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    Eden update

    by MRH92 on 01-26-2014 at 03:00 PM
    I cant remember the beginning of this dream but I recall being in a hotel waiting for a taxi. I was wearing a dress which was really confusing and made me feel really weird. I walked out of the hotel into the street where it was raining slightly. I saw a taxi and I wondered if it was mine but instead of asking the driver I went back into the hotel to ask. They said it was booked under Hunter so I knew it was mine. When I tried to enter the taxi I seemed to lose the ability to move my legs. I sort of slumped on the back seat with my left leg hanging out of the car. The driver began to drive off and I was trying to tell her to be careful because the car door was still open and my leg was still hanging out. I grabbed onto my leg and tried to lift it but I couldn't. I was also wearing my regular clothes now and no longer in a dress. It suddenly hit me how ridiculous this all was and so it must be a dream. It was no longer dark and rainy outside now.

    I managed to move my leg and decided I wanted to leave the taxi. I was preparing to leap out but instead I stood up and stuck my head out the sunroof. The driver was really confused and didn't understand what I was doing. I enjoyed the feeling of the wind against my face. I leapt up and took to the sky. Flying around was so fun and it felt awesome to look down and see all the trees turn into one big blur as I soared through the sky. However after a while everything seemed to blur up and I was afraid I was waking up so I tried to rub my hands together but it didn't seem to work.

    I can't remember exactly what happened next but I was now in my grandma's house. I was still fully lucid. I decided it would be a good idea to go to Eden. I slowly opened my grandmas front door and was hit by a wave of heat. I stepped out onto the beach. It was so warm and bright and vivid. I could hear birds singing in the trees above. Everything was so beautiful. I spotted an area I've never seen before. It was like a little seating area with a pool. I felt so at peace and I remember thinking how annoying it was that I couldn't take a photo and show people in waking life. I decided to head up to my house. I saw loads of people I've never seen before.

    I decided I wanted to find Smith but before I got a chance someone stopped me and told me there was a book about lucid dreaming they wanted and it wasn't in the library. I didn't know there was a library but I told them I'd get on it straight away. Unfortunately I was then woken up by John being too loud downstairs.

    Flying practice and talking to the dead

    by MRH92 on 05-16-2013 at 01:48 PM
    At the beginning of the dream I was in room that closely resembled my bedroom but instead of my bed there was a giant sofa that faced my TV. I was sat playing video games with Rosa (my dads girlfriends daughter) and I found in a bit strange because I didn't think she'd be all that interested in video games. Suddenly a load of family members came over with plates of food and all sat downstairs around the table. They kept telling me to come downstairs and join them but I didn't want to.
    I checked the clock. It was 2pm but outside it was dark. It was at this point I knew it had to be a dream. I headed over to the nearest window and climbed out. Outside it didn't look like my street or garden. To be honest I can't really remember what it looked like outside but I jumped into the air and started flying. The best part of it was I could just fly. I didn't have to use my usual technique of firing out energy from my hands to keep me in the air. It was so easy. Soon the environment changed and I was in what kind of looked like a warehouse so I had loads of different obstacles to avoid or use to my advantage.

    I realised that I couldn't really feel any sensation. This has always been a problem with flying. I don't really feel anything. I remembered what I had been doing in my visualization practice and tried to think of anything in my waking life I could relate to flying. The only thing I could think of was rollarcoasters so I kept flying up and down fast to recreate that feeling. The sensation of cold air blowing against you as you move, the weird feeling in your stomach, the adrenaline. Soon I was flying around and was able to experience all the sensations fully.

    When I got a bit bored I landed on the ground and remembered I wanted to try and visit my great grandma bunny who died when I was about 3 or 4. I walked through the nearest door and she was stood behind a desk looking at a monitor. I said hi to her and she said hi back. My granddad was there too and he was crying because my great grandma was his mother and he seemed surprised and happy to see her. I asked her if she remembered me and she did. She told me to say hi to Wendy and Caroline (my aunt and my mum) and that she remembered looking after my mum when she hurt her hand or something like that.
    I think at this point I either slipped into non-lucid or I woke up.

    A WILD into the DC House

    by MRH92 on 05-10-2013 at 11:09 AM
    Had a WILD this morning. I normally give up very easily with WILDS and so don't often have them. I laid on my back in bed and I kept wanting to roll over and just sleep. Instead I just stayed focused on the colourful dots behind my eye lids. They weren't doing anything out of the ordinary and I started to think there was no point until they began to form the outline of my bedroom. Gradually they started to become more detailed and more 3D until suddenly my room was crystal clear. It was so bright and vivid and such a perfect replica I started to think maybe I wasn't asleep and that I was just laying in bed with my eyes open. To test this I tried to open my eyes and I did end up opening my real eyes and ending the dream. However I just closed my eyes again and let everything unfold once more.

    When I got back in I wasn't in my house. I've been building a dream world called Eden for a couple of months now and there's a house I built for me and several DC's. I found myself in that house. I was in the kitchen which is quite a long, white room with massive windows that look out onto the swimming pool. Theres a TV and some sofas' at the very end and I could just about make them out but they were blurry. One of the DC's was sat down reading. I continued walking around although I often forgot where doors led and not everything was exactly how I had planned it but then again, a house that I've never physically been in will take a lot of time to master in my dreams. I began to ascend the stairs and went into Dean's room. In there he has several vending machines and a fridge. When I opened the fridge lots of vegetables fell out. I knew this was wrong. The fridge is meant to be stacked with beer, not vegetables.
    The dream started to fade but very slowly. I noticed how it was harder to see and how my body felt quite light and gradually it started to feel more and more like I was watching my dream on a TV rather than being in it. I remember finding a certain DC and kissing them. After that the dream ended.

    2 dogs, 0 lucidity

    by MRH92 on 05-08-2013 at 05:51 PM
    I forgot to document my dreams from a couple of nights ago so I will do that now.

    I had some more dreams where I failed to read the signs. In one dream I was living in my old house and there were two dogs in my garden. I can't recall the breed but they were big and fluffy and they looked cute but when I approached them they got a bit nasty. I was scared because they started to snap at my dog, who is blind, and he looked all confused as he couldn't see what was barking at him. I picked up both dogs, one under each arm, and stormed off down the street with them. At this point I questioned if everything was a dream. Normally just questioning the dream sparks off instant lucidity and reality checks are rarely needed. However this time when I questioned it I ultimately decided it wasn't a dream. Perhaps if I had reality checked things would have been different.

    Saying Goodbye

    by MRH92 on 05-06-2013 at 11:44 AM
    Had a very minor lucid dream last night.

    The earliest part of the dream I recall I was on a coach going on some kind of trip. I didn't recognize anyone around me. However I did see someone I used to have very strong romantic feelings for years ago. I went to talk to him. I don't remember what we talked about but I remember him saying he owed me a drink or something and he was being friendly and seemed to want to get to know me better which I was really happy about. The coach stopped off to get petrol and me and this guy (for the sake of this lets call him T) went into what looked like Waterstones or Borders. Suddenly his kindness died off and he started being horrible to me. He went off to look at some books whilst I wondered off up some stairs feeling confused and hurt. I remember thinking "this feels a lot like a dream. I haven't seen T in years" and then it clicked and I was lucid.

    I didn't have complete awareness or control. A lot of it was still fuzzy and I felt an urgent need to go and find T. I ran around and found him on some stairs. Now a lot of the time T appears in dreams (lucid and non-lucid) and a lot of the time when I want certain DC's to appear who I have romantic feelings for T appears instead which gets very annoying.
    I stopped him on the stairs and told him I was sick of this and I didn't appreciate him turning up and I wasn't taking anymore of this again. I rambled on about a load of other things and eventually told him goodbye.
    He looked a little confused but he said he would leave and with that he was gone. Soon after everything went grey and try as I might to stabilize I lost the dream.
    When I woke up I felt a bit like it was a lucid dream wasted. I could have gone off and done something fun but now I've woken up a bit and thought about it I guess it was quite an important dream. Hopefully that's the end of T hijacking my dreams.

    Anyway hopefully tomorrow I'll have a less serious and a much more crazy and bizarre dream for you.