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    1. Its Yumekui Merry (Dream Eater or Merry Nightmare depending on idk).
      She is very catlike and is stuck between "dream state" and "waking state". So I thought very appropriate. Also she is a bit skatty like me.
      She has also forgotten she is in fact the "gate keeper" or "keeper of keys" to all dimensions...pretty cool huh....anime only did a few chapters of manga tho
      look up "Yumekui Merry - Episode 1 [English Dub]" on youtube
    2. I like your new Avatar photo - is it an anime?
    3. Thanks Meoh - I am a newbie you will be where you want to be befor you know it.
    4. I read your dream journal...I'm totally blown away by your LDs ...speechless
    5. Wow great news MeohMyo - how did it go? What happened
    6. Thanks for helping me out...i'm bit of a ditz I only just noticed where Visitor messages are.
      I had a WILD...I had a WILD...I had a WILD...I had a WILD,,,I had a WILD...I had a WILD
      Did I mention I had a WILD
      I did chicken out tho :/
    7. To start Wild tutorial with Sageous put in a search for - Wild Sageous - and you will find them
    8. Hi Meo - thanks for message

      This how you send peeps messages and ask questions if you don't mind everyone seeing - and if you go to meohmyoh activity you can press on folks messages and get on there profile and make friends etc - here is the thread for starting a work book

      Ok woulnt let me do that - sorry - do to the Home button on the DV main page above on left side and then do look for Welcome for joining in classed and making a work book - look for Ophiliablue - Welcome Sticky
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