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    About Moonscape

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    About Moonscape
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    I became aware of lucid dreaming in my early teens, soon I learned how to control my dreams.
    Some of my experiences were quoted in a published book on lucid dreaming back in the 90's.
    We used to consider ourselves as 'Dreamnauts".
    In 99% of my dreams I am immediately in control.
    I have written several of my LD friends names on a wall in my dream world, I check it often to see f they have visited that wall.
    Country Flag:
    The Left Coast
    Wondering how and why.
    Not an adventure.
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    By seaching the web


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    Conversations With My Dog

    by Moonscape on 06-21-2011 at 10:40 AM
    Sarge was our family German Shepherd, always hungry, he had bitten every kid on the block at least once, (the Rodriquez brothers at least two times each).
    It was kind of like the neighborhood initiation, come play with us, Sarge gets a piece of you.
    He was acting rather unusual that day, walking slow, then circling around me, it was one of those classic San Gabriel valley summer days, hot and smoggy.
    I went to the backyard for some reason and stood there looking around, Sarge was there next to me.
    I began to wonder where everyone else is at, then I realized I dont live here anymore, and Sarge was put down over 30 years ago, I suddenly became very lucid.
    I also was aware of my dog sitting there next to me, as if he was waiting for me to LD, he looked at me...I said, "Hey boy! how have you been?" as I touched his head...

    Sarge answered, "Fine, they treat us good."
    Me: "I'm sorry that I wasnt there when they got rid of you", (I was away at
    school when he was put to sleep.)
    Sarge: "Thats okay, but I did miss you". His long tonque moved in and out as
    he panted.
    Me: "Why did you bite so many people back then?"
    Sarge: "I dont know, I just didnt like everyone."
    Me: "So where did you go after I left?"
    Sarge: "Somewhere."
    Me: "Are you alright where you are at?"
    Sarge: "Yes, I get to rest a lot."
    Me: "Are you hungry?"
    Sarge: "No, but thanks for always feeding me."
    Me: "I wish we could have gone to more places."
    Sarge: "Thats okay."

    (At this point I knew that this dream was going to end, so I hurried.)

    Me: "Where are you going?" He had started to walk away.
    Sarge: "I have to go home."
    Me: "Will you be okay now?"
    Sarge: "Yes...bye..."
    I didnt know what else to say to him as he walked away.

    The dream faded, I still reflect on that meeting with Sarge, I feel good that I got to see him again, and now I know that he's okay.
    memorable , non-lucid

    No Traction!

    by Moonscape on 06-21-2011 at 10:39 AM
    I stood next to my Top Fuel dragster, waiting to climb in and race again.
    The helmet felt heavy and warm around my head, and sometimes it wasnt really there at all.
    This is the drag strip at the Pomona Fairgrounds in California. I was at the head of a long line of racecars waiting to make a run on the quarter mile.
    It was hot and noisy, the announcer droned on about the activities at the track. People were everywhere.

    Someone indicated that I should get into my car, but I'm not a professional drag racer, I dont own one of these half million dollar missiles, but I'm supposed to be the driver.

    The realization hits me...I was in a dream, and I am now lucid. The little dream gauge in the back of my subconcious feels like this is going to be a long and intense LD. I decide what the hell...I'm going to drive this beast!

    The car is a tradional top fuel rail, it is blue with yellow bands running lengthwise. My dream car appears a little on the small side, but everything else looks authentic.
    I step in and squirm down into the cockpit, just like I had seen 100's of drivers do over the years. I had to put on my own safety straps, no one helped me. Most of the standard dragster controls were there, including the steering handle, hand brake, and parachute release.

    I was aware of activity behind me and the engine roared to life, and the 30 foot dragster started to roll. It was shaking and vibrating, and I can feel the heat of the 7000 horsepower engine behind me as I struggled to steer the car into my lane. A DC, my crew chief, gave me the sign to do a burn out, which I did smoothly, I stopped the car with the hand brake and looked for the reverse gear, there wasnt one, but the car started backing up automatically.

    I stopped the car again, and the crew chief guided me forward. At this point I had completely forgotten that I was in a LD, I was fighting to keep the dragster under control so hard.
    He stepped out of the way, and I stopped the car in the staging beams, That is when I looked over to my right through the roll cage to see my unidentified opponent doing the same. I can smell the burning nitromethane pouring from the headers.

    The grandstands are full of spectators, the sky is blue, the sun is beating down on us as we wait for the green lights to flash.
    They do, and I slam the throttle and release the brake, I feel the car rear up on its huge back tires, the pavement begins to slip past me at incredible speed.
    I'm doing all that I can to keep the car going in a straight line, I grip the steering hard and hold the front wheels straight.
    My opponent is next to me as our cars pass 200 mph, and I begin to fall behind, he shoots past me, my engine revs and shakes as I know that I've lost traction and spun the rear tires in a cloud of smoke.

    I still have to stop the car from 250 mph, I release the throttle, pull the parachutes, and pull the hand brake. I bounce and swerve as I look for the fuel shut off, of course there isnt one, I steer the car towards the exit as it slows...

    I can hear the announcer saying something about me as I awaken.
    lucid , memorable

    Recurrent Villain in your dreams?

    by Moonscape on 06-21-2011 at 10:37 AM
    The recurrent villain in my dreams is a T-Rex. It has been chasing me for as long as I have been dreaming. I run from house to house, hiding under cars, behind bushes, inside of strangers homes.
    I try to be as quiet as possible, it comes walking up the street, smashing cars, kicking his way through houses, people everywhere are screaming.
    I jump out and run as fast as I can, hide again, he always finds me.

    The most recent meeting with T-Rex, I was quietly lurking in a neighborhood, conditions dictated that he was nearby, but I didnt hear the usual roaring, crashes and screaming.
    It was then that I realized that the tree I was standing next was his left leg.
    I could see the scales up close. I slowly looked up at him, he was obviously scanning the area for me, he had no idea that I was standing next to him.
    He was about 30 feet tall.
    I slowly crept away, never taking my eyes off him. I put as much distance between us as I could before I awoke.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable

    This Old House

    by Moonscape on 06-21-2011 at 10:35 AM
    A good LD for me today, I tried to WBTB but that fizzled, I fell back asleep anyways.

    It started out in a big office again, always lots of desks, people I dont know.
    Then and there I knew I was LD'ing!
    I looked at the walls and the details of the furnishings. I decided to leave and walked out through the glass front doors and stopped on the sidewalk, then I looked around at the LD world inside of my head.
    I knew I was LD'ing, and I wanted to feel everything this time, see how warm it is, feel the air around me, get as close to the sense that this is a normal world, that everything here is real.
    It was sunny, warm, I felt safe here.

    I looked around for the wall that I had written two DV members names on in a previous LD. but I somehow ended up near some older buildings, so I decided to RC by looking at my feet, I forgot to hand rub again.
    It was a very lucid dream anyways, but nothing was happening, so I decided to have some fun of my own.
    I leaned back and 'chair glided' above the road, my feet out in front, just like having an invisible car.
    I traveled along a dirt road, steering by looking in the direstion that I wanted to go in. I soon came upon an old farm house, I landed on my feet and walked in through the front door, pushing the old screen door out of the way. I looked around as I walked along the hallway, the wooden floor creaked under my feet, there was no one home. This house had a certain familiarity to it.

    I did another RC to check my 'dream meter', everything was very solid and I knew that this was a long LD.
    By this time I had lost my shirt and shoes, of course my LD body always has
    8-pack abs and all the rest.
    So now I am getting dissapointed that no one is home (DC's), (I should have explored the house more). I go out the back door, there is a small barn to my left. I walk on the cool ground towards the big doors, they are open, there is a brown horse standing there, I begin to brush him down.

    Now I've been here before, a ranch setting, in the country, this horse. Some DV members have suggested that he is my dream guide. There has been a DC girl that has been there several times recently. I will talk to her next time I see her.
    As for the stallion, I will try to remember to ask him next time I return. I work at brushing him down from nose to tail. He begins to talk about random things, my friends, how I feel about issues in my family. We are having a casual conversation.

    I am leaning on his side as I begin to wake up, I wanted to see If I could get a ride.
    lucid , memorable

    I Timed my LD

    by Moonscape on 06-21-2011 at 10:33 AM
    I was in an office that I have been to several times (LD'ing).
    Every step was taken, hello's to DC's, riding in an elevator. In the back of my LD mind, I was wondering how much time was passing by.

    I arrived at my office, took off my jacket and hung it up. I went into my private and nicely appointed bathroom. There I used the toilet, washed my hands and face, took time to examine myself in the mirror. My PA, an Asian girl, brought me a cup of coffee, we sat down at my desk.

    To my left was a small clock on a shelf, I informed the DC that I wanted to time this LD. She quietly agreed and continued opening my mail. I took the clock and set it on the desk in front of me. The time was 7:05, we began to read the mail, tossing the junk and saving the important letters.

    I would periodically look at the clock, the time was passing normally, only a few minutes between checks. There was no need to do any RC's or spin, as I knew that this was a good and long LD. We drank coffee, talked about the days business, she hardly looked up at at me as we worked. The idea of sex or anything else wasnt important, I just wanted to see how long I would remain here.

    My DC secretary got up and brought back a schedule, then started arranging meetings, asking me if I was available on such days etc...
    She was dressed in a white blouse, black short skirt, and black hi-heels. She wore some red coral jewelry, a necklace and wrist bangel. Her black hair was past shoulder length. It seems that I had a lot of time to study these details of her and my surroundings.

    The time was now 7:30, we had been here for over 30 minutes. The last time that I checked, it was 7:35. I knew that this LD was fading, I told her bye, she smiled and I woke up.
    lucid , memorable