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    1. Hey Meoh, i have the feeling i couldnt do much for you and should be a more active buddy but i also saw that you connected yourself pretty well here in the community and found probably you BFF Buddy Milly so it calmed my bad conscience a lot and i let loose of the daily pm terror (plus the fact i couldnt write you anymore because you are mailbox is so frequented ) and today i saw that you and milly teamed up officially. i am happy for your and would love you to ask me some questions!
      i still will follow your Workbooks and DJs whenever i have the time and i am happy about every comment from you have a nice time and a lot of lucids!
    2. Thanks for all your Buddy help ^^ I may still ask you questions from time to time.
    3. Waaaaa not again....glad you're oki tho ^^
    4. Hey, I wanted to write you but can't sent it to you because your message storage is full so you need to delete some.
      So maybe tomorrow I can write you :-)
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