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    Dancing with myself, oh-oh

    by menelvagor on 12-01-2010 at 09:55 PM

    So I slept from about 3:30 'till 7:00, shared breakfast with my mother, read haiku and reviewed my DJ and goals after a shower and tea, then at 9:30 I return to bed and sleep until 12:30

    3:30-7:00 Dreams
    Dream of a man [which I fade in and out of perspectives] swimming in turbulent ice cold water near a cornered wooden dock, trying to retrieve an object fallen in the water of apparant great importance [grasping] He gets so close and then the dream fades. The scene switches to an army-esque situation with a bunch of men sitting in uniform in the back of a tan truck. Tom Hanks stands up and starts to talk directed at me, the man he saved apparantly "I had my papers and was all packed up ready to ship out, then this fat idiot here comes along [and I wind up saving him] so here I am now today.. I even read this damn book of yours too.. First one in 12 years." [apparantly he had been dismissed before and this meritious action got him his title back?]

    Similar fragment travelling underground in a huge square tunnel constructed out of sandstone bricks, some other sort of army experience involving prisoners.

    Fragment of a video game shopping mania! In some generic looking superstore like K-mart, and see hundreds of SNES and oldschool console games lined in white wired baskets.. I experience a mixture of seeing and also experiencing various facets of playing and being a character in many different games like donkey kong, kirby, megaman.. very cool actually.

    9:30-12:30 Dreams
    I wake in my bed and do a noseplug RC and it succeeds and I verify that I am dreaming. I repeat slowly and steadily to myself that I am dreaming. I walk downstairs and am in a house I used to live in.. in the kitchen is a boy named Ben that I was friends with during the time that I lived at the house. He sees me arrives downstairs and immediately walks out the back glass door without saying a word to me. I walk outside onto a short wooden deck, and Ben has walked up a sloping hill and walked behind a tree, kind of watching me from the shadows of the far side of the tree. Two dogs, one long haired with white brown and black colors and a slender face, the other completely white are trotting towards the woods and I consider following them but do not with to enter the woods at that time. Instead I tun to my left and climb up another steep hill on all fours, soaking in the remarkable texture of the grass and slight dampness of the soil beneath. Over my shoulder I hear Ben call out "HEY!" kind of like saying "Where are you going?" but at this point I forget my intention to ineract with DCs and ignore him, the call is far off sounding anyway and I assumed he would've only distracted me [from doing what exactly I'm not sure]. I get to the top of the hill and get into a hot tub. From a nice colonial style house a woman in a bathing suit comes running out toward me calling my name. A she comes toward me I try to transform her into a different character which vaguely succeeds, as my dream fades away.

    At this point I am in what I believe has been labeled "the void", a transitioning point between dreams.. I hold onto my awareness in the dark, and focus on the fact that I am dreaming and another dream will arise. I open my eyes in my own bed and RC successfully and find I am still dreaming. I get up and go to leave my room as I did in the last lucid but my heavy oak dresser is halfway blocking the door, and I cannot open it. I take this as a sign. I slow down and stop trying to move and explore, I notice that my wall is completely covered from top to bottom in art works done by my sister who is a terrific artist and also my own drawings and paintings, most of them framed in black matte paper. I feel cold without a shirt so I open my closet and put on a long sleeved shirt while laughing at myself for layering up in a dream. I decide the dresser is a test for me to pass through walls. So I focus my concentration on walking through the wall, and visualize the space on the other side of it, and successfully walk through it with absolutely no resistance! I didn't even feel the wall at all. The bathroom light is on in front of me.

    I look to my right and strangely enough there are two other Me, sitting infont of a balcony on a blue couch slightly lowered into the ground like a theatre. The two Me are just looking at me, and [I guess since I had "Bad Romance" stuck in my head for whatever reason earlier in the day] I think of dancing and start singing Bad Romance, and the other two Me also start to get down still sitting on the couch! haha! So we're all dancing together and that's very fun, I consider going over and actually dancing with myself breifly but am still focused on mastering passing through walls. I look back at the wall to my room and intentionally fail passing through just to see what that feels like, and I just kind of run into it.. doesn't hurt, bounce back a bit. Then I actually focus on passing through and this time run right through it.

    At this point the dream fades and I have another FA, this time brief and I don't recognize it. I imagine my phone going off [and it looks completely accurate, even the numbers and background and the song]. I'm recalling all the dreams I've had in detail in my bed and then I'm suddenly sitting at breakfeast with my father who is talking loudly and it annoys me since it becomes harder to concentrate.. then another FA where I look at my phone and a website similar to DV is on the screen on my browser. I close the tab and the phone says I still have ten minutes till my alarm goes off... I fall back asleep then feel myself sink into my physical body.

    Funny thing though - halfway through writing in my DJ I realize that the phone check may have been a FA, so I look at my phone and it says that I still have 10 minutes left before the alarm goes off.. totally weird huh? Just like the last FA.

    After this I sleep again for another 90 minute cycle, and have a non-lucid that feels like it lasted for about 30 full minutes with almost no lapse in conciousness, and with complete recall. Longest dream I've recorded yet.

    I also had another lucid yesterday during a nap, though it was very vague in my memory when I woke up, very little lucidity just walking through rooms alone. Had an FA I failed to recognize, though I was very suspicious the whole time and was investigating my surroundings intently and even tried to fly [crashed on my head hahah] but didn't believe I could. I was looking at the room for physics defying features and didn't find any, but failed to notice that the elevation of the second floor was only like a half floor, and that the main room was incredibly larger than it actually is though all the furniture was still there.

    These lucids I've recorded here were MILD induced nap/WBTB. I also have been practicing with WakingNomads meditation technique given to him by his DG Zaphor involving cycling the power between your three states [astral dream and physical] while also adding my own twist of cycling and balancing the energy between the three dream states [lucid, non-lucid, deep sleep] within that outer circle. It has enabled me to feel my energy body as a distinct entity for the first time. Salutations to Zaphor!

    So yup. Awesome. Seeing myself in dreams was really a fun experience. When I see myself again I will remember to place priority on interacting with myself.
    Hope everyone had a great holiday and fabulous lucids!

    Updated 12-01-2010 at 10:02 PM by menelvagor

    lucid , false awakening , memorable , dream fragment

    Dream Lucid Overlap

    by menelvagor on 11-28-2010 at 06:44 PM
    Type: Lucid, Memorable
    Lucidity: 8/10
    Vividness: 9/10

    I'm just going to write this one as a pretty direct translation from my dream journal.

    Library with my Dad.. return to the library later with my friend alex. I'm sitting on the couch with my cousin L and also J.Z., a girl I used to like and respect in highschool, in the same library, playing guitar. I think we are all playing music together and the sound is incredible and everything just flows together like water in a stream, really beautiful. The dream changes and we are exploring a massive basement in a house, supposedly JZ's, concrete floors and generally abandoned. Feels like a warehouse almost. One room we enter has a big worksmiths metal cabinets with boxes of junk and tools, as JZ passes by she laughs and pulls a joke by pulling out in succession boxes with rocks paper and scissors out- very funny and cute. We leave and go to 2 other rooms, one is dilapidated like one of those rotting/falling apart old abandoned houses I saw quite often in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, also massive and completely empty, like a house inside of this basement. The other we enter and close the door, steel push handle pretty classic big heavy door. There's a huge AC/furnace in the room big enough to power a hotel, and there is a massive storage unit which JZ jokes that she might use if only she were tall enough to reach it, and indeed it is about 12 feet tall with no way to access it.

    Now here's the really incredible part of this dream - I realize that I'm dreaming when I experience a sort of dream overlap which I haven't ever experienced before, I described it upon waking like this:

    Somewhere along the line I realize that I'm dreaming because I feel LIsa's foot moving next to my ear. It is like my view is 50/50 in the dream state, half of my perception is occupied by feeling her foot moving and see the foot/ my head interacting in some sort of architecture rendering mode, all grey and blue lines like a vector model of the scene mapped out - on top of that or simultaneously I see the dream scene, the room and L and JZ on top of that. It's like a ripple in the dream state.

    I tell L this and she says that we should wake up since it isn't good to leave out your instruments while we sleep since the temperature change at night could ruin them [lol..s igh] but I insist that it is okay, trying my best to convince her not to wake up, which I do wind up convincing her not to. I feel this sensation of overlapping dreams several times. Lisa jokes that she can't open the door as if we are stuck in this dream room, and JZ and I are like wtf you're joking and she is, we all run out of the room laughing and vault up some big concrete stairs with yellow large painted railings like you see at loading docks at supermarkets. At the top of the stairs we walk into the same library that I have already visited twice tonight, and though I don't realize it we are all sleeping in some corner of that very room [so I believed at the time]. L asks what I want to do now before we wake up, I think about it and recall some hilarious joke images I saw earlier in the night [ or maybe in waking life] that I wanted to enjoy again or recreate.. I feel the dream starting to fade, so I touching things and focusing on their texture- clothes, large leaves on a potted plant nearby, stone of a raised circular sitting area, and finally the carpet on the floor, which has tiny raised squares and is soft with a very pleasant active texture which brings my dream back into full vividness [sweet, first time I've remembered to use this and it as very successful].. at this point though I lose some lucidity and walk over to the library computers and pull up the images which are displayed in some sort of WoW/WC3 program, some of them are funny internet type joke images and just weird, but after going through a few I get bored and feel that L is waiting for me so I log off and find L and tell her we can wake up now, and I actually do wake up : )

    SO.. pretty incredible and exciting experience for me. When I woke up I was totally blown away by what had just happened. Becoming lucid in a dream within a dream shared with other dream characters! haha! I realized I was dreaming when my perception was interrupted/expanded [I wrote down this phrase "interruped/expanded" in my DJ and I feel like it describes the sensation perfectly- has anyone else also had this experience?] to the view of the food near my head on the pillow. I wasn't fully fully lucid though I don't think, since I had confused my situation in that the last dream I had exited to be waking life, instead of just being the last dream I had experienced. Also, this lucid had a much different feel to it than all my other lucids.. in those I became totally aware that I was in my head and imagination or whatever, and thought only about my control over the situation and what sort of things that I should do, almost like I'm set in that white loading dock in the Matrix movies where you can summon guns and everything, but with nothing really happening around me.. But in this dream I was aware that I was dream while simultaneously enjoying the freedom of interacting with a fully formed dream scenes and stable dream characters.. I really enjoyed this a lot. In the other lucids I was so focused on my own ability, my own power, that it felt almost crippling, like I was trying to grasp desperately onto what I might be able to do, my lack of capability for control, etc. This dream felt so free and revitalizing in comparison.

    I think that perhaps the overlapping perspective may have been an actual awareness of my physical body, my head on the pillow, and the foot may have been a hallucination that my mind used to compensate for a stable world environment.. what tricks the mind plays in order to keep itself afloat! Really beautiful experience though. I hope everyone is waking in their dreams, and having liberating experiences.

    Sweet jam I just found, not anything to do with dreaming but fun to write a DJ to hah

    lucid , memorable

    Overlapping time and saving Jim Carrey

    by menelvagor on 11-18-2010 at 09:56 PM
    Type: Non-lucid, DS
    Vividness: 7/10
    Lucidity: 1/10

    I'm in a small carpeted basement of this girl's house, and there is a stack of pillows against the wall which I immediately think is a grow room for whatever reason, and it turns out I am correct. There is a rather small square shaped crawl space in the wall which apparently leads to a grow room, but she says [some name] the guy who actually takes care of it doesn't like her showing people. Then I see the shadows of his footsteps near the entry of the room and decide that I want to spy on him, so I run up a flight of stairs that are incredibly similar to a childhood house of mine, but then the stairs continue, and are very windy and massive, going up a down in ways similar to a roller coaster but not so extreme , I crouch down and wait for him.. He comes up the stairs and walks over to a computer desk, and I realize that he can plainly see me and I'm actually quite close.. not a very successful ninja. He calls me down and asks me to check out this projector- apparently he is producing and selling a new movie and is going to project it in a room and wants me check if the screen is large enough, which I affirm it is because it's massive. There are a bunch of oak desks with cell phones and other weird paraphernalia that are apparently related to the movie. Other DC enter into the room and the dream fades

    This dream is important to me since it is another occurrence of a suspected common dreamsign of mine- huge spiraling/twisting staircases, paths, or roads which are an incredibly obvious impossibility in waking life . I will use this as a visualization for becoming lucid this week.

    Jim Carrey
    I'm riding on a bike in a city [similar to Boston which I just visited], riding through many shops, restaurants, a writers guild [?], all of them are empty and incredibly elegant decked out with hanging glass and crystal lights, dark oak woodwork on the benches tables and walls, white drapes and large windows. Made my way to a main road, and now there are cars and people walking about normally. I ride down the sidewalk but feel out of place.. the shops I just rode through felt like they were from another time period . I felt like I was experiencing two time periods simultaneously in the same city. I ride away from the buildings and wonder what it would be like to attend a food market/buy food in the older times as I cross a large road. I come across a large open area, with green grass and some sparse trees and what seems to be a market of sorts. There is a pretty huge hill next to the market which is also incredibly thin, [definitely physically impossible, looked like a poorly rendered video game environment] and I decide that I'm going to instead ride to the top of the hill to collect some rare fruits instead of shopping at the market. So I'm pedaling my butt off up this mountain while hearing the people below playfully joking at me since it's so silly. The terrain changes quickly under my wheels from grass to rock to dirt to snow, I'm so high up I can't even see the market. I reach the top of the hill, there's a small area next to the path and I find Jim Carrey looking like a bum laying in a pile of leaves! [haha!!]. He's unable to move for some reason [faking injured?] and I think "Well, I didn't find any fruits but if I save Jim I won't look so foolish", so I pick him up and put him and his bags on a nightstand which is now behind me instead of a bike [looks just like the nightstand next to my bed, probably appeared as I wondered how I might transport him on my bike] He's in some weird sort of character acting completely pathetic and demanding and ridiculous, so I let him fall off of the shelf that he's laying on and he looks up at me full of mock hurt/ offended.

    Hilarious and fun ending to a very enjoyable and abstract dream. Funny that I missed the DS of my bike morphing into my BEDSTAND. hahah.

    Cobblestone Path

    by menelvagor on 11-18-2010 at 09:29 PM
    Type: Lucid, DS
    Vividness: 6/10
    Lucidity: 6/10

    Hide and Seek
    Walking along a cobblestone path, the same on that I was walking on in one of my first lucids, this time walking with a girl I don't recognize.. I do a nose RC because of the surreal landscape, and perhaps because I just came out of a nightmare I think.. anyways noseplug RC succeeds and I affirm that I am dreaming to myself. I remember how last time I was occupied trying to fix my fading vision and thus woke myself up, and recalled that in fact touch is the most prominent stabilizing factor in dreams, so I directed my attention toward my body, my posture, the weight of my jeans on my legs, the smell of the grass and forest we are approaching.. the path ends and we enter some woods with trees with rather large trunks, perhaps cedar.. the girl playfully hides behind some trees and I'm trying to find her, and cannot locate her anymore. Vision starts to fade and I focus on my body and remain conscious, and maintained consciousness through the fading dream into waking, awoke feeling incredibly refreshed.

    Well I was happy when waking from this LD because I maintained lucidity for approximately 2min, longest achieved thus far that I can remember. Also, I remembered to stay calm and do what I had intended to do which is also a first, rather than try to immediately jump into the sky without thinking or sex up the lady that I was walking with.

    Car Nap

    I don't remember what the dream was about, but I remember taking a nap on the drive back from Boston to Detroit.. I suddenly became aware that I had slipped into the dream state while experiencing HI, the first time I've ever accomplished that. I then tried to run and was incredibly excited and immediately woke myself up. ..
    memorable , lucid

    Shower frag

    by menelvagor on 11-18-2010 at 09:17 PM
    Type: Lucid, fragment
    Vividness: 2/10
    Lucidity: 5/10
    Nap DILD, napping in the room, get up and get in the shower, washing my hair, very warm in the shower. I go to rinse out my hair and when I feel my head the hair is dry, so I do a noseplug RC and it is successful. I realize that I am dreaming and decide to stabilize the dream so I rub my hands and say "stabilize my dream".. I try to look at the floor, off white tiles, very white/light bathroom. I get out very slowly for some reason, but I cannot open my right eye too well and feel uneasy. I cannot get my vision to adjust properly so I try to force my eyes to open up really wide and wind up opening my eyes and wake up!
    lucid , dream fragment