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    Had to write this down...

    by metcalfracing on 11-05-2011 at 09:48 PM
    My face began to hurt today so I decided to take a quick nap.

    Slipped into a dream of me at a party with a good number of my college friends. after a while of doing random talking I get to seriously thinking about why my exgirlfriend is showing me around to people... I begin sitting down and am talking to my friend klehlyn. He responds to my concerns with the jarring phrase "well, ya only live once." just then, I get up from the table as another of my friends brakes his hand, I look at him and exclaim, "relax dude, You'll be better in the morning."

    I feel the dream begin to fade, This happens to me everytime after a while, so I just deal with it. I brace myself not to move when I wake up. Its black, my eyes are close, I sit there... sure enough...

    I'm treated to weird, windows 98 style loading screen, "loading the dream." I wasn't aware of the stupidity of what I was seeing at the time. The screen gets to 78% exactly, I remember that, when suddenly I start to slip away from it. I start to feel as if my head and torso have fallen through my bed. Then my legs, maybe slightly more than my torso. Then... I fall. Fall into a beautiful 1980's style town in the middle of the night. The town is absolutely filled with pumpkins. The design is very tim burtin.

    My first thought is "Think Steve, what haven't you done?" I look around and notice a water fountain I decide to sit beside it and take massive gulps. I notice that my vision is blurry, its almost hard to look straight with one eye, its as though I had the world's worst lash in my eye. I attribute it to the fact that I got in a fight 3 days earlier, and I have a broken cheek in real life. This actually was the case to the best of my knowledge, I can't really think of any other reasons. I know you don't really have "eyes" persay, but my brain could have been rationalising through that sensation. The pain made the dream start fading again. I brace again... Black. The method appears to have worked again. In the same way too... I see the same loading screen as before, crappy and old as ever. I'm starting to like it though. This time it completes to 100% and then just fades away. Black. I think what's wrong? maybe my rem cycle is just over, cut down right when I getting the hang of this for the night, I think.... wait, do I see blue? like realllly far of in the distance, I think I floating towards it.

    Its gets bigger and bigger until I finally realize what I'm looking at, its very small world, floating in a massive blue nebula, surrounded on both sides by two giant float warrior statues, who's swords were the same impressive blue color as the rest of what I was seeing. I begin falling towards this planet, eventually falling onto a tree... This is when I notice it, the textures, the sounds, tiles and blocks... I realized, I play too much minecraft I was inside minecraft. So I go down the ladder attached the the tree, it takes me a little section that has recently been blown by a creeper, for some reason, instead of dirt and sand, the items on the ground were all very valueable. I start absorbing items for dear life. Then I think a second and realize that given that I'm so used to seeing minecraft characters fly anyways, I should see if I can just fly out of the hole. I've flown in dreams before, thats not special... I was just geeking out... I fly over to see if all the various monsters look the same, the only one that looked different was the creeper, who was for some reason a frightening flesh color. I then see a girl that I know from school, I decided "meh, screw building blocks, I want to make cyborgs!" Luckily, there's no dream ethics committee that I have to report to... so I take her to a deserted castle, with the intent of making a robot out of her... Nothing else, I promise... Everything is still all minecraft graphics, so everything seems like a parody of frankstein and machinema. My brain has lost of redstone wire lying around. I look at her transformation on the lab table and begin to be frightened by what I see. It shocks me awake.

    "I see the ceiling, I've lost for right now".... Then I began writing this...

    Updated 11-05-2011 at 09:48 PM by metcalfracing (LOL, who proofreads a title...)

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