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    I work with and ride horses. It's my passion, and it shows in a lot of my dreams. I also write and read quite a bit. Doesn't take much to make me happy.
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    8-13-14 Swimming

    by Mouse on 08-13-2014 at 11:35 PM
    This is from this morning, after a natural awakening at 4 AM:

    I'm going on a field trip with a bunch of kids from school. I'm very unaware of what's going on until we get to our destination: a massive, half-indoor, half-outdoor pool. The only way to get into the pool is a giant metal slide. My boyfriend is with me until we get to the slide, and then he seems to vanish. I don't notice until I'm in the water. My awareness spikes at this point, and I think gleefully, It's great to be swimming in a deep pool again! (I haven't been to a pool in years.) I am particularly delighted at not being able to touch the bottom of the pool. I spin around and notice a ladder to get out. I also notice my boyfriend's disappearance. I decide to go look for him, and I swim towards the ladder. A wave of newcomers sliding down the slide blocks my way suddenly. As they move away, I swim forward again, only to find that I can't move. It feels as if my kicking and paddling is accomplishing nothing, and I give up for a moment, confused.

    Pretty sure I woke up at this point.


    by Mouse on 07-08-2014 at 09:57 PM
    My dream this morning:

    Started out on a roller coaster. I was strapped in, holding onto the shoulder harnesses, and I asked my friend beside me, "Are there any upside down sections?" (First off, I don't really like loopy roller coasters, and second, I was watching a show on TV about them yesterday.)

    "No," my friend said.

    I didn't believe her for some reason, and I got a sudden birds-eye view of the coaster, and the loop that was halfway thru it.

    "Yes there is!" I said, slightly annoyed with her. But then I got caught up in the ride, lost my awareness.

    I ended up in my school after that. Again, I had some sort of assignment to complete, and I was alone. I was having trouble with it, and a friendly teacher found me and took me to her office to give me some advice. I can't remember what she said but I remember being half awed and half confused by it. After I spoke with her I went to join the rest of my classmates in the gym, where everyone was gathered for some reason. I woke up soon afterwards.

    7-6-14 Spirit Ships

    by Mouse on 07-07-2014 at 04:54 PM
    Woke up out of this dream yesterday. I can't recall the beginning of this dream, but I ended up in my high school, a camera in hand and a nerdy, annoying friend at my side. The school resembled a museum; it was full of strange and awe-inspiring artifacts. I was supposed to be taking pictures, but my friend kept reaching over and knocking the camera out of my hand, forcing me to repeatedly pick it up and fix it.

    We started at the top floor and worked our way down. When we finally reached the bottom floor, I saw a security guard standing beside a strange, glass door. The glass was double-paned, and there were hundreds of tiny little bottles with even tinier model ships in them, all fit perfectly into the glass door. Some of the ships floated on sand (mostly white sand, but there were a few ships that rested on colorful sands; one ship in particular was on purple sand, and it reminded me strongly of a pirate ship) while others floated, seemingly unsupported, in the middle of their bottles.

    "What are they?" I asked no one in particular. The little glass bottles and their caged ships were beautiful. They each seemed to have their own essence, or aura. I wanted to look at each and every one of them.

    "They're spirits," my friend told me. (He meant ghosts, I thought.)

    The security guard started to speak, but I woke up before I could make anything out of it.
    non-lucid , memorable


    by Mouse on 07-04-2014 at 03:01 PM
    Part of the dream I had this morning:

    I am at the barn with my dad and my friend D. I walk outside with my dad, as if to leave. We get in his truck, and he starts to back out of the parking spot. He backs the truck up so that it's facing the opposite direction we need to go. I don't pay any attention to him, assuming he's just going to circle around the end of the parking lot. We drive past another car, and we see the driver fall out of the car onto the pavement.

    The man is thrashing strangely, his face blank. I get a bad feeling about it, and look around at my dad, expectant. He says something about getting out of there fast, and then he swings the truck around to face the curb of the parking lot. Before us is the steep hill that leads down and away from the barn, to a two-lane road at the bottom, and a forest beyond the road.

    "Don't tell anyone," my dad says, and then he drives over the curb and down the steep hill. We reach the road, and the truck is bouncing and jerking around.

    "I've had enough roller coaster dreams!" I say, but I am grinning, and my dad laughs. (I evidently realized I was dreaming, but it lasted for about 5 seconds, and I was maybe a 2 on the lucidity scale.)

    We continue driving along the road, but it's no longer the road I thought it was. It takes on a very roller coaster-esque look; there is nothing but blackness surrounding the road, and the road itself looks worn and broken in places. I watch it flash by under us, fascinated. (I must've retained at least some lucidity, because I was under the vague impression that nothing could go wrong.)


    by Mouse on 07-01-2014 at 05:06 PM
    One of my WBTB alarms woke me up out of this dream this morning:

    I am standing in front of my boyfriend, A. He's holding a journal, and talking animatedly. I don't pay much attention until he mentions dreams; he says he's been writing his dreams down in his journal. He flourishes the journal he's holding, and offers it to me.

    Here's where my memory gets hazy: I am very surprised at what A said, and my attention focuses on the journal. It looks identical to my own DJ. I look back at A, and he hasn't moved.

    *Then my alarm goes off. I drowsily turned it off and went right back to bed, I think. Didn't write the dream down until about two hours ago.