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    1. ILoveGavin

      best tag ever

    2. Alright, I'll check the thread.

      And yeah, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. But I'm on medication now, so for the most part I'm doing ok.
    3. My family is holding up okay. I went ahead and posted all the details in my old thread. It should show up in your subs.

      I think I'm the type that would rather talk about personal matter than not.

      I hope you're okay. I recall you had some stuff going on, too.
    4. Doing alright, broseph.

      How's the family holding up? I remember there was some health issues, but I can't recall if I ever followed up on the news. If it's a personal matter, feel free to ignore this. Whatever the case may be, I hope you're doing well.
    5. How are you feeling? It's been a long time since I asked.
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