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      okay, thanks! ^^
      though i havent played halo like in years XD
      Well, i just had some 4 second DILD lol
      finally i realized fighting some cartoonish minions made no sense and wasnt real XD
      Then nothingness happened, because i wasnt thinking on anything, and then i started to hear noises, you know, because i sleep in daytime and i was listening to the tv, eventually i had a FA, i thought it was real, lol, and seconds later i woke up
      sleeping at day time isnt that good if there is so many ppl in the house =_=
      oh well, im also getting eternally punished because my mom found out i was awake at 4am using the pc
      Anyways, how have you been ?
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      I dont know
      Well, usually I sleep that late, like between 2-4am, and when i wake up there is a lot of light, not to mention my whole family woken up and NOISE, i think that could be really distracting and not letting me fall asleep focused on staying lucid, i dont know, i just guess.
      And well, this other time i actually woke up in the night and tried to WILD, i fell asleep =_=
      I mean, i had this dream where i was in this spaceship fighting against an army, all was like halo themed, and i didnt freaking realize it was not real ((
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      that's nice, usually when i am trying to sleep i cant until i take my socks off
      well, tonight i feel asleep around 1am, woke up around 4:30am, for no apparent reason (really, wtf xD), so i said "hey, gonna try WILD", tried for an hour -.- after that i just said "screw this shit, im gonna go use the pc", and here i am. I dont even remember dreaming anything while i was asleep -.-
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      kind of, though you can lie for a reason ^^
      i think that the problem with WILD, is that i must do the WBTB thing, just trying to WILD when im going to sleep seems to be useless for everypony ...
      what sucks, is that with so many early mornings of incredible tiredness throughout my life, i have became inmune to alarms, lol.
      I guess i am just gonna need to use my bladder as an alarm xD
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      haha, well yeah, what i think is separated from what i say
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      You --> Nostalgia

      oh, i want to post links so bad but i cant, stupid 7 days rule
      Well, im off to sleep now, or as how i call it "failing WILD"
      Good night! ^^
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      and not just "dark", but also the entirely sad part, as well as epic and a lot of things. the fandom makes FiM have everything ^^
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      well, the old ones were really stupid a lot of times, and had this horrible pink colors and sugar-food all over the place
      and FiM is totally supposed to be like all that happy as it is
      The darkside lies in the fandom
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      I did watch MLP when i was a kid, but i just couldnt stand them at all.
      Instead i think FiM is one of the best cartoons ever, and that is just the half of its awesomeness. The real outstanding awesomeness of the show is in its fandom, it is one of the best things that has ever happened.
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      u did watch the vid, did you?
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    Life Lesson

    by MissLucy on 12-05-2015 at 11:07 AM
    Prelude: I'm subscribed to someone called Tom Scott on youtube who has made the type of videos that have literally saved my morale, my sanity, and my life. (Seriously, if you want a good laugh, search for "Tom Scott Citation Needed" on youtube. You won't be disappointed!)
    Also, Tom is a lovely person, great personality, great presenting skill, frankly someone I look up to.
    Now, Tom always wears the same kind of clothes in their videos: grey hoodie over a red shirt. This shirt will become important in

    the dream:

    I'm at boarding school again, like, living there again. At my current actual age. I'm in the TV corner, chilling with some random girl, and Tom.

    Tom is playing some video game, and the girl and I are watching. She's sitting between Tom and I.

    Tom's shirt changes colour every time I look away and back at them. The first time it happens it's khaki green. I comment on it, no reaction. It happens again a few times, so I comment again, and without warning Tom suddenly points a precision knife at my head, reaching all the way behind the girl between us. Who doesn't react whatsoever btw.
    "Do you know how close that is to my head, Tom!?"
    No reaction, but there's a warning look in Tom's eyes as the knife is retracted.

    It happens again, this time it's a lighter shade of green, with white cuffs at the sleeves.
    "That's a nice colour on you, though."
    Again with the knife and the look. I suddenly feel really bad and apologise softly, to which there is again no reaction.

    Then Tom gets up for a toilet break and leaves the room. I get up to get a glass of water (we're suddenly in my parents' living room) and vent to the girl about how bad I feel now.

    As I'm getting water, Tom joins me in the kitchen.
    Me: sorry. I'm so sorry.
    Tom: (now smiling) I think you got the lesson?
    Me: (embarrassed) ..Yeah. I'm undoing society's social training, slowly but surely. I'm sorry.
    Tom: *laughs and hugs me*


    ..this was an incredibly vivid dream, and frankly I'm surprised that the changing shirt didn't make me lucid XD


    by MissLucy on 11-05-2014 at 07:32 AM
    Cutting to the chase:

    In the dream, I wake up in my bed as normal, but there's someone in my room with me. Turns out it's my history teacher. She explains that I've been taken to the future, or an alternate reality, I'm not sure. Either way I've been taken from my life and into another kind of society.

    Here, most people have had their brain implanted into a robot body and are now basically Robocops. There are a few Fleshdwellers (humans with their original body intact and in use) left, most of them have become Crawlers (nightmareish creatures with a lust for murder, they have no depth perception for some reason and no hair and red eyes.. long story short: they're dangerous and creepy) who hunt down the remaining non-Crawler Fleshdwellers for scientific research. ..and "spare parts", I guess.

    One night, while running from a Crawler, I run into a person (with a robotic body). She's my friend apparently, and takes me down into the sewers, hoping the smell will mask mine so the Crawler will get lost in there. We end up getting caught in a current and the further along we get, the cleaner the water becomes.

    Until we surface again in a lake full of pure water, glistening in both moon- and sunlight at the same time. It's the most beautiful place I've ever seen. It reminds me of where the Elves live in Lord of the Rings. But the people living there are no elves, they're just.. ..humans. Looking, talking and walking like humans. Except they have no word for "I" and always speak in "we" and "us".

    Then of course my alarm goes off and that's that for this dream

    It was totally awesome and I want to go back there.

    Yeah everything's normal, sure, carry on, nothing to see here..

    by MissLucy on 10-28-2014 at 10:40 AM
    I am officially an idiot XD

    I woke up and went about my morning routine. ..until I tried to turn on a light switch and nothing happened. At first I thought the light bulb had died, or the electricity, but then it struck me: switches don't work in dreams!! So I did a reality check: dropping to the floor like a plank. Usually I can make myself float like that. Not this time, though. So I tried the light switch again, still nothing.

    I looked out of the window, and saw the view from my dorm room.. ..where I used to live 10 years ago. But of course, I just went "oh ok." and woke up for real.


    Bobby Carlyle is a crook

    by MissLucy on 08-11-2014 at 08:15 AM
    Non-lucid dream, but still pretty.. ..interesting. Prelude: I've had a crush on Robert Carlyle since I was about 13 (he would have been 38 at the time) and have only recently admitted publicly that I do.

    I'm in a supermarket, working as a cashier. Suddenly Robert Carlyle is brought in, in handcuffs, as he had stolen something in another store. They didn't have any room to keep him, so he was sat down right next to me. We exchanged a few looks, but he was really pissed off. I just continued my work.

    -time gap-

    My work day ends and I'm told to escort Robert to prison, which I reluctantly do. Out of freaking nowhere a massive vampier vs humans fight breaks out in the prison, and I'm fighting alongside Sam Winchester (one of the main characters in "Supernatural"). The vampires have found a way to chemically freeze humans (you know, for conservation) and threaten to freeze everyone. (Funfact: they call it Vitrification) Sam and some other guy sacrifice themselves to be frozen so the rest of us have a fighting chance.

    The floor in front of them turns to ice, they step on it and freeze from their shoes up to their hair. It looks incredibly painful, but we have to fight the vampires so I sneak my way up to the balcony from which the vampires were looking on. The entire floor below is now ice and I start pushing them off of the balcony and onto the frozen floor, where they freeze just like the humans.

    Victorious, I stand up, turn around, and there is Robert Carlyle again, looking at me with sadness in his eyes. It hits me like a brick: he's a vampire too. A new one, I'd say, as the top of his head is missing (remember that scene at the end of KILL BILL? The one where O-ren Ishii is standing there with the very top of her head chopped off? Yeah, that's how Bobby looked.). I look back at him and shake my head. "You really need to get your head checked." I tell him. He half-smiles but it disappears soon as we both know what he has to do now..

    [end dream]

    Luckily for me, nothing happened next, but that feeling of understanding and sadness is still with me.
    In case anyone didn't grasp it, he was supposed to kill me at the end, as I was the only remaining non-vampire. As I lay awake afterwards, I did imagine that there was another way: conversion. If he had me converted into a vampire, we both could have lived. But in the dream, it didn't occur to either of us, apparently.

    Updated 08-11-2014 at 02:12 PM by MissLucy


    Lucid, finally!

    by MissLucy on 01-20-2012 at 07:18 AM
    Colour Legenda:
    Setting| Technique used | Dream (lv1) | Dream (lv2) | Lucid Dream | Notes
    ************************************************** ****************

    I'd woken up in the middle of the night from the sound of storm outside. I lay awake for a few hours, but finally managed to fall asleep.

    Dream 1:
    I had ordered something that the neighbour opposite us had or whatever, so I went over to his place but he still had to go pick it up himself. So we got into his car (he had 2 baby girls in there too) and drove to the place, which was like some kind of warehouse. Inside, I just took some time to look around, and a really skinny girl caught my attention. She was bent over doing something, facing away from me, and her hotpants showed a little opening right at her butt hole. I wondered if she knew, and if she'd gotten raped because of it.

    Then my attention swayed towards another peculiar item: my sister's severed head. On a display-thingie. (for those of you who have seen the film "Return to OZ", it looks like the witch's cabinet of heads) So I looked at it, and it looked back at me! Not like a doll looks back at you, but she literally turned her eyes towards me. I freaked out and looked away again. ..only to look back at it, of course. It was looking away from me, but as I was looking she turned her whole head towards me. Still freaked out, something dawned on me: I might be dreaming, this was just too freaky to be real. So I went over to her (not fully lucid, just the hunch occurred to me) and she opened her mouth and had vampire fangs.

    I woke up, thinking how absurd that was and rolled over.. ..straight into SP!

    It lasted a whole lot longer than it normally does, and I felt a constant vibration rather than separate waves. I saw all sorts of things but they flashed before my eyes so fast I couldn't really make out any of them. My eyes were rapidly blinking, by the way, I couldn't control it. And then it was over, I opened my eyes and..

    Dream 2:
    I felt myself being pulled up to a sitting position. My room was darker than it should have been, so I went "Alrighty, let's see what I've got in store for myself this time!" and walked out my door into my living room. It was.. ..different in an awesome way!! My furniture was rearranged into the coolest configuration!! I'll try to reconstruct it in The Sims 3 tonight and post a picture!

    I also noticed I had a back yard (which I don't, because I live in an apartment), and swings inside the back porch. So I swung and swung again and let go and soared right through the glass window, into the back yard. From here on, I couldn't actually leave, so I just dropped to the ground and floated up. This time I was just going to hover like some hovering doofus. I went up up up all the way, I could see half the world! Then I figured maybe that's a bit much. After all, space is just mostly emptiness. So I lowered myself again and landed on some rooftop, just as the inhabitant of the house I landed on came home.

    He, too, was flying, but he flew up to his 2nd-story window upstraight, not swimming like I do. So before he went inside I just went "HEY!!" and he replied with a greeting and joined me on the rooftop. He raised an eyebrow. "..what are YOU doing here??" I just shrugged. "Doesn't matter, this is a dream, so.." He looked at me in awe. "This is a dream!? ..huh!" he got excited too about the idea.

    And then my leg decided to go spasmic and I woke up.