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    1. Lucid every night? No fair.

      I love dreams within dreams; I like to think they have deeper meaning. One of my latest lucids was a skydiving adventure, it was too fun. Thanks for the tip, see you around the forums!
    2. Ahhh yeah not a fan of dry spells haha. I'm doing pretty good, getting lucid on a nightly basis. I gotta work on dream recall though, but it's hard with school and all. As for my lucid dreams, I had a pretty cool one a few nights ago where I was in a dream within a dream if that makes sense haha. I had another cool one where I went into a video game which I've never done before, so it was interesting. A tip for your dry spells for the future: if you up your motivation and gain back that intense desire to lucid dream(like you had when you first started lucid dreaming) it will help alot. I wish you the best!
    3. Hey OneUp

      Hit a bit of a dry spell, but getting back into it. Thanks for asking about me! What about you? Have any really cool lucid dreams lately?
    4. It's been a while since I last saw you on the forums Moonage, how's your lucid dreaming journey going?
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