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    Nice to meet you :)
    I am new to this page and I just want to talk or understand my dreams or help others understanding their dreams so please help me out and comment and give me your opinion.
    Have a wonderful day
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    Marrying the boy you

    by MelodyHope on 04-10-2017 at 05:14 PM
    So I had a really strange dream I married myself but I was a boy. I had a white dress and everything but the guy I was marrying was me but as a boy. And that dream was so strange I really want to know what my mind is trying to tell me. I mean I am a girl and I feel good in my own body as a girl so it can't be something like that I feel in the wrong body. Or maybe it is just me wanting to be loved. In the dream that I had I really loved the guy me and that is kinda strange cause I often judge myself and I never felt like I am normal or better then everyone else. And with not normal I mean the feeling that there is something different about me that isn't about everyone else. And I never knew what is different about me that's why I never tried to change cause I didn't knew what was so different and just accepted it. But I still judge every flaw that I have. And something important that I almost forgot about the dream was that is also kind of funny there was another me guy who after I got married he said congrats hugged me and was jealous and looked at my groom with a death stare.
    Then my mother complained why I didn't want to invite her best friend to my wedding and I think the only normal thing in that dream was how my mom was talking and explaining stuff just how she would do in real life the same reactions. But what didn't make sense was that she said we should have had the wedding on an island that was near us cause it is near from the country where a friend of mine is. The weird thing is the country where my friend lives and my country are next to each other but there is no island between or water. Could this dream mean something about me craving for love cause I never had a boyfriend but I did fall in love often like crushes but I never had like a relationship and mutual love or some nice guy that would have a crush on me I was always the girl in the friendzone. And I always thought well it s better that way I can focus on school and stuff but I also really want to experience mutual love. Or maybe this dream is like if someone knows the old Cartoon Teen Titans there was a episode with Raven's mind where there where different Raven's with different personalities but all this different personalities are Raven and together those personalities make her who she is. And yea I am 16 still loving the old Cartoon Network cartoons maybe because of my age people pressure me into being in a relationship or making me feel different cause I never been in a relationship teenagers react like what is wrong with you. But even doe I want to experience love I don't want to rush things the one I love should wait for me and have a romantic just holding hands and kiss relationship and romantic dates like eating ice cream together at a ice cream parlor. And I am sorry that I wrote so much and my own explanations are way too long but maybe if you know me a little bit better through this you also can explain better why I would have such a dream and what it means.
    Thank you for reading and helping me out may Karma help you back <3
    lucid , memorable , dream fragment