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    1. Oh man... you wrote tht last one on your own wall... I didn't even see it till I popped in here randomly! Be sure to click on "View Conversation" when replying... took me a while to figure that out.

      Yeah, I have read Waggoner's book and I liked it, but it made me a little concerned... he seems to have "dream police" that live inside of his head (to quote Cheap Trick). I'd rather not have them in mine!

      I originally wrote a lot more about Freud, but my message was too long and I had to delete a lot. Yes, his theories were too tainted by his repressive Victorian setting, and were greatly improved by Jung. But I give him major props just for inventing psychology and advancing it as far as he did, ESPECIALLY in Vienna at the time!!
    2. I haven't read Godwin's book but I'll definitely add it to my list. Have you read Robert Waggoner's Lucid Dreaming-gateway to the Inner Self? Its really thought provoking, he describes the answers he received in his lucids to questions about the nature of reality. I feel that Freud maps out a rather depressing interpretation to some aspects of the subconscious/unconscious, but in all fairness I haven't read enough of his work. Jung, on the other hand, has some really interesting theories about dreams and the collective unconscious. As for quantum physics, I'm pretty sure it hurts everyone's brain lol. What amazes me the most about it is it resonates not only with what Buddhism is telling us about reality, but what the mystics have been talking about for thousands of years. At its deepest level quantum physics is saying that consciousness might be the ground of all being. I'll have to check out New Sun. have you read 1632?
    3. I've read the entire series by Castaneda (all the books built around Don Juan's teachings), recently developed an interest in Buddhism and read a few books on it including Yogas of Dream and Sleep, quite a few books on lucid dreaming in general (you should definitely read Malcolm Godwin's The Lucid Dreamer: A Waking Guide for the Traveler Between Worlds. I've also delved into more of a beginner's level intro to some of the ideas of quantum physics etc, but not deeply into it... hurts my brain too much!! Read Freud's The Interpretation of Dreams.... and I know large parts of his theories have been since modified - but he still was able to map out the unconscious and the subconscious to an amazing degree.

      Also read some Jung, and just ordered a few more of his books.

      I love sci-fi/fantasy stuff too, the best I've read by FAR being Gene Wolfe's New Sun series.
    4. We seem to share a similar taste in reading material (Tibetan Dream Yoga and Castaneda at least).
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    Total Recall and a flight over ocean

    by MaxZ on 08-06-2011 at 11:16 PM
    I've been writing in a dream journal for 2 months and have had 5 lucids. I was looking back on them and wanted to share a couple since I'm new here.

    1st Lucid
    After lunch I decide to try a WILD so I went to bed and relaxed, using some techniques from The Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep book. After what seemed like a long time I gave up and got out of bed and walked outside. However, I noticed that it was really dark outside which was odd since it was around noon. I looked at the ground and thought "Am I dreaming?" as soon as I said that my dream body was plummeted strait back to my room, phasing through a wall and back into my body. I made sure not to move and started visualizing different places: the forest, desert, ocean. I couldn't make up my mind on where to go and could tell the visuals were fading I knew the dream was ending. Suddenly a distant sound emerged from the darkness, something I recognized but couldn't pinpoint on what it was exactly.

    Go to youtube and type in "Total Recall The Dream" and that is the song that was playing(I cant post links yet)

    Then, out of the nowhere this incredibly powerful voice from nowhere said this: "Have you ever wanted to climb the mountains of Mars?" Then I realized the song was from the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie Total Recall. My eyes opened and I was looking a red soil. I looked slowly looked up and was staring at the mt. Everest of Mars. I looked around, taking in the details (blue sky), but became so overwhelmed I woke up.

    -I thought it was interesting that once I tried to find the song on youtube I discovered it was called "The Dream"

    Second Lucid
    After waking up early then going back to bed I fell asleep and found myself on a rooftop. The building seemed to be coming out of the ocean. Somehow I just started flying out over the ocean, changing speeds and flying higher and lower. The ocean was incredibly vivid far more than real life, which was amazing to me. I saw a tall building in the distance that was being engulfed by nature, as if it had been abandoned. As I looked at the ocean I saw what I first thought was thousands of multicolored flowers just under the surface of the ocean. Then I sensed something that blew my mind: Those weren't flowers I was seeing, and I wasn't even flying over an ocean at all, it was all energy . At that point of realization a wave came up and I passed through it, feeling a shockwave through my body that sent me into waking consciousness.