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    About Moonmoth
    Im training to be a teacher but spent much of my time in my garden, i collect various ethnobotanical plants and i grow lots of cacti from seed. I love drawing and dreaming and my dreams bring me alot of inspiration.
    I hope to hone my skills and tip the balance to attain lucidity in dreams more often as i feel i am very close.
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    New zealand
    Plants, dreaming, learning
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    Researching dream herbs


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    10-16-2013 11:06 AM
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    First (albeit very short) LD

    by Moonmoth on 10-16-2013 at 07:01 AM
    Just have to celebrate after experiencing my first very short LD.
    I usually have excellent dream recall, and am often quite aware in my dreams, but i have struggled to actually "wake up"

    So this mornings dreaming exploits went like this.

    I was on an island beach, it was early evening and i was walking along the beach with a middle aged man. I felt for some reason that he had recently committed a murder, perhaps i recognised him from the news or something, although i was not uncomfortable around him, there was a relaxed, friendly atmosphere between us. We had walked for a long time and soon came up to a stand which was holding many pairs of shoes. I went to grab a pair, and the man said to me "you can't do that!"
    And i looked him in the eyes with a smirk on my face and replied "well actually, i can do whatever i like, because this is my dream"
    The moment i said this, the scene exploded with dark swirls of colour, browns, blues and blacks radiated out from this man, who seemed to instantly drop his former character and he revealed his true identity as a very serious, short monk, who looked me deep in the eyes. I almost felt as if he was disgruntled by my awareness and was trying to shock me awake by rapidly restructuring the dream scape and his appearance, and to some degree it worked because i partly woke up.

    When i slipped back to sleep again, i dreamt that i was in a class room, sitting on a red couch. A group of young children (5-6year olds) began pushing the couch with me on it, and as they pushed the couch, the island scene from the first dream began to form behind me, so the children were pushing me from their classroom, into the ocean. I protested but the children squealed with delight and laughter. Hundreds and thousands fell from the sky like confetti.
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    Floating on spirals in a river and other oddness

    by Moonmoth on 05-31-2013 at 11:08 PM
    This morning i dreamt that i was sitting on this large navy blue spiral which was floating in a river, there were these two comedians (from a tv show i watched last night) with me and they each had their own floating spiral that they were sitting on. We were just talking shit, smoking and they were telling jokes. Eventually i got bored and tried to leave my spiral, but i was stuck to it. I propelled myself forward with all my strength and dived off it. It splashed behind me and the comedians told me it was okay, they knew they were boring and they had nothin better to do that smoke ciggies and talk shit, so i should go ahead.
    I swam further down stream and noticed there was a huge cylindrical haystack in the water. On top of it were these two little girls, one blonde, one brunette, both around 4-5 years old. They were stuck on top of it and frantically called out for me to help them.
    I dug my fingers into the hay and struggled up to the top, it was very unstable and the edges were starting to crumble away. Suddenly a man appeared at one side of the river bank, which was roughly the same height as the haystack although about 2-3 metres away from us.
    He was the father of the little girls and he had been trying to work out how to get them down from the hay bale.
    I offered to "pass" his daughters to him, so he held out his arms. I picked up the little brunette girl and threw her in the direction of her father, she floated gently through the air and her father grabbed her with one arm. Then i threw the little blonde girl to him, she also floated smoothly through the air, and he grabbed her with the other arm. He had one daughter in each arm and i watched apprehensively as he lost his balance and teetered towards the edge. I sent a mental wave of energy which pushed them back from the edge, then i jumped off from the hay stack and continued further down the river, just letting it take me with the current.
    Soon a large stone monolith came into view on the river bank. I leapt from the water onto the stone, and climbed it just like my cat climbs trees, i felt like i had claws that could dig into the stone, but when i glanced at my hands they looked normal. I crouched at the apex of the monolith and surveyed the landscape around me, it was a beautiful green countryside with large twisted trees dotted throughout a vibrant green meadow.
    I felt at peace and satisfied, and the last thing i remember was climbing back down the monolith, hugging my body close to it as i edged down ( once again, just like my cat does)
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    Standing on miniature chickens

    by Moonmoth on 05-19-2013 at 04:44 AM
    I dreamt that i was at a farm and there were some very ornate wooden chicken hutches. I walked over to get a closer look, when suddenly i realised i was surrounded by hundreds of tiny little chickens, each no bigger than a piece of popcorn. I noticed that i had already been standing on them and i became very distressed. It seemed like they were magnetised to my feet and masses of these tiny little fluffballs crowded around me. As i tried to walk away i kept standing on more and more of them and they made this horrible crunching noise every time i took a step.
    i felt really bad!
    non-lucid , dream fragment