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      Happy birthday Mori!
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    I'm the guy always ready, and always willing to help. I try to give my best at everything i do, i'm honest and direct. I keep my eyes aimed at bettering my self for the betterment of my son's life. I'm an aspiring writer, i love to draw, and also love making digital art. I work hard, and love with my entire soul. I'm mature beyond my age. I keep my friends and family in mind all the time, and love my son like no other. I work every day to become the father he needs and the dad he deserves. I'm fun, spontaneous, and exciting to be around. I'm uplifting, and heart warming. I love like the classics, and i'm a handsome romantic. I value trust, honor, respect, strength in ones self, love, faithfulness, endurance, honesty, and most of all being one's own self without regard to what other think you should be. If you want to know more add me, or message me.
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    Art, Writing, Game devleopment, Programming, Hiking, Camping
    Software Developer


    "MementoMori, the lucid machine"

    "There's nothing better than knowing what it's like to fly like superman. Being fully aware of the air whipping by you, controlling every movement of every single atom in your body with a single thought. It's real freedom, and there's not a word good enough to describe it, so I'll just call it dreamy for now."


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    The beginning of the End... and the first being

    by MementoMori on 06-01-2010 at 05:54 PM
    Ok, i haven't journaled in here for a while because i've not had many Lucid's lately, a few here and there but not very many. Mostly due to lack of sleep and being overworked but anyway here's the Lucid i had last night that blew my mind.

    I began the dream sort of floating through a very colorful nebula in space. I started to notice a large black dot in the nebula and i thought that surely this wasn't a planet in side of a nebula and started to question things in my mind, one being if i'm dreaming. After a glance at the brightest star (which always seemed to be behind me)I became fully Lucid, probably the most lucid i've been in a very long time. I spoke aloud "I am Dreaming, Increase vividness, I am in full control" and the "Universe and all the stars and space debris and solar winds and everything answered my commands by attaining an increase in sharpness and contrast and clarity. I then focused on the planet in the nebula. It was small, probably 5/8 the size of earth. I flew down to it and landed on it. The surface was a grey color with whites and dark browns. I noticed it had some small hills around me and nothing larger than a couple large plateaus, no mountains. I declared "This is a new world and i will it into existence!" i closed my eyes and felt a powerful wind sweep around me, and then accompanying the wind i felt the ground get extremely hot under my feet, and i opened my eyes and i was standing in a valley that had been shaped with hills to the sides, i could a waterless riverbed running through it ending in a large lake bed. I looked up into the sky and raised my hands and began slowly closing my hands, the more i closed them the harder it became, i noticed that small wisps of clouds began to form in the sky and they slowly gained in size and the sky went from a clear night sky to a blue and purple tinged sky but you could still see the nebula through it. The cloud wisps turned into cumulus and stratus clouds. The cumulus clouds began to turn grey and my hands finally clenched tightly closed. I opened my hands quickly and as they did so did the clouds release rain onto the land. I lowered my arms and a grin crept across my face, i was creating a planet and giving it life. I then laid down to rest, the ground was wet and muddy but it was soft and now malleable. I laid there on my back looking up into the sky and saw that there were three bright stars in the nebula that gave the planet it's light and the nebula itself was visible through the sky. I laid there and waited for night to come, i watched the river fill with water and then begin to fill the lake. In the sky you could see this large "Dust and debris" cloud move in front of the stars which gave a "lighter" version of night to the planet. The material was debris orbiting the small planet. By the time the debris had moved away from the sky the river was filled with water and the lake was a beautiful color teal. I looked at the ground i was laying on and noticed small blades of grass growing in patches in an outwards direction from where i lay. I touched a single blade and it grew into a flower, and budded right before my eyes. I smiled and looked up to see the entire area was covered in grass, and flowers with different types of flowering trees here and there. I stood and walked over to the lake and saw small, very tiny creatures swimming in the water. I knew these would some day be fish and there would be other animals amongst the trees and grass of the ground. I tilted my head down and saw a pile of dust at my feet. I grab a handful and let it sift through my fingers, as it flowed through the wind it began to come together and create a female like humanoid. The skin was grey and cracked like the ground and she didn't seem "real" she looked just like what she was, a pile of dust, a statue made from it. I thought to myself of the things man had done to earth, and how much more wonderful earth could've been without man, and a tear ran down my cheek for this thing, but i knew it would do the same here, so i leaned in and blew on "her" cheek and the dust slowly blew away into the wind and settle amongst the grass. I knew the planet could sustain itself now and decided i needed not stay so i shot my eyes to the sky and with a thought i shot into space and away from the planet and into the the darkness of space.

    I awoke pretty ecstatic about that dream, and jotted down as much as could come to my mind.

    A psychic afternoon

    by MementoMori on 06-01-2010 at 05:52 PM
    In this dream i simply spent it in my room practicing my dream control over psychokinesis.

    I had a false awakening to begin with, that's when i noticed some things were missing on my dresser and became Lucid. I reached out with my hand, sitting up in my bed, and waved my hand in front of my vision. As the hand left my vision the missing items were replaced. I then reached out with my right hand a directed it at my deodorant spray, holding my hand out until i could almost feel the solidity in my hand then i slowly lifted my hand and watched as the deodorant rose in correlation with the high of my hand, it was slightly rocking side to side but just barely. Satisfied with the results so far i decided to up my attempt and lift two things with two hands. I reached out for my deodorant again and with my left hand i reached for my wallet. i lifted both with ease. I decided to try and progress even more, so i reached out with one hand and had my hand made into a fist. I quickly opened my hand and spread it wide and did a psychic push. Instead of pushing the objects off the dresser i pushed the dresser out the window. I laughed and decided i would pull myself out of the dream before the cops came or something.


    by MementoMori on 06-01-2010 at 05:51 PM
    Ok, so in this lucid i was first dreaming about being just a robot. I woke up, thought about how it'd be cool to be a Transformer and concentrated on that as i fell back to sleep...

    I opened my eyes in my dream to this city that looked alot like new york, but very badly beat up from what i took as the other robot shooting purple blasts of plasma at me. Some buildings we're on fire and for some reason that's what unlocked my Lucidity in this dream. I looked at myself and i was side swipe off of Transformers 2. I guess this comes from my old passion for roller blading. I started darting and dodging the plasma shots and looked down at my blades, they began glowing hot with energon, so i scissor cut right threw the building i was standing behind started slaloming between the smaller buildings and flipping over a few, still dodging the plasma bursts. The enemy never transformed into anything other than a robot so i don't know if it was a decepticon or not. The closer i got though the heavier he laid on the fire power. I eventually got close enough to swing my right blade at him a lance his head from his body. I stood straight up and kind of dusted my hands off, that's when i looked down and noticed his eyes had turned into a timer! I quickly transformed in my car mode (and here's where it got weird) and began speeding away, dodging cars and chunks of burning building lying in the street. The way i was driving though was a lot like flying superman style but anchored to the ground. I could actually feel my tires rolling over the asphalt and the air rushing over and under me. After i got about six or so miles away i transformed back and stood up looking in the direction i was fleeing, only to see that the explosion was an implosion that engulfed most of the city and the bubble stopped just a couple feet shy of me and then the bubble and the portion of the city inside the bubble and a large amount of earth under the bubble winked out of existence.

    That's when i decided i'd had enough of the dream and pulled myself out of it.

    Dream Hi-jacker!

    by MementoMori on 06-01-2010 at 05:50 PM
    I've posted a thread regarding this and here is the journal entry for it:

    I had been meditating for about two hours, yesterday on the subject of finding others dreaming while i myself am in a dream state. I finished my meditation and prepared for sleep with my nightly routine. I laid down and began to WILD.

    I opened my eyes in my dream and was sitting at my dining table eating. I noticed i was "eating" but nothing was on my plate, that's when i became lucid. I stood up and noticed i indeed was in my home and everything was as close to how it should be as i suppose it could be (nothing caught my eye as out of place) so i decided to step outside. It was night and i decided to go try to find others asleep in there beds. I walked down my driveway and onto my road. I began walking down my road when i noticed a strange feeling coming from further down the road, which distracted me from my task at hand. As i neared the end of my road a shape started to pull itself together from the darkness at the end of the road and it formed into the shape of a man and began walking in my direction. I became suddenly frightened and shout "leave my dream!" and raised my arm into the air to wipe my hand across my vision which is how i wipe away DC's most of the time if i don't want them there. That's when the shadowy character shouted back "This is my dream, I am the dreamer!" and he raised his left arm shot a bright blue lightening bolt out of his hand an it struck me dead center in the chest sending me flying backwards threw the air and when i struck the ground I woke up panting and sat up.

    I spoke with some DV members on here as soon as i woke up and got some opinions on it. I've made it a goal of mine for 2010 to find this dream Hi-jacker (i believe it to be another dreamer) and battle him/her in our dream.

    If I complete this goal it should make for an epic battle if both of us are Lucid and in a peak state of dream control!

    I Died and went to.... Egypt

    by MementoMori on 06-01-2010 at 05:49 PM

    Ok so this one was very weird and shocking.

    My dream opens to me and a friend driving down the road in my car, it quickly accels to us in a wreck and then flashes white. When i comes back into focus i'm Lucid immediately, but i'm in negative, but everything else is normal, there's still normal lights it's just desaturated a little. I'm just the faintest bit transparent. I can see living people, but no other dead people other than me.
    I look around and see i'm at the wreck site but it's a few days after because it's been cleaned up. I 'm not walking, but hovering above the ground. i "want" to see my wife and i'm instantly there when i spin around. She's upset and crying and her mother and sister are trying to console her. I reach out to touch her shoulder and when i make contact i get a strong static shock and pull away. She on the other hand reaches up and scratches her shoulder lightly. I begin to feel guilty on an enormous scale but realize there's NOTHING i can do to change the situation now so i release the feeling of guilt from myself . I feel empty to myself... every part of me i can't feel but can see so that's how i know it's there. I want to test a theory so i "want" to be at the giza pyramids and i turn around and i'm there. I hover over to the largest pyramid and stop at the base. weirdly, the pyramids are all glowing just faintly with a golden light... I reach out and put my hand threw the stone, my theory worked so i step through the pyramid and walk until i come to a corridor and i begin to hover down the corridor. I reach a wall blocked up but being slowly open by archeologists. I walk threw the wall and there's a tomb with a sarcophagi in it. The sarcophagus has a design of Ra on it holding a feather. The eyes seem alive, and as i look around the room i see many relics and small sculptures permeating with the golden glow of the pyramid i witnessed outside of it. I turned around and saw a wall of the tomb with a transparent hole in it and a boat in a Egyptian river with a man holding a large staff looking at me. I lost control at that point and i walked threw the wall, stepped onto the boat and struggled to wake up.

    I woke up and sat up quickly with an intense echo of me screaming NO! in the dream still in my head. (crazy dream)