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    1. Merry Christmas to you also my friend. -Hope you and yours have a happy productive 2012. Let's stay in touch.
    2. Merry Christmas MrDreamsX.
    3. Sorry about your dream recall. Are you stressed--school or work?
    4. Surviving. But, I've had (generally) terrible recall for months. Very, very, happy to see you are still recording dreams steadily! Excellent work.
    5. Hey MrDreamsX,

      It was good to see your name pop up in my e-mail. How are you?
    6. Below your avatar it says, "This is a Dream!"

      I like that. Instead of checking if you are in a dream, just state that you are! Frankly, right now I know I am not dreaming, but that's not really the point. We have to state that it is a dream to get it into our subconscious for later. I think we all understand that.

      Very good!
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