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    I'm a software engineer. I love my job and where I work. I'm married and I just bought a house in August 2013. I recently got a puppy and found out that she has a very expensive heart condition. I am very stressed out lately.
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    Richmond, Virginia, United States
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    searching for a community for dreamers with very vivid dreams


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    Bonnaroo, Dump Truck

    by Mezzanine on 11-13-2019 at 01:51 PM

    I have to be at Bonnaroo. I'm walking around outside in a huge open space and there are tons of people. I'm looking for a bathroom. I think I'm with some other girl who is not my wife. I get to a bathroom and it's not like at real Bonnaroo where it's just portapotties. Well, there was a nice actual bathroom there, maybe that's where I was. So I go into a stall and there was something weird about it that I can't remember. Not like there was no toilet paper, because that was a real thing. Man I wish I could remember what was going on in that stall. Anyway, I leave the bathroom and walk out and there are people putting down like... one inch wide by maybe three inch long strips of green... construction paper looking stuff.... all over the dirt ground. Putting it down and raking it all over the ground with rakes. I think it is supposed to grow grass for next year. Feels like the festival is over at this point. I run into a couple of girls and one of them grabs my nose and shakes my face around! I am AGHAST that some stranger would do this to me. I swat her hand away and she says don't you remember me? And she says her name is not like... something... and then I say, yeah! YASMINE! (no idea how I come up with that!) Next thing I know I'm walking around like this museum like exhibition hall that has huge LED displays advertising some new movie that's coming soon. I'm with my Dad and I'm telling him, yeah, this is Bonnaroo, well the post-Bonnaroo exhibit. And I'm looking around, and it's a merch shop. There's a section selling replicas of the belts that wrestlers win. Side note - totally NOT into wrestling. So I walk out of that area and see like a concession stand, and everything's fuzzy and I wake up.

    Dump Truck

    There's a dump truck with lots of like... grainy gray material in it like sand but bigger particles and someone's stuck in it. I look around for help and see that it must be some bad guys, they're trying to stop me from saving the guy that's trapped in the truck. So I steal a car that was sitting there with the keys in it. It's hard to steer, but I finally get it going. Then I crash it somehow, get out, but before I'm out, I take anything of value that I can find including a pair of steampunk like sunglasses and a pair of like Disney Finding Nemo sunglasses. So weird. I think I catch up to some people as I flee the scene and give away both pairs of sunglasses to people.

    Flood, Real Life Video Game

    by Mezzanine on 11-13-2019 at 01:15 PM
    Started this a couple days ago and now I don't remember much about it. I feel like a flood of some sort is a dream sign for me, though, it happens pretty frequently.

    So on to the real life video game. What I remember is I was trying to open some sort of hatch in the ground. It was huge and had maybe ten locking devices all around the circular perimeter. Kind of like when you step out of the vault for the first time in Fallout 76. After I successfully get all the locks undone, no idea how I did it, I look up and there's a scoreboard showing video of me doing what I just did. Then it rewinds to where I was just prior to this, I think it was a parking garage, and it's showing all these coins like in Super Mario Brothers that I failed to pick up. Well that's great, I didn't even know I was in a video game, didn't see the coins there when I was just there, and so I run back to try to pick them up. Never made it back down there, woke up instead.

    Sale Candy, Secret Stairs

    by Mezzanine on 11-07-2019 at 01:38 PM
    I was downtown at the VCU campus and I drove up to an empty parking lot to park the car. I got out of the car and started walking up to a building. There was a fenced in area that I didn't notice until someone called my name. Behind the fence were people and dogs, like it was my doggie daycare that I drop Elle off at a few times a week. I think Elle might have been there but I remember thinking that Ryan is going to pick her up later. I say hello to the people and keep walking.

    I end up at a 7-11 and there is a display with Valentine's day candy that's on sale. There are chocolate roses in boxes and other small chocolates. I grab a ton of it and put it up on the counter and check out. I pay for it, then look at the receipt and see that it was $90!! I told the cashier that she didn't discount the candy and she said that it was shift change and she couldn't help me. Also there was a rush of people suddenly standing in line to check out. I'm patient, so I walk around waiting my turn to get my money back. I walk to the back of the store and look down and see that it's wood floors and one of the floor boards is loose. I pick it up and it's all loose and some of the floor turns into little blocks of pine wood and I keep pulling them out and finally I uncover a secret underground stairway. I think "nope, nope, nope! lord knows what's down there!" so I cover everything up, put the floor back and go back to the register where the lady says that the mayor has left to do his mayoring job and I won't be able to get my money back. I guess the mayor owns the 7-11?

    I leave 7-11 and somehow I end up at a fast food place trying to get some food, obvi. No idea what was going on in this part of the dream, but then I end up at someone's house and there is weed buds on the floor in front of the couch. I think that's weird and hazardous to any dogs that might be around, but I realize that we're not in any danger of any dogs eating the weed bc there's no dogs where I'm at.

    Then my alarm went off and I start thinking about everything I just dreamed and "Ms. New Booty" by Bubba Sparxx came into my head. I told it to go away because I'm trying to concentrate on remembering my dream! Every morning lately I've been waking up with a song in my head! Yesterday it was "Love it if We Made It" by The 1975 and the day before it was "Social Cues" by Cage the Elephant. WHAT IS GOING ON WITH THIS??? So I went back to sleep for a couple minutes and then "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter was in my head!

    Got that Remee Mask Finally

    by Mezzanine on 11-05-2019 at 01:23 PM
    So for my birthday present, Ryan got me the sleep mask that I've been wanting for the last three or so years. Sleeping with it the first few nights took some getting used to, but I sleep with it every night now.

    LAST NIGHT I dreamed that I was clothes shopping with Ryan, but I think we were picking out outfits for someone's kid. We were in a store and we just liked everything in there except ONE thing that had too many ruffles. It was blue and yellow with a pattern of tiny flowers on it. I immediately rejected it. Ryan mentioned that she liked that most of the clothes were not "transitional" clothes, which at the time I took to mean that they were for one specific season, I think all these clothes were warm winter clothes. But now that I think of it, she could have meant that they were specifically gendered clothes, not for people who are deciding that they want to change their gender from one to another. I'm clearly getting hung up on that word "transitional." I have been thinking a lot lately about why in society as a whole we feel the need to separate masculine and feminine things. Like men's vs. women's golf clubs. (We were at Drive Shack a couple of Saturdays ago.) Like, what's the point of calling it a man's golf club? What is the real difference there? It's heavier? Longer? Just call it a long vs. short club then. It's perfectly fine if a shorter man wants to use a shorter, "woman's" club. Or if a tall woman needs to use a "man's" club. Whatever, SOCIETY! I DO WHAT I WANT!

    Clothes Shopping, Dogs Getting Along

    by Mezzanine on 01-03-2019 at 05:42 PM
    Clothes Shopping

    I was in some store talking to the manager who was working. We were talking about how the previous manager just up and quit and she was filling in from another location. I think my mom was there shopping with me, and I ended up finding a sweatshirt... that zipped all the way from the sleeve to the collar and from the bottom hem up to the bottom of the sleeve... Like, that's how you would put the shirt on, unzip like the whole half of the shirt and get into it sideways.

    Dogs Getting Along

    I have two dogs in my waking life, and they do not get along. We keep them separated all the time. In my dream I had three dogs, and the two that do not get along were put together, accidentally, and the one that doesn't like the other one went at her, but all she did was sniff her, and then they got along. Just fine. It was like a miracle. I woke up so happy.