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    by Mojoe on 04-23-2012 at 12:24 AM
    Italics = False Memories
    Bold = Non-Lucid
    This Entry Contains Foul Language.

    Storming the beach once again, it brought back memories. Memories from a decade earlier when we left this wretched planet. The planet dubbed DC24. I had been on an expedition of this foreign planet with a military convoy and my two cousins, Amelia and Ashton. We were looking for life and any resources that could prove useful to our home planet.

    DC24 was not much different from ours. It had oxygen, water, and lots of plant life. The expedition uncovered several large aggressive animals. Nothing that couldn't be handled with proper preparation. The last expedition of DC24 was on an island that was about 200 miles long and 100 miles wide.

    On the last day we had ran into a problem. An avalanche had destroyed most of the convoy vehicles. Leaving us with a long hike back to the extraction point. The automated shuttle ship was set to leave the beach at 19:00, so it had time to dock inside the starship that was set to automatically leave at 20:00. The group had made it back to the shuttle with 10 minutes to spare. Everyone was exhausted and patiently awaited for take off, while discussing the excitement of the expedition. The one minute buzzer rang. The doors automatically shut and the shuttle started to power up. Everyone let out a sigh of relief. It was the last expedition of DC24 before we made our 5 year trip home.

    As the shuttle started to slowly lift off the ground, I glanced out the window. To my horror I saw someone running out of the tree line. “Oh My God!” I said. “Ashton is still outside!”. Myself and 3 others got up and ran to the shuttle door and tried to open it. It was no use, it was programmed to stay sealed shut until it docked inside the starship. As the shuttle lifted further off the ground, I could see Ashton standing on the beach, looking up. Not even waving her hands, she knew it was pointless, she knew there was nothing we could do, she knew she was stranded. I felt my knees get weak, so did Amelia. How could we have not noticed she was not on the shuttle, she had the loudest mouth in the group... We hated ourselves.

    So here we are. It took 10 years, but Amelia and I were back. We were going to find her, or what was left of her.... This time the military wasn't going to send a convoy with us. They were going back out for other research purposes. They promised to supply us with equipment, and extraction. Besides that we were basically on our own. Amelia and I did have more help though, because loved ones decided to come for the rescue op. My brother Christopher, and my cousins Marcus and Kevin. We were all cousin, but we were more like brothers.

    We were dropped on the beach by hovering gunships. Three of them to be exact. No automated shuttles on this trip. They were instructed to drop us and our supplies off, provide security until we were on our way, then resume with their primary objective. We were all lowered to the beach by rope, and supplies dropped from one of the hoverships. When we all hit sand, and cleared the ropes, the gunships backed off and hovered over the water to keep an eye on the tree line, so they didn't kick up sand while we were prepping. I immediately took the lanyard harnesses off the dogs. “Zeus, Apollo, patrol!” I commanded. (Yes, I used to watch a lot of Magnum P.I.) They ran to the tree line. Each taking off in a different direction, and began to scout. Meanwhile everyone else put on their gear.

    Zeus and Apollo were gods amongst dogs. They were born from the same womb on the same day. Together their whole lives, they were as close as two dogs could be. They were Rottweilers each weighing in at 180 pounds. They were smart, loyal, and fearless. They were larger than some of our crew. They were picked up as puppies during the six month refueling/resupplying of the starship while docked at Earth. During the 5 year trip back to DC24, Zeus and Apollo were raised and trained on the starship. They slept in Ashton's quarters, this way they would be very familiar with her smell. They were virtually identical, the only way you could tell them apart was from one titanium tooth that Zeus had, he had lost the real one in a training session.

    “Ready!” Marcus called. “Good to go” Kevin said. Chris and I were still putting on gear and loading magazines. Amelia was setting up a care package in hopes that Ashton may come across it. “Alright I'm good” Chris said as he chambered his rifle. “Kevin dig out the yellow smokes and the beacons” I said I was loading the last of my magazines. Kevin handed everyone a tracking beacon, and two yellow smoke grenades. No one was going to get left behind this time. “Amelia are you ready?” I yelled? “Yeah!” she responded. Marcus turned to the gunships, and waved them off. They were on their way, to do lord knows what. We were on a different planet, and still couldn't get straight answers from our government. As we took a last look around on the beach, we could hear biplanes. The military said they would send out some biplanes with banners instructing Ashton to head to the beach, and stay there. I guess they made good on their word. As they flew by, we all got a look at the banners. “You've got to be shitting me” Kevin said, my brother shook his head and looked towards the ground. I glanced at the banners... Orange juice advertisements... “These assholes could fuck up a wet dream” I said. We watched the planes disappear over the jungle. Knowing if she saw the planes, at least she'd still know we're back. I looked at the emerald green tree line again. It looked the same as the day Ashton was left behind, it was an eerie feeling. I whistled, “Zeus, Apollo, Lets go!” The dogs ran to us and entered the tree line with their noses to the ground. We followed.

    Making our way through the dense jungle was a slow process. Everyone was as silent as possible, knowing that there are animals out there that would like to do us harm. I was right behind the dogs with a machete cutting vines, and clearing a path. Everyone else was right behind me. Rifles at the ready. All of us keeping an eye on the behavior of the dogs. They would know if there was danger long before we would. We knew we were safe though, because we were with each other. We were safer here together than we were on Earth separated. Vine after vine I cut. They looked like grapevines, yet when chopped they would excrete a strange glowing green liquid. We came to a clearing, Zeus and Apollo sat and waited for us to catch up. We all got to the edge of the woods, and looked out over the clearing. We were in shock....

    It was a town. “What the hell!?!?” Amelia said, “This planet is suppose to be deserted!”. We all stood there at the edge of the clearing. Looking at this perfect little town in the middle of nowhere. “Well, it does look deserted” my brother said with a laugh. It did. The buildings looked modern, but also seemed to be unkempt. Grass was starting to grow through the asphalt. Vines were growing up the side of the houses. Windows were broken. “Let's check it out” Marcus said. “Yeah, maybe Ashton will be held up in one of those houses.” replied Kevin. I looked at the dogs, “Lets go!”. The dogs once again leading the way into the unknown town. All of us wondering if this had something to do with the secret objectives of the military.

    As we walked the streets, something seemed eerily familiar about it. “This is creepy.”Amelia said. Everyone agreed. No one in sight, no cars, vans, or trucks anywhere. “I've seen a few bicycles.” Kevin pointed out. “Let's try that house” Marcus said. We walked up to the front door. Everyone made sure the safety on their guns were off. Kevin pulled open the storm door, my brother stood behind me. Marcus and Amelia kept their rifles pointed at the door. I slowly turned the door knob, then quickly pushed open the door. Marcus said, “I don't see anything”. I peeked around the corner, “I don't see anything either.” “Zeus, Apollo, clear the house!” The twin rottweilers ran in with no hesitation. Heads low, and noses to the ground. Room after room they checked, then returned to the front door, and sat down. “I guess it's all clear.” I said. We entered the house to have a look around. “Nothing, not even a piece of furniture” Moaned Chris. “Lets check out the rest of this neighborhood” Said Amelia. We exited the house and started up the street. Zeus and Apollo once again leading the way.

    “I know what it is thats been nagging me!” said Amelia. We all stopped and looked at her. “I know whats been nagging ME” responded Marcus. He pulled out a cigar and started to light it up. “Nicotine fits!” my brother said laughing “Hand me one of those!”. I never took my eyes off Amelia, I had a feeling that she was on to something. I said, “Spit it out girl!”. She replied, “This town is exactly like the one Ashton and I lived in when we were growing up!”. A chill went down my spine, Marcus and Chris stopped trying to light their cigars and stared at her in disbelief. Kevin and I looked around. “OH MY GOD!!! YOU'RE RIGHT!!!!” I said. “If Ashton came here, she probably stayed at the house where we used to live.” Said Amelia. “Okay, lead the way” we all replied at the same time. Amelia started walking down the road. Zeus and Apollo right by her side with their watchful eyes. With Chris, Marc, Kevin, and I bringing up the rear, and still keeping an eye out for movement in case the dogs miss anything..

    “This is it.” Amelia said. We all looked at it in disbelief. It was in fact an exact replica of where the girls grew up. We all stood in the street in front of the house. Everyone took a good look around. No movement could be seen anywhere. No one peeking at us through windows, or hiding in bushes. “Ok, lets do it” I said. We went through the same motions as before. Safeties off and guns ready. “Zeus, Apollo, clear the house!”. The dogs went in, and in under 2 minutes came back out and sat down on the front porch. “Clear” I said. We entered the house. We were in disbelief once again. It had been lived in. “Let's check around” said Chris. I walked through the kitchen, and saw Ashton's handbag sitting on the counter. It was covered in dirt. “She was here!” I yelled. I dumped it out on the counter. Her ID, a broken iPod, camera, first aid kit, and a granola bar fell out of it. I opened up the first aid kit, it was almost empty. Then I tried to turn on the camera, it wouldn't work. Batteries must be dead I thought. I took the memory card out of it and stuck it in my pocket, it might shed some light on what had happened during the past 10 years. None of the lights worked. We assumed there was no power. I walked by the fridge on my way upstairs. I stopped and opened it up. “Holy shit! The fridge works!”. I looked over all the shelves. The food looked as if it weren't spoiled. I opened up the containers, and smelt the contents. It didn't smell bad. I was dumbfounded. Could it be? Could Ashton still be living here, and just not home right now? I looked back into the fridge. Milk, I grabbed it and took a sniff. Slowly I sipped, it tasted fine. Wow, I thought, it's fresh milk. I looked around. “Zeus, Apollo, clear the house!” The dogs did a second sweep of the house as I walked down the hall. It was rare for them to have missed something during training, but it had happened. As I passed Marcus, I handed him the half gallon of milk. He opened and sniffed it just as I had.

    I continued down the hall and went up the stairs at the end. They led to a bonus room in the attic. That's where Ashton used to sleep. I peeked my head up over the rails and scanned over the room. It had been used. Papers on the desk, bed unmade, cloths on the floor. I walked through the room, and glanced over everything. I knew she had been here at one point, but could she still be living here I thought to myself. Suddenly I noticed a small door in the wall, it was probably two feet tall and a foot and a half wide. I walked over to it, and could see lighting behind it. As I concentrate on this door, I hear Zeus and Apollo walk into the room. I turned around and saw them sitting down staring at me. All clear I thought to myself. I then unsnapped my rifle, and propped it against the futon. I focused on the small door once again. Something was telling me not to open it. But there might be a clue in it, I thought. I took a closer look at it, and tried to peek through cracks around the door. I could see soft light behind it came from a candle. I went to pull it open and felt a chill down my spine, I stopped. I was petrified for some reason. Suddenly I heard someone sit down behind me. It was Marcus. He was laying back on the futon and petting Zeus. He looked at me and said, “Don't open that.” “Why?” I responded. “Just don't.” he replied.

    Suddenly there's a high pitched scream outside. Marcus and I jump up, and head to the window. We glanced down over the front porch. Standing in front of the house was Amelia. She's staring down the street. We look in that direction. “It's Ashton!!!!” I yelled. She ran up to Amelia and they wrapped their arms around each other. Marcus and I felt relieved. I dropped to my knees and felt like crying. It was over, we had Ashton back. It took 10 years, but we found her, and she was still alive. Then I heard Marcus, “We have company.” I looked back out the window. “What the...” Seven men walking down the street towards Amelia and Ashton. They were all wearing the same thing. White button up shirt, a tie, black pants, a backpack, and they were all pushing bikes. Mormons.... Sinister Polygamist Mormons... They claimed Ashton, and they weren't about to give her up. I stood up and looked down at the incoming Mormons again. I counted 9 this time. “They're going to fucking get it” I said.

    I rushed down the steps slamming into the wall. Looked down the hall towards the entrance. I ran as fast as I could. I slammed into the front door. Turned the handle and pushed, nothing happened. I took two steps back. BAM!! I kicked it. It flew off the hinges and clear across the front porch. I walked down the steps and locked eyes with the Mormons. I started to walk towards them, they stopped. As I kept walking they turned around. Constantly looking back, to see if I was still coming in their direction.
    “Run mother fuckers!” I yelled. They looked back at me and laughed. They all turned and gave me the finger. I reached down for my rifle. It wasn't there... I unsnapped it while I was contemplating opening the small door. When they saw me reach for a rifle that wasn't there, they all stopped. They then changed direction. They were now walking towards me. I smiled.. I waited until they got closer. I let out a loud whistle. “Zeus, Apollo!” The giant war dogs ran up behind me. I pointed at the Mormons. “Get'em!” Zeus and Apollo take off running. Chasing the Polygamist Mormons down the road. Their bulky spike studded collars shimmered in the setting sun. I turned around and saw Ashton standing there smiling. She walked over and gave me a hug, and said, “I knew you'd come.” Then she said, “Dad will kill me if he finds out that I missed the shuttle on purpose because I didn't want to see Jesse.”I was said to myself, “What the fuck did I just hear?” and “Who the fuck is Jesse?” Then I looked at Ashton and asked her what was behind the small door in the bonus room. She went to open her mouth to respond, and then some stupid mother fucker with subwoofers drove by the house at 4 in the morning with his shit cranked up as loud as it could go. Which woke me up....


    by Mojoe on 02-03-2012 at 03:36 AM
    I woke up this morning, feeling groggy and my eyes didn't want to open. I brought my fingers up to my nose and pinched my nostrils shut, then took a deep breath. I felt the air fill my lungs. I was instantly aware. Alright! FalseAwakening! I jumped out of bed with eagerness and opened the curtains, it was dark out. I rubbed my hands together and examined the room. "Well, time to visit my dream harem" I thought to myself. I walked down the hall and out the front door. Instinctively blocking the cat from bolting out of the house.

    I stepped out on the front porch and looked around. It was quiet, a few leaves rolled across the ground with the help of the wind. I looked into the sky. To the east it was dark and the stars shimmered. To the west, it was bright and blue, with big white fluffly clouds that slowly moved across the clear blue sky. "No time to waste" I thought to myself. I strolled across the street where my dream harem was so conveniently located.

    I opened the door, and walked in. I looked around. Nothing... No one to be seen. I checked the backrooms. They were all empty. I walked back through the house toward the front door. No point in sticking around here. I opened the front door to walk out. What is this?

    I stepped out of the front door into a mall. Now I know I'm dreaming... I hate the mall. "Really!?!?" I said. I looked over the glass barrier. I was looking down at the food court. It was full of people sitting around and eating. Maybe I'll go get something to eat, I'm feeling hungry. I changed my mind, I knew what I could do. I glanced around at the store fronts. Clothing... Shoes... Pets... Hmmm, this looks intresting...

    I walk into the store. The smell of burning incense filled the air. Blacklight posters covered the walls. The shelves are full of miscellaneous items. I walk by the register with a DC staring at me. I gave him the finger and then walked down the aisle. Mugs... Computers... Hand sanitizer... Here we are, fireworks. I look over the selection, I picked up some blackcats. "Lady fingers there has to be something better than this" I thought. I looked back down at the shelf then smiled. I dropped the blackcats and picked up something that should have been illegal even in my own mind. A long string of firecrackers, each cracker seemed to be about the size of a stick of dynamite. This will do...

    I walked back towards the front of the store, knocking a few things off the shelves on my way. I stopped at the register, and grabbed a lighter from the display. I gave the DC clerk the finger once more. I strolled back to the mezzanine and looked over the side. Still full of people mindlessly chattering and eating. I went to light the Dynacrackers, the fuse was already lit. "Hmmm, that's not safe". I smiled, and then threw them over the side to the center of the food court. I looked down and waited.

    They started going off, there was no sound, but the sight was spectacular. DCs were being blown across the food court. French Fries, hamburgers, and pizza flying along side the DCs. Broken chairs and tables now littered the food court. The floors were charred with large gray and black burn marks. I could smell gun powder in the air. Chaos and destruction, my job here was done. All this mayhem really stimulated my appetite. I decided to go down, and see if there was any food left. I woke up on my way to the escalator.

    Updated 02-03-2012 at 03:41 AM by Mojoe