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    1. I think that both scribbling in my journal in the middle of the night and then formally re-writing the dreams here helps the vividness of the dream. When I write in the middle of the night, I'm doing more short-term memory, but when I write the dreams here, I'm relying on more long-term memory, perhaps?
    2. cool RC but, if you post your dream journals here, does it make ur dreams vivid?
    3. Another thing I noticed is that my long, curly hair which I let grow this past year dangles in front of my eyes in reality but not in my dreams. It's a fun and easy reality check.
    4. I usually wake up to go to the restroom a few times in the middle of the night (I'm a lot like my father.) When I do, I write down my dream, while I'm in the bathroom. I have found that if I read my dream journal from the previous night(s) right before I go to sleep, it does help improve my chances of having better dreams and dream recall.
      I post on here because using the images and dream tags are an easy way to help trigger dream recall. I'm starting to notice a clear pattern in my dreams regarding the subjects and themes of my dreams.
    5. and IF it makes dreams vivid, if you post ur dream journal on here does posting it on here still make your dream vivid?
    6. i saw ur dream journal on here it's cool. so do u just right down ur dream in present tense then post it?
      and what can dream journaling supposed to help you with? i heard it makes dreams more vivid, is that true?
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