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    1. Thank you! It was. I am 37 now (eek!). Hope you are doing well, too
    2. I just realised when reading your stuff a moment ago that it must have been your birthday recently, happy birthday I suppose! Hope you're doing well and that it was a good one.
    3. Pleased to hear that! And thank you, I appreciate it; it should get better once these works around my area are done and also once we're not as busy.
    4. Saw your recent rants, not been fantastic myself for a few days now but just wanted to drop a reminder (for both of us) that things are always worse before they're better.
    5. This is weird...
    6. The question is, why shouldn't you be able to?

      Maybe you need to give yourself a boost. Maybe you just like looking in the mirror.

      And hello to you too.
    7. Hello.
    8. I had to RC when I saw "This is weird." three times on the activity feed.
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