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    1. Watching Galaxy Quest!
    2. Congratulations on passing 10,000 posts! 10,004 as of this message.
    3. Happy Birthday mel!!!

      Love, Ophelia
    4. Poopsicles!!
    5. Thank you for the wings!
    6. Boo Back!!

      I know it, we're about to blow $100 or so feeding kids tonight.
    7. Boo!

      Just poking my head in.

      And true dat about being rich...kids eat so much, I'm amazed people can ever afford them.
    8. I want to!! But a bunch of poo happened that needed to be cleaned up.

      My work is never done
    9. Go to sleep!!!
    10. Yeah I noticed that too. Maybe 700 is too big a number and the history can't process it.

      But for now though, is your total points correct at least?
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