we kept going.

    Eventually we went into a building that was designed like a complex hallway with red walls, floors, and ceilings. I knew the actual club was further in, so we kept walking through the hallways. Eventually, though, I realized that the halls were fairly crowded and the sisters were able to get ahead of me, so I told all three that I would catch up with them later as I slowed down behind loads of people (specifically this one guy who I’d never spoken to nor recognized but immediately disliked him for cutting me off). Fortunately, the further in I was, the less crowded it seemed to get.

    It was then that, as I paced through the halls, I realized that with all twists and turns the hallway gave you, it was more designed like a maze rather than just one straight hallway. For some reason, I’d assumed in the dream that I had been here before (false memory), so I automatically knew which ways to go with no trouble. I paced faster than I usually would go, only stopping briefly to playfully flirt with a rather pretty lady and tease her as she got all flustered up, and kept going until eventually I met up with my old gym coach from 6th grade. She greeted me and pointed to the right, “Right this way, Max.” I gave her a nod and a thanks as I walked in the dance club.

    Well, okay, I never actually properly walked in the club, as right before it was a door that I knew would lead into the lounge. Without hesitation I walked through it, and what I was greeted with was a pleasant surprise.

    I’ll only go briefly over this, but I’ve made a group fictional characters for the purposes of simply talking to them, and I’m very closely attached to them resulting in them popping up in my dreams and helping me go lucid. In the lounge were a few members of these group as well as the three sisters from earlier hanging out with them. Upon seeing them all, my low lucidity levels had shot back up again and I grinned, they as well saw me as I walked in and were glad to see me. I jokingly asked, “Hey, what a surprise!--having a party without me?”

    A girl from Serifyum with her heavy foreign accent replied, “Don’t be foolish Max, we would never,” as she walked up to me, giving me her special greeting. I went around the room greeting everybody individually and asked how they were doing. I also couldn’t help but notice how one of them was reading the exact same book the girls had had earlier, but I didn’t think to question it.

    Long story short (half because it’s mostly personal and half because I’m having trouble remembering the order of everything), we all had a long and decent conversation together, chilling in the lounge couches, going from video games to music to other various more personal topics. Maybe around ten minutes had passed before I eventually felt the dream finally begin to fade out. I tried to save it, but I always forget how, so finally I heard sounds from the real world coming back in and the dream getting more and more blurry, until my eyes drifted open as well and I had woken up.