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      Hey, happy birthday!!
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      Anyway, the point of this capsule is that it makes you go directly into REM (An easy WILD in other words). This was perfect for me, because I now could take this capsule once every week to get a safe, planned WILD without having to put so much time into it I have actually tried this thing once and got my FIRST WILD! It was awesome But then I got kind of worried, because if you think about it, I have really no guarantee that this is safe (both taking the galantamine and the fact that things bought on the net don't have so much "safeness" to them, if you know what I mean). I've talked to some people at dreamviews, and many others have bought from the same store and taken it without any side effects, but I still don't know... Do you have any experience with this? If not, what do you think I should do?

      Oh, and by the way, love your name Sound kinda Italian or something, do you have ancestors from those places or anything?
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      HEY! You're right, it's been awhile, two months actually o.O You've been busy or something? I know I've been
      What can I say? When you realize you're dreaming, it's not that easy to forget It seems like most of the people that's into lucid dreaming discovered it when they were around 13... Maybe we tend to surf the net a lot in that age ;P

      Haha, if you heard my pronunciation I'm sure you would figure out that I'm not a native speaker XD But thanks anyway

      Actually, I don't have any dream goals at the moment, I have so much other things to that I really haven't had time to think of lucid dreaming :S Haven't written in my DJ for ages BUT, I read some on the internet and in books about supplements, and found a site (dreamamins.com) which sold capsules that contained galantamine and choline (I dont know if you've heard of this before, if not, there's plenty of information on the net)
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      Ah, always a good time. I'm just responding to PMs and reading up on tulpa stuff mostly. And eating some delicious tacos.
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      Thank you! And thanks for the add! So what's up?
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      I love your avatar so much. XD
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      I got my first lucid as a little kid, think I was around 4 or 5. Of course I didn't know what lucid dreaming was back then, but I can actually recall some Lucids from that time. I think I googled "control dreams" when I was about 9 or something, and then I forgot it, and then I got back to it again when I was 13 I think, and I've been doing it since! I had actually been to DV a lot before that time, but I didn't know what it was until I was around 13 (English is not my native language, so yeah) what about you? How old were you, and when did you start to do it "seriously"? ;P

      Hmm, maybe I'll find a dreamgoal, just to get more motivated?
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      No dream goal ATM, when I get lucid I usually just do what comes to mind. Or, I'm trying to remember the ToTM, but it is a little difficult when you suddenly have a whole world to explore! I have flied a lot in my dreams, and summoned a lot of diffrent people. Oh, and something I'm working with right now is to get better with magic stuff (like making a fireball, make it snow, wind etc. not exactly magic, but you know what I mean ) Fist DEILD? That's great! If you transitioned directly from sleeping to dreaming and were lucid, you had a DEILD. If not, then you were really close, at least! Hm! I thought WILDs and DEILDs were kind of the same thing, not that I've ever had a WILD... Thanks, I get lucid quite often now, actually ^^ or semi lucid sometimes, but anyway.
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      No, I haven't! I've got some good Lucids, though, so... soon Wow, that's sure sounded creepy! :S luckily, there's a lot of other things to do in a LD Actually, when I really was trying my best to DEILD, I tried to wake up naturally between my dreams. I made it sometimes, but then I started to work, and my dream recall and DEILDing and everything got messed up. Now I'm just trying to get DILDs. Maybe I'll try DEILD again, it's been a while now ^^ from my experience, the DEILDs are the longest LDs I have. Of course, it could last for only seconds if something goes wrong, but on average, I think DEILD last pretty long. Maybe WILDs last even longer, I don't know how did it go, BTW? Did you get lucid? there's a lot of DEILD toturials on DV, be sure to check the out!

      as I'm trying to DILD again, I try to RC as soon as I see something out of place. I also try to imahine my dream signs IRL and then do a RC. The nose pinch and the finger-through-palm are my favorites
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      Part 2. The "difficult" thing about DEILD is to wake up between your dreams. Once you've mastered that/found the perfect alarm time, youve done 80% of the work. When you find youselft awake in bed, just lay still, think abut the dream that you were in ( or make a new, if you can't remember. I'll recommend that you vizualize the previous dream if you remember it, though) you don't need to think "very hard" just imagine it the best you can, and hold that image. Just hold it. Suddenly, you'll pop into the image, fully lucid. Best feeling ever!
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