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      I see your an anime fan too! AHH! If I may ask who is that in your profile pic? xD
    2. anime is awesome i just wish naruto shippuden would stop making this fricken filler episodes.
    3. geez finding really hard to become lucid this week...
    4. I'm Awesome
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    by mlamli on 05-07-2014 at 10:34 PM
    Last nights lucid was obsessively long. To the extent that I likely won't be able to record the entire thing right now. But I'll start.

    I'm in a city my friend D. We're in a car and I'm driving. We're deciding which crimes we're going to commit, when my friend says there are way too many police around and he gets out of the car and runs away. An hud like in GTA appears and my view becomes third person. I can see that there are dozens of blue police markers around me on the screen in the process of catching another criminal. I get out of the car and wait for the "end mission" option to appear on the screen and start pressing a non existent "select" button in my mind. But I run out of time and a cop right behind me begins to pursue me. A clever us of parkour on the walls of the city in front of shops allows me to evade him. I think at this point my view became normal again. After some walking around I manage to find a homeless guy. I cant remember what I did but he starts chasing me with the intent to kill. He follows me to some building and I make sure he's following me up each flight of stairs. I get to the top of the apartment and theres some girl there barely dressed shouting about how much of a whore she is. She walks back into her apartment and then I get an idea (or maybe I had it the entire time) I trick the hobo into listening to me and we walk into the apartment. The girl gets up to fight back but I use her name (which I know because she said it when she was shouting) and I tell her I brought then hobo she wanted to fuck. I tell him to wait in the bathroom while me and her argue. I holding her now and I try to have sex with her but she isn't in the mood. After a lot of arguing and persuading she's finally in the mood (i think I was rubbing up against her the whole time so its natural) I don't think I was lucid though so I can't even remember if we had sex.

    This may have happened after or been a part of a previous dream but I think it may have happened here. Its more of a dream fragment but anyway I was in a movie theatre watching some movie and instead of sitting in one seat I was jumping around from seat to seat (literally jumping) and the seats were all movable so I was rearranging entire rows. They were all falling forward and making a noise and there was barely anyone in the theatre. Every time I would try sit in a row with people in it they would disappear by the time I look at them. Eventually I think I'm kicked out of the movie theatre so I walk down the ramp and I leave. While on my way to use the toilet I see a friend of mine named J. He's the same friend I had in a dream in April who had superior powers to me when I was lucid. Anyway in this dream he's normal. I see a bunch of old friends from my high school so I make a point of greeting all of them. We're moving through groups of people while talking and some girl bumps into me. She's from my old primary school. For some reason at that moment I was giving her money in exchange for food. she shouts that I have to compensate her and that she's on her period. She charges me an obscene amount and I leave really saddened. I get to my seat and put my stuff in my school bag. (we're on what appears to be a bus now). Cant remember what happened next.

    This is where the lucids start. The first lucid is sketchy because its taken me half an hour to write all of this down. I can remember the second one perfectly.
    Anyway I think I'm at home in my parents bathroom on my phone and someone runs to me. They're giving me the impression that someone is breaking in to my house and I start hearing loud banging noises outside. I look on my phone and its blacked out on the call screen so I can't phone for help. It looks weird and I exit to the main menu. Instead of doing this It shows me a list of five things. I cant remember what they were right now but in the dream it was 5 things I had to remember. It was about a reoccurring lucid dream I've had before. This makes me lucid. With my phone in my pocket I fly out through the closed window and get outside. The minute I'm outside I think I started fighting someone. For the life of me I can't remember who it was. We were flying the whole time and I remember concentrating on my flying skills to levitate so that I could still fight upright. The rest of the lucid concerned a little boy who was about 9 or 10 as written on my phone earlier but I cant remember. All I remember was that at the end of the dream I rechecked my phone, so that when I FA'd I would know what the next mission was.

    Lucid number two.
    Immediately after waking up I think I did a quick RC and became lucid. I flew out of my bedroom window. I could hear my father talking behind me. Normally my behavior allows whoever is chasing me to catch up because I doubt my flying skills and then they do. My father almost does catch up and I have to push him backwards with my hand. But at some point he gives up and turns around. I found this weird at the time because he'll normally try to distract me and ruin my lucids. But I was treating him as if he was an object of the dream (which he is, he's just a DC) so he must have lost the only purpose he served. With renewed vigor I flew over the treetops in my backyard at blazing speed. Now I was flying over a forest with tons of trees and giant beautiful trees that were brown and orange and green. I landed on the ground and Ninjas started attacking me. My friend who had previously bailed on me when the cops were around returned and together we used martial arts that couldn't possibly exist in the real world to kick those ninjas to the curb. We then saw a house in the woods. My friend wanted to break in and hurt everyone inside and rob them. I went to the opposite side of the house and waited by a bathroom window. I could see a guy inside the bathroom. The minute I heard commotion I smashed the window, to give the impression that it was an organized force attacking and to break the morale of the people inside. I then entered through a side entrance next to the kitchen. There was a burglar gate there and two guys were blocking it. A short guy who was bulky and a guy the same height as me with massive muscles. The short guy pissed me off so much with is comments that I told him we were now going to fight. We moved past the big guy who I was being very polite to given the circumstances, and stood in the kitchen of the house. It was my kitchen we were back in my house. While putting on gloves I told the guy I don't have mma gloves only weight lifting gloves, but he was ignoring me. I could see he had the exact same type of gloves as me. I decided I was through trying to be nice to this guy and that I would kill him. But the dream ended here and I woke up for realsies.

    First lucid of the month, recall was good considering I've only slept 4 hours. Ok I'm going back to bed now!
    lucid , false awakening


    by mlamli on 05-07-2014 at 10:29 PM
    Haven't written down any of my dreams this month. Last night I had a lucid I'm not exactly sure how I became lucid but I did. I think I was at home or something. So anyway there are two groups of people and I think they are fighting. I decide to join in on the fight for one group and at that exact moment everyone starts using powers. People are shooting fire, explosions are happening everywhere and people are using cool enchanted weapons. I summon some kind of staff that has a little bit of cushioning at one end to protect the person I'm fighting against. I'm kicking ass and taking names but then I see a friend of mine on the other team.

    He's dual wielding swords and tells me I have no chance against him. I extend the pole like Goku's staff from dbz and try to smash him with it but he moves faster than I have ever moved in any lucid in my life. He's slashing me to pieces and over powers me every time I try to strike him. I turn around to flee, and phase through a gate so that they cant catch me. I'm in my backyard now and I fly onto my roof. I decide to summon a monster. The first one that appears is some kind of giant flying snail thingy from Final fantasy but it attacks me. Then another one appears and they're both trying to catch me. I try throw flames at them but they are fire element themselves so they just spew more of it at me. I think some kind of giant wolf or dog comes and attacks them so I fly away. I try to summon a dragon and two purple ones appear and also attack me. I run and jump and use buildings as cover until they eventually get bored and fly away (probably towards the other monsters). I calm myself down and I think I tried to stabilize the dream. Then I thought that the next monster I summon must be faithful to me. I summon blue eyes white dragon and I hear it flying and roaring before landing beneath the building I'm hanging from. I can see its also hostile so I jump down and land on its back. It tries to knock me off with its tail but I imagine theres a floating playstation triangle button in front of me and I press it to mount. The dragon is now under my control. I go back into my house and blow the door apart with my dragons flame. When I get to the main fight everyone is riding on the backs of these funny looking lego dragons. My one also turns into lego. I shoot flames into the ceiling to distract everyone and My dragon starts biting everyone else's, breaking them into pieces. Eventually my dragon runs out of pieces and becomes a little toy. I jump off and start attacking the other team, this time working together with my teammates so that each fight is two on one.

    My friend with the swords sees me again in the middle of a fight with someone else. Two other members of my team and I charge at him to sucker punch him, but he kills all three other members of my team. I'm fighting with all I've got but its no use. I fly away to escape once again but this time he flies after me! Its now night time. I fly at top speed, then I shoot straight up into the air. He's on the ground but jumps straight up to my height in an instant. I fly down and try to get to where I remember the monsters were spawning. But he flies down and these chains shoot out of nowhere and restrain all of my limbs. I'm dangling upright suspended off the ground now. He looks at me and tells me I've gotten so weak. I'm thinking of escaping this body the minute he attacks and firing a suicide attack at him where my soul tries to destroy him at the cost of my body. He knows what I'm planning and doesn't get closer. The dream ends with him going to kill the rest of the members of my dream.
    lucid , memorable


    by mlamli on 05-07-2014 at 10:25 PM
    Had a dry spell for a while because of university. So today I took a nap in the middle of the day. Guess what I had? My first WILD!!! Didn't even concentrate on it. Just laid down in bed and a couple minutes later the music I went to sleep to was off and I felt like my whole body was already in SP. i could hear a little girls laughter in the house and I felt like someone was standing over me but I ignored it. Then my body shook really hard and I felt like I just melted through my bed. I waited for a while until I could see and I was lying on my bed looking at the door. Did the nose RC to confirm I was asleep and then I flew out the window. The lucidity itself wasn't that good because I didn't stabilize or calm down. I eventually lost it and was in a normal dream. I was in some place where they had a huge wave pool. Surfed for a bit. Then the rest of the dream took place in a beach.
    Thats all I can remember because I was too lazy to get up and write down my dream afterwards.
    lucid , side notes

    16-03-2014 Morning nap

    by mlamli on 03-16-2014 at 09:44 AM
    I cant remember how long I was asleep for but I could hear my little brother squeeling with joy in the living room. I fell asleep and had a false awakening in my bed. My door was slightly open and there were two way bigger than normal puppies in my room. I got up to smell them and the first one was so frightened it wanted to run. But I wouldn't let it. I started petting it so that it would get used to me while I was thinking about how I would break this dog and establish dominance. I think before this dream fragment I was actually asleep, because I remember my dad coming in late at night, and saying "there now everything has been fed". And outside lying against his car was a dead bloody cow.

    Also when I woke in the morning my brother was holding two little Greyhound puppies. So I guess thats where THAT dream came from.
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by mlamli on 03-16-2014 at 09:43 AM
    I actually did something I haven't done in more than 3 years. A WTBD. Woke up for. Bit around 8:20 and went back to sleep. In my dream I was in my living room wearing my chinese gown. I think it was raining outside and it was pitch black. Outside. I did an RC and became lucid. I was about to fly outside like I usually do but I suddenly stopped myself. It was so dark I was likely to lose my newfound lucidity. I stabilised a bit and remembered my self imposed task. Summon a sword. I got into a stance and kept trying to draw a sword from my side over and over but it just wouldn't work. Then I went to my bedroom and fetched a wooden bokken. As I brought it back I saw my father creepily come down the corridor. He said "huh?" As if I'd asked him something but I figured it was just to psyche me out.

    Then we fought and I couldn't use the bokken because of the close range we where in. Then He turned into some character from prison break or something just as I pinned him down and crushed his throat with the sword. After that I think I saw season 4 of Prison break about to play on tv, then I had a phone call with my friend that I recorded and listened to afterwards, then I imagined what would happen if U2 was outside in the darkness and how I would use a torch to save them( weird). This pulled me into some dream where I was with three other assassins in the middle of a mission. We where running through a building eliminating targets one after another. I think we had all turned into Bleach captains. I was Kyouraku and one of us had just died. The other two ( who looked like Ukitake and that squad 1 lieutenant whose name I can never remember) turned around and attacked me. They looked very crazed like they were powered by a hollow. At first I was being attacked from their perspective and they came across as good. But then the scene was repeated from my perspective and they were possessed by something telling them to kill me to unlock some weird sort of power.

    I had one big sword instead of Kyourakus usual two. It had an even longer curve at the end which I soon learned was good for disarming an opponent. So I disarmed the one captain and flew away (because theres no way I'm getting killed for nothing right) I could hear shurikens being thrown at me and the first ones hit me but I changed my flight path so the rest would miss. I had my two swords and as I landed on a wall I focused and used shunpo. [for anyone who hasn't watched Bleach this is called flash step, just google it] to get away from the other two quickly. I hadn't traveled that far a distance but the place I was at now resembled one of the fields at my old High school. I saw captain Kuchiki walking around and knew he would realise something was wrong. Right on cue he started realising something was wrong. Suddenly I was the Head captain and I faked his voice and spoke Japanese so it would be believable. I shouted for Kuchiki to come at once. He started running towards me but then I woke up.
    lucid , non-lucid , memorable