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      Hi! Sorry I haven't said anything to you lately... I'm not on this site as much as before...
      Lucid dreaming is hard, yo!
    2. I was just in a car accident O.O
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    Youth Group and Bombs...Again. (11-3-11)

    by Moondreamer on 11-03-2011 at 04:56 PM
    Our youth group wanted a new place to meet, so we get a huge mansion. We each have a bedroom with our name artistically added to it. I find Kieran's, Devin's, and Megan's. I never found mine. We all go back downstairs to have the meeting. During the meeting, I'm accused of having to go to swim practice and leaving early. This is morning, swim is at night, so I stomp off and go up some unexplored stairs. I find Aelita Andre, the four year old artist that I'm doing a report on. She glares at me and starts singing "Set Fire to the Rain" by Adele. All of a sudden, I'm outside with my brothers and parents. Everyone else is gone. Fire is all around the city, and terrorists are on their way to bomb the mansion. Dad decides to blow it up himself. I agree, thinking that he will follow us while we run from the bomb, but sad music starts to play as he walks off, like in a movie. I realize that he would be blown up in the attack, and grab him. I refuse to let him sacrifice himself. So we all run away, he throws the bomb on top of the building as he runs. Mom is lagging, but sprints, jumps, lands on one foot on top of a six foot fence, jumps off, and lands on her face. After a second, she gets up and starts running again. As we all climb the fence, I see little Aelita running as fast as her four year old legs can run. I realize that she'll be caught in the blast. Scene shifts, I'm in a newroom watching a threat screen. The blue warning is just here and there. All off a sudden, a massive blue circle appears. I hear my parents talking in the backround.
    non-lucid , nightmare

    Noah and the Ark (11-2-11)

    by Moondreamer on 11-03-2011 at 04:47 PM
    I'm helping Noah from the Bible round up people to put on the ark. I find a half-wolf, half-man couple and look at my list. Oddly enough, they made the list, so I tell them where to go. I am one of the only humans who can come. My mother and grandfather must stay behind But I do my duty to Noah, and round up some more "people". We all get on the boat, with our things packed, and I play with toddlers for what seems like forever. Then I check my phone, and text my mother to see if she is still alive. She say "I'm stil alive, but I am less then mortal." I peek out the door, and a mountain is approaching. I grab the steering while and manage the currents and arrive in a cove. We pile out, and are greeting by people. We gather our clothes from where they fell out onto the beach, but I can't find my shorts and tank tops. Bummed, I keep walking. I find a table, where two men are about to sell a bundle of clothes to a woman. I look closer at the clothes. They're my shorts and tank tops! Somehow, they give them back.

    Vivid dream. ... (10-27-11)

    by Moondreamer on 11-03-2011 at 04:39 PM
    I'm at a supermarket with Braden and a boy. Braden goes off to get food, we shop around for a bit. In the dream, I like the boy, and he lets me use his phone to call my parents. We looks at some pottery, and we're content. Then, all of a sudden we're mad and yelling at each other. I mean, in a split second. Then we'd be fine for a while, then same thing. We FINALLY got to the checkout aisle, and he grabs my phone and puts it on a far shelf. I ask for it back, he refuses. Okay, now I'm mad and embarrassed, because other people are in front of me in line. I demand it back, he grabs one of those black item dividers and hits me without it. I scream at him to stop, not caring if others were watching. Then I wake up
    nightmare , non-lucid

    Elves of Old (10-27-11)

    by Moondreamer on 11-03-2011 at 04:34 PM
    My twin sister, who occasionally co-stars in my dreams with me, and I are escorted into a huge throne room. Scarlet banners hang from the walls, and the floor tiles were gold. The king was there, but I can't remember what he looked like. He asked my twin what went best with wine, She tells him 'white dumplings'. Wrong answer, so we are escorted downstairs to where many others live who have failed the test. I never answered the question, so I am lined up with four others, who have yet to give an answer. We go upstairs, a new girl comes in and goes first. She says something, it is the correct answer, and she is named as an elf, which haven't existed in years.

    Scene shifts, we're on my grandmothers front porch. She is holding a little green-and-purple cardboard circle with a hole in the middle. She comments on how the flowers are withered. I look at her, trying to relay a point. She understands somehow, and kisses the circle. Not exactly what I had in mind. She thinks for a moment, then whistles softly. A few of the flowers start moving, then top. I figure she could use some help. I start to sing very softly, just giving her a push. The flowers started to bloom. The new girl looks on in wonder. My twin walks up form behind us and starts to hum. The flowers brighten. As I sing, my twin hums, and the new girl whistles, the flowers bloom, lift, and brighten. We were each given elven names, but I couldn't remember what they were. I only remembered that I was sun, my twin was earth, and the new girl was water.

    A few hours later I looked back in my journal. I KNEW that we had been given names. I went on Google Translate and typed 'sun'. I tried different languages. After many different tries, I picked French. It said that 'sun' in french was Soleil. As soon as I saw that I remembered our given names. My name was Soleil, the new girl was Eau, and my twin was Terre. I didn't have to translate them to know what they meant. One my coolest dreams ever
    non-lucid , memorable

    Supermarket Ninja (10-22-11)

    by Moondreamer on 11-03-2011 at 04:20 PM
    I'm a young girl in a supermarket aisle. It's the Halloween costume aisle, amd there is a man standing there. I ask him if he can teach me how to fight. He looks at me, I put on my innocent face. He agrees to teach me, and grabs a toy sword out of a canister. It is considered a real sword, even though all it can do is whack people. A bunch of monsters appear, no one expects me to win. They come at me one at a time, and I beat them all. Beat as in 'tired of being hit by my little toy sword'. All of a sudden, a bunch of fix things appear and I freak out. I run over to my teacher, give him the sword, and hide behind him. He fights them off