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    Lucidity cures dream somnambulism
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    Evil ninja bandit

    by Mediabat on 01-19-2011 at 03:00 AM
    Evil ninja bandits (Non-lucid)


    I am eating at a Chinese restaurant and the restaurant charges people according to the numer of seats there are around your table. I happen to have like 4-6 seats but there's only me and this other person (that I seem to know) so it's a real waste of money. I look over the other guy to another table where there are (I think) two ladies sitting and there are two more seats left. And I'm thinking, "hmm... maybe we could share the table."
    The chairs are red and the tables are covered by red table cloths that have small patterns on them.
    I briefly see the restaurant owner who is a lady about 40 years old. I am the last to leave the restaurant and I see sunlight shine through the window in the kitchen.
    I am in front of the the restaurant and I see 2 cars in the car park, 1 car on the footpath and another one with one-half on the footpath and the other half on the road and the cars are lined up like a snake. The last car that I mentioned is a red Honda (looks like a Honda) and it appears to be blocking the other cars. I think about moving the car myself while I am about to open its door. But, nah.. it's not my car. Near where that car is parked is an outdoor restaurant and I see an old bald man eating some stuff.

    Scene change:
    I am in the middle of a parade down the side of a main road near my old house. There are lots of people and I remember seeing this big guy in a cartoon suit. He reminds me of Charlie Brown from Peanuts.
    Or he was just a really big cuddly guy.
    I turn into an evil bandit slash ninja character now and there's another like me and we are both on black horses. We have red scary eyes.
    The parade is now hostile toward us so we speed ahead and I see a blur behind us like we are going really fast.

    elephant poo

    by Mediabat on 01-16-2011 at 07:47 PM
    Elephant poo (Non-lucid)


    Fragment 1
    I am walking behind a giant elephant while pulling a rope that comes through the his legs. It poos as it walks and the poo gets stuck on the rope and down to my hand which I seemed to be okay with.
    I would command it to stop occasionally for whatever reason and he would be very obedient so I would walk around to pet him. There is a trail of poo smudge under us. Night time.

    Fragment 2
    I am in someone's garage. It is night outside. As I walk further in, I see a man fold a green car using a little gadget, to the size of a small box. I now see a small car that's about 1x2x1 and is dark brown. Behind me I also see a red folding car that is folding by itself and looks almost like an umbrella folding.

    Fragment 3
    I am studying the effect of punishment on little children and teens. It is being made into a documentary.
    I briefly see myself walk out of a classroom.

    Fragment 4
    I see a teen reading statistics off a chart to the rest of the class. He looks like a nice person. After he finishes, other students comment on the statistics. I now get a close up view of a student who is not complying and is making silly noises. The teacher tells him to stop but he wouldn't. He is unshaven and has a shaved head.

    Fragment 5
    I am a big kid in a playground. I see a smaller kid who had done me wrong and I swear at him while I close in on him at the wooden fence. Other kids do the same and we are bunched up like tuna in a can. I later tell a teacher about the bad things that he had done also.

    Fragment 6
    My mom and dad have come to CA. The purpose of her coming appears to be to cook for me. Dad says that a famous musician lives near the apartment and he knows because he used to live here. We are talking about this in a small room.

    Fragment 7
    I am having a conversation with aunt Tabitha-4 about a Tupperware container in a mall (?)

    Dream 1
    Abagail wants a coloring book by professor Richard Dawkins and I ask her why? Why not just a normal coloring book. It's too expensive. She doesn't give me an answer. I think this is while we are in a car (mom, dad, me, Abagail and Pascal). As I look out the window I see a temple fair going on at night. There are heaps of people walking in semi-darkness. I see a Thai monk sitting on a blue meditation platform. I see a room lighted by fluorescent light beyond the people and there I believe I see a Buddha statue and a monk.
    I now find myself sitting in a small pavilion with the rest that were in the car. It is dark but that pavilion has a small fluorescent light. My brother is dressed in boyscout uniform. Abagail asks Pascal, what is Sati (buddhist term meaning self-awareness)? He doesn't know. My dad now criticizes Pascal for not being much tougher after boyscout camp.


    by Mediabat on 01-16-2011 at 12:19 AM
    Narvesande (Non-lucid)


    I watched too much 'Gandhi' before bed and didn't go to bed till 1.00. But that appears to have helped with my recall.
    Fell asleep quickly.

    I am heading toward this town and from my perspective I am walking down hill on a stone road and see a few buildings in front of me which look sort of gray and English. I enter the building that's straight ahead and to the side of it there is a red carpet and the umbrella thingy that pokes out of the building which is red also which tell me that this is the place I'm suppose to find. It is small inside and the furniture and walls are wooden. I now see my cousin Ola-2. He gives me a transparent purple ruler and says that it is so that people will have something to remember him by. He also tells me that he has these really useful condensed exam notes that I could look at.
    I now see the shadow of a person through the door that I came through which has a translucent glass panel. A Thai lady (wears jeans) who is about as tall as the person sees the shadow and recognizes it as my brother, Tait-1. He is famous and the lady calls out his name and rushes toward him.
    I am about to leave and Tait asks if I need a ride. I say, I'll just walk.
    I am talking to Mackenzie-4. I show him a piece of paper with Czech sentences on it. They are copies of the same sentence and start with the word 'Janis.' I also see the word 'Narvesande Land' and that's meant to be the name of the town that these sentences came from.
    Mackenzie cannot read it and he says, " the conversation usually ends with me saying that I never had formal Czech language education."

    SP and dance partner

    by Mediabat on 01-11-2011 at 07:23 PM
    SP and dance partner (Non-lucid)


    I had two glasses of water once again but this time it didn't work so well as I shall explain. I had my forearm upright on the bed for the WILD awareness training. I lose consciousness very quickly as I was very tired but then my forearm dropped a little and woke me up slightly. Now I started to feel tingling in my foot and paralysis soon set in and came up to my chest then it became harder to breath and I became a excited and started focusing too much on my chest. I realized that it is not helping the SP develop any further therefore I switched my focus to the imagery being created at a more rapid pace than usual but were much like normal day dreaming. Focusing too much on them didn't help either. Once there was a balance the SP would develop. Then my brother started singing in the next room and by this time (I've been in bed for about an hour) I needed to pee so I decided to break from the SP.

    I went back to bed once I had done my business and told my brother to keep it down and went to bed as normal.

    I am about to have my photo taken by a professional photographer with an Asian girl (hopefully it's a girl. I have a feeling that she maybe the person I met at the meditation center who is much older) in a blue dress like that of Alice from Alice in Wonderland.
    (Earlier) We are dancing with other dancers in a small room but I don't don't know the steps at all and feel awkward. I ask the girl to teach me the steps. I don't remember hearing her doing any talking.
    (Even earlier) I see myself sitting on the floor on a cushion.

    Galactic bus driver

    by Mediabat on 01-09-2011 at 05:14 PM
    Galactic bus driver (Non-lucid)


    Approximately two glasses of water. Did walking meditation and sitting meditation for 15 minutes. Did the affirmation and visualized for 10 minutes. Fell asleep at 11.45 PM

    First dream:
    Did not recall a thing even though I woke up naturally after one but I remember hearing some upbeat music.

    Second dream:
    My father scolds at me and tell me how much better my little sister is than I am. I get mad, go into the bathroom and lay on a strip of carpet than can be found in my apartment's kitchen IRL. The carpet is wet and I can see only myself (I am wearing the pyjamas that I wore to bed) and the carpet but everything else in the bathroom is black. Once I have cooled down and come out, I see my little sister and my grandma looking worried.

    Third dream: Galactic bus driver
    I am in space (yay! an interesting dream for once). I front of me I see many clouds of galaxies set on a black-purple blackground with the purple radiating from the middle of the picture. I see a galaxy that looks like a white cloud and a yellow galaxy with orange dots in it. They look three dimesional as opposed to pictures of galaxies IRL that look more two dimensional and the shapes of the galaxies in my dreams wouldn't be scientifically accurate. Looks a bit like the galaxy view in the game Spore actually.
    I am a 'galactic bus driver.' At the moment I am stationary and I believe that Pascal is sitting behind me although I cannot see him. I push a red knob to my right forward and the bus accelerates. We speed past galaxies in mere seconds. Woah must have been going 'beyond' the speed of light!
    I am near a restaurant in space but I am sort of stuck between two other buses with a lot of tourists in them. So I honk at them mischievously and drive off to park. Round about this time I hear my phone alarm which is really loud and interrupts the dream. I think that it is my phone in the dream and I see it on a table suspended in space outside and I start to worry that someone might steal it.
    I park in front of the side entrance of the restaurant which looks dark on the outside but I can see warm incandescent light coming from the inside.