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    High School Dream, Again and Again!

    by morbid73 on 11-19-2010 at 03:52 PM
    High School Dream, Again and Again! (Non-lucid)


    - Saint Louis School of Mandaue
    - I slept around 1:00pm - 4:00pm, I guess it's the only dream I rememebered during the whole sleep.

    Dream Characters:
    - KC
    - Fred
    - Davi
    - Nikki
    - Ivan
    - Joshua
    - Charity Worker

    I slept at around five in the morning after finally reading a series of manga. I woke up around twelve noon, still sleepy, to have brunch. I slept again around one in the afternoon, making it the longest sleep I ever had.

    I was walking on the school grounds of my high school, along with some of my friends at my hometown (none of them ever laid a foot at that school in reality), towards the cafeteria. Suddenly, I realized I was topless, except for my khaki pants and black leather shoes. Feeling confident that no one is laughing, I continued walking. Along the way, I saw a very familiar girl. She's pretty, has long, shiny black hair, and round eyes. I fought the urge to go near her, and instead, I made the "F" hand sign to her. To my surprise, she replied the same. "I'll deal with you later.", I said to myself.

    Instead of heading to the cafeteria, we we're now walking towards one of the school buildings. One by one, my friends left until it was only me, and Fred. Then there's this another girl, this time a younger one (just the way Fred likes a girl). Fred approached her, and I stationed myself a little farther away from them. I was like watching out for bypassers, so I can warn them if ever somebody might see them. Few minutes past, and I grew tired of standing and complained, "Are you guys not done yet?" Fred just told me to relax, and wait a little more. Instead of waiting, I told them I'll just leave them alone and find something else to do.

    I was now walking towards a large staircase, followed by some of my classmates (later only I knew that they were, indeed my classmates, in high school). A girl passed, I noticed a greenish, waxy subtance, in a form of an upside-down triangle in her hair. I turned to asked one of my classmates. Looking at my puzzled face, he instantly replied, "That's common this days, some kind of fashion." Then I noticed, that most student who passed me by, had the same weird substance on their hairs, may it be a girl or a boy. I found it really weird, and thought of something else.

    As I reached the first landing, I saw David, hand in hand with his girlfriend (who I never knew who she was). I called him and walked alongside him. Just then, I realized and identified the people walking alongside me.

    "Nikki! Ivan!", I yelled.
    "Stop shouting dude, you irritate me.", Nikki said, smirking.

    We were on the second floor already and continued walking. As few minutes past, the corridor became narrower until we were in one line, me in the lead. We were approaching near the faculty room, when my surrounding was like I was in a castle. We past by the room, and I looked out through the windows. I couldn't describe what I saw in that room, but it surely made it look creepy.

    "Just yesterday, Jeffrey was scolded for shouting near that room", I told Nikki and Ivan.

    We were now in a corridor just outside a room, which I realized was our classroom during our fourth year. I sat on the floor beside Joshua, and Nikki and Ivan were opposite us, and listening to someone in white long-sleeves, black pants and shoes. He was telling us something, like he was doing a charity, and was asking us for some donations. He was talking animatedly, doing some hand signs to let us understand more. As his speech continued, he was getting creepier, and everything he said was becoming senseless. He did a rude movement and stared at me, and instantly, I woke up.

    Dream # 005

    by morbid73 on 09-21-2010 at 04:01 AM
    Adrenaline Rush (Non-lucid)


    -Consolacion - Jagobiao (another town - my home)

    Dream Characters:
    - Joerem
    - Cogay
    - Mom
    - Dad
    - Other unrecognized people

    Another dream fragment. Forgot the beginning, but remembered a few details from halfway until the end of the dream.

    I was walking with Joerem and Cogay in Consolacion (the nearest town next to ours) and I think we bought something or visited someone, I really don't remember. We walked past by someone Cogay knew, and she talked to him. After a while, he gave her the keys to his bike. Cogay told me that she borrowed it and was to deliver that bike. I insisted that I deliver it, since it had been a long time that I drived a bike. Fortunately, she agreed and I took the keys.

    I ignited the engine, and amazingly, it had a very loud sound. I drived slowly, and told them I'll wait for them there (I don't exactly know where that "where" was). The highway was plain at first and I started to speed up. I reached the most difficult areas in our town, the dreaded blind curve where lots had accidents already. I felt the rush in my veins, and I wanted to go faster. Suddenly, it was so fast that everything I pass by were blurred.

    The next thing that happened was beyond explanation. I was to deliver that bike but I reached home. As I stopped the engine, I noticed the front tire was flat. I checked on it and found a hole. Across, I saw my mom cooking some barbecues for sale. My dad was there as well, but with a mad expression on his face. He approached me and asked where the hell I got that bike. I didn't explain and instead, I asked for money to have that tire fixed. He declined and walked away. I looked at my mother, who had a sad expression, and realized I'll get rejected again.

    End of the dream. Although it's a long story already, but I feel that some details are missing. Guess, this has been one of my longest dreams.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Dream # 004

    by morbid73 on 09-21-2010 at 03:46 AM
    False Accusation (Non-lucid)


    -somewhere I didn't know

    Dream Characters:
    - Jeffrey
    - Glenabel
    - Glenabel's Mother
    - Fat Lady

    This is one of those hard-to-remember dreams. Remembered some few details, and decided to write it down.

    I was in a parlor, having a haircut. The stylist offered me a promo, he'll color my hair for free if he does it the way he thinks it fits to my style. I declined.

    Later, I was with someone older than me, the mother of Glenabel. We were outside a shop, waiting for something, or someone I think. Across the road, is Glenabel, suspiciously looking at me. She tries to call someone on her phone as if she's reporting something. I instantly thought to myself that I'm being accused of something, I just didnt' know what it was.

    I rushed inside the shop, an internet cafe. I called someone, it was Jeffrey. I told him someone reported us, and we should go. He was so nervous that he didn't know what to do. I told him to pay his bills so we could escape.

    We went outside and run. Someone was following us. To my surprise, it was a fat, lady barangay tanod (barangay tanods are police officers with the lowest rank, with cudgel as their only weapon, assigned in small towns or barangays). She was so fast in running that she caught up to us. I insisted that we're didnt do anything wrong and she believed us.

    We sat at the sidewalk, and talked about something. Another weird thing happened, the fat lady confessed that she likes me! I was so shocked that I wanted to run. Suddenly, a man in black bike was about to hit us. The fat lady, showed her true prowess, and in a martial-art-style grabbed the man, threw him up in the air, and stole the bike. She called us, and we escaped.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Dream # 003

    by morbid73 on 09-20-2010 at 04:23 PM
    High School Dream, Again! (Non-lucid)


    - Saint Louis School of Mandaue

    Time Occured:
    - around 7:30 - 8:30, i guess it was my last dream during the whole sleep

    Dream Characters:
    - Joshua
    - Moi
    - Elbao

    It all started in a very weird way, like a manga was infront of me and I'm reading it. Moi and the girl he courts is in the gym. Moi was kneeling down and offered flowers to this girl, but gets rejected again. End of the scene.

    After a while, I heard people shouting, coming from the theater. I didn't see what's happening but I knew that there's a play going on. Moi is one of the cast, but I didn't have interest in this kind of stuff so I went on my way. I went inside the main building and continued walking. As I was approaching the room of the Glee Club, I noticed the girl Moi was courting, entering the room. I thought it was weird seeing her enter that room (since she isn't a member), and she was bringing a bottle of Coca-Cola. I instantly thought she changed her mind about Moi. The ring bells, and it was lunch time.

    I headed to my room in the fourth floor of the building, and met Moi and Joshua. We walked along the corridor, which was filled with students everywhere. We stopped by a girl and I told her something (I totally forgot who she was and what I told her) and went on our way. We went down the stairs, and suddenly I was in the gym, and I was alone.

    I continued to walk and saw someone in the bleachers, Elbao. As I tried to approached him, darkness began to appear. Bam! End of the dream.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Dream # 002

    by morbid73 on 09-15-2010 at 08:18 PM
    High School Memoirs (DILD)


    - Saint Louis School of Mandaue

    Time Occured:
    - Around 3:00 - 3: 45pm

    Dream Characters:
    - Davi
    - Jacob
    - 3 Unknown Individuals
    - Teachers
    - My mother

    As usual, I was preparing for a nap during the afternoon. I went to bed, and listened to a relaxing beat before dozing off.

    Bam! I already knew I was dreaming based on what I was wearing, a white maritime uniform from head to foot (In fact, I'm taking up an engineering course). As I was about to buy something in a store, somebody tapped on my shoulder. I looked back and saw Jacob, Davi and somebody else I couldn't recognize the face, wearing the same as I. Instead of greeting them, I became furious since they were laughing at me. I pushed Jacob and told him to back off. A security officer of some sort came rushing and stopped us. Without getting what I bought, I left the scene. I arrived at a place which I haven't seen before. I sat down at the side, and saw my mom beside me. Behind me was a big wall, and on the other side of it is a school (I just felt it was a school). Few minutes later, somebody passed by me, and he was familiar. He was wearing a uniform which resembled what I used to wear during high school. Instantly, I knew what school behind the wall was, my Alma Mater.

    Later, another student approached, this time he stopped by the gate. He pushed something like a doorbell. The gate opened and he went inside. I was curious and followed him. Indeed, it was my school. There lots of students flocking, seems like there's an event.

    After a blink of an eye, I was with some people which resembled my friends, but their faces were blurred. I asked them what's going on and they said, "Diva's coming here!" (Diva is yet another female celebrity here in our country.)

    Soon, people rushed and crowded in different directions, including my friends. I was left alone and was thinking of what should I do. After a while, someone was walking behind me, and it was Diva! She was wearing an elegant red gown, and pair of glass slippers. She also had a small crown (I find it weird why she had a crown when in fact, she's an actress, not a beauty queen). I was astonished and like what a fan would do, I followed her. I was the only one closest enough to get her picture. Damn, she's a beauty.

    Later, the crowd had dispersed and I was left alone again. I realized that I left my mother alone outside of school. I rushed outside and found noone. While I was running, there was a shift of time, from night to day in an instant, and it was noon.

    I reached a small alley, and continued to run. I saw lots of people, and they were my teachers having their lunch in a cafeteria. I searched for my mom, and finally saw her. As I was about to sit beside her, I woke up.