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    Dreaming is the one way to escape the false god's world and find what made me the way I am through my subconscious. isn't it some cool stuff? I think so, at least
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    My dream map: 4th edition

    by monoe96 on 05-09-2022 at 01:33 PM

    Explanation: A dream map is an interconnecting map detailing places you've been to or seen in your dreams, lucid or not. If a line connects two places, they are connected, if not they are not. Question marks depict a recall gap. I got the idea for a dream map from a certain thread on Uboachan's yume board. It's very fun seeing how your dreams connect to one another and helps you remember the landscapes so you may go back to them later and explore more.

    The first through third editions of my dream map are nothing special. So I'm starting here on the most recent fourth.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Uncanny creatures, Aztec spirits and The Sopranos (may 7th 2022)

    by monoe96 on 05-07-2022 at 05:29 PM
    So, I'm in my room. A dream one that's a little off but dream me does not notice that. It's in first person. Outside of my window I see the sky with clouds floating below me, I'm pretty high up I guess. (something happened to get here but I don't remember it.) The sky shifts into a dark, bloody crimson and starts storming as in my room blood akin to Silent Hill wall textures starts appearing on my walls. This is a strange start already. Me, considerably confused, feels it is best for me to immediately take out a weapon. It's an old iron flail mace. I can control the chain too, or at least I could handle it much easier. The main event comes and a stone face with the expression of one of those sad theatre masks comes out of the wall and glows. I knew in my dream mind that something was coming and prepared, it was a sort of boss rush in a video game but for me in reality. I couldn't see who was saying it, but a crowd of people chanted "FIIIIGHT!!! KIIIILL!!!" in my mind over and over, which pumped me up.

    Out of the face and into my room came swarthy hoards of these humanoid beasts ripped out of uncanny valley, things that looked human but weren't quite to downright a new species. Must be bug people like in the waking world lol. Anyways This goes on for a while where I'm fighting these things in my room as they try to kill me, eventually everything just stops. A dead stop, the face goes away, the blood, I'm on ground, and I can't find my mace. But that's okay because what happens next is funnier.

    Now for some goddamn reason, Christopher Moltisanti from the goddamn Sopranos of all people just comes into my room and starts lecturing me about standing up for myself and taking initiative. I just killed like 15 eldritch creatures, what more do you want from me asshole??? Anyways though he takes my hand and forces me into a room somewhere. It switched to third person this time so I have no idea where I went. All I know is, here comes the false awakening part, I "woke up".

    I "woke up" in the same dream room I was in before, and was wondering what I even did last night. My mouth was bleeding a little. I walk out of my bedroom door and the landscape now transformed into a dense woods which transitioned into a beach side which looked like it was in a secluded area of Japan. It was nighttime. There was a very VERY small village area on the beach, architecture Japanese again. There was a lot of wildlife out there, so it was noisy but a nice kind of noisy. One that fit the tone. I walked into what looked to be a shrine. There was a book placed upon an altar type-thing. I picked it up to read it. It was in a glyphic language, looked like classical Mayan glyphs but I don't know enough of them to make out more than a simple sentence so a lot of them were definitely made up. Dream me could still read them though, and it was a story about a certain character dubbed the "Aztec Wolf". There are basically no wolves in southern Mexico so why it's a wolf I have no idea. Anyways, though, the story read something like this:

    There lives a man, name unknown but legends call him the Aztec Wolf. He hunted and killed not for sacrificial or food reasons, but for no reason at all. Many creatures of the forests, rain or not, and deserts were wiped out by the Aztec Wolf's bloodlust. These creatures would be trapped as spirits, and one day they will have their revenge on the Aztec Wolf. When that time comes, the land will go silent, with Ehecatl guiding them on. (Ehecatl is the wind god in Aztec. Why is what's seemingly a Mayan written story using Nahuatl god names? No clue). Wanna hear the scary part now? After reading this, the beach went completely silent. I couldn't see any of the wildlife I previously saw.

    There was only a strong breeze coming my way that made any noise. And while I didn't see anything, I felt a presence or more coming after me. At that point I realized... Oh shit......I'M the Aztec Wolf??
    (Awesome chase music!)
    I ran into the dense woods area and struggled around to get out. I could see civilization on the other side, glimpses of it. I kept clumsily running through the woods, definitely not in the fashion someone nicknamed the AZTEC WOLF would make it through the woodlands. Here comes another complete plot overhaul for the final part of this dream.

    I eventually made it to the other side of the forest. Angry animal spirits are no longer after me. Something was really weird about this part, though. It was a small city area much like one in a previous dream, but everything was just white. Plain white. And didn't look natural. I realized pretty quickly this was a digital interpretation of a city, not a real city. Some Silicon Valley roachperson billionaire was talking about all the features of this virtual world over a massive screen that looked bigger than the moon in the sky. I ran to where I thought my house would be, and sure enough it was there. The only thing that was not a plain white in the entire world it seemed. I went in but there was only one room. The dream room. I saw me sleeping in the bed with blood coming out of my mouth.

    I woke up. For real this time though. I think.

    Doctors and tears (may 3rd, 2022)

    by monoe96 on 05-04-2022 at 12:14 PM
    (This dream is particularly unremarkable but I want to start off this online journal at my most recent dream.)

    Now for some reason, in this dream I had to see a doctor just about everyday (it lasted for multiple dream days) and this doctor was only accessible in a sort of a plain white food truck. Probably what my mind thinks an ambulance is supposed to look like, but looking at it it's just one of those places you'd get really good 5 dollar burritos from without any nice designs on the sides. So anyway it was vital for me to go here everyday, and what was also vital is them giving me a bottle of water and I have to drink it halfway and bring it back the next day. That's weird. I never actually saw what the doctor looked like, but they did multiple different things like taking vitals and stuff. Later on the style of visualization flipped from a realistic world set in some rotting concrete city to a cartoon in the perspective of me watching it or something. It was the same setting actually, just cartoon-like y'know. There was really only one person in this show and it was me with some faceless side characters. It was just me crying a lot while flashes of side characters abusing me would pop up every once in a while. It ended off on those side characters coming to try and console me before I pit a knife against them. Didn't see what happened next because I woke up.