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    Not enough :)
    I'm not very good at these 'about me' sections, but let me see... I'm a fairly young American, dreaming my way through life, and looking for truth. I'm a devout Christian as well, despite certain jerk-like tendencies. Lover of life and all things God has made for it, particularly music and dreams.
    I should mention my extreme affinity for music, I look at it as more than just pleasing sounds and a way of self expression, it's the single greatest of physical human expression, and one of the most spiritual things a person can do.
    I have been dreaming my whole life, but am not very experienced in lucidity or dream control. If you have any tips or helpful advice feel free to drop me a line. :)

    I'm a generally very open person, and love meeting new people, and well ... that's all I got.
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    Lake Elsinore, California, United States
    Music, Reading, Movies, Cartoons, Video Games,
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    Various youtube references


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    Noche de los Muertos

    by mRMe on 08-01-2011 at 02:54 PM
    Inception style dream happened to me last night and had me pretty hooked. It began with a false awakening, of course I took no note to the oddities of my room and left to my garage (the hangout in my house) to find several close friends, family members and acquaintances gathered there. I remember a couple of them, particularly my step mom Laura and her son Jeffree wanted me to stay but the majority of the crowd just told me to go back to bed. So I did. Upon doing so moments later I had another false awakening, once again taking no notice of the now even stranger room I was in, and left into what I thought would be my living room. I (gotta love dream logic) walk into a completely different house from my bedroom without noticing anything is amiss and find a few of the people who were in my garage the previous night. I begin telling them "Oh my gosh you guys, I totally had a pre-cognitive vibe about this. I saw you in my dream last night." A young chubby girl asks me what that means, and what I assume is her mother cuts her off and answers, "it's hard to explain." Which may simply be bad parenting. Anyway I think it was right about here I either realized I was dreaming and tried to wake myself or simply found myself in another false awakening, but I was now in my bed again. Unsure, if I was really awake I try holding my nose, "I'm still breathing!" I shout in my mind and try blowing really hard through my nose to jar myself awake. I knock myself off the bed and assume that it worked;it didn't.
    I left the bedroom and went into the living room and find now that several of my close friends, a couple family members, and even total strangers are having some kind of slumber party at my house. I go up to my friend Jon and excitedly start telling him about the dreams I'd just had. In my excitement I began speaking very loud and was shushed more than once. So I try pulling him into our garage which has a view of our neighborhood, as I open the door a large stranger of Mexican decent approaches and says something in regards to what I was telling my friend. His comment makes me realize the fact that I felt very much like I was on a psychedelic drug at the moment. So I get even more excited with what I was telling my friend. We get into the garage and I see a parade in the streets about to start. The people from my house tell me it's for the day of the dead and as it starts I completely forget about telling anyone anything and run like a madman, or a child, through the cars and the parade, and the fireworks. I forget how it happens but soon after that I awaken one last time. Thinking to myself, "I wonder if that day of the dead stuff last night was real." I check the street through my window and sure enough the decorations are still up, and my street is still a mess. but no one is outside this morning. I go to the bathroom, as per usual. And I notice my body is covered in strange bumps. This shakes me up quite a bit, so I finish up my business and go to ask my mom what she thinks of it. She sees only one at first and thinks it's nothing, but the notices that there are many, and a weird look comes up on her face. We begin talking about my upcoming doctors appointment and...that's all I remember.

    As a side note, there were more awakenings where I just stayed in my bed and tripped out on whether I was awake or not. One of which there was recording equipment near my bed playing some kind of message recorded by what I assume was the previous owner. In another I used the chance for visuals to play some Assassins creed, literally within my mind. Also throughout the course of the dream there was an eerie feeling of some kind, difficult to describe.
    false awakening , memorable

    Guitar forged by the Gods

    by mRMe on 03-08-2011 at 06:26 AM
    Most epic of dreams: An ancient, quite large, violin, forged by ancient gods (angels, spirits, celestial beings) had fallen from the skies into a lake near a huge castle(much like the one in ocarina of time),the long part that you use to play it was lost.
    I actually started the dream with the violin,but played it as a guitar, and when I played it no matter how poorly my fingers moved the music it made sounded outrageously amazing. There was also a button on the back that when pushed caused the violin to play itself.
    Soon after showing off to my friends, i flashed back to the recollection of how i got this most badtastical of instruments, i swam to the bottom of a deep lake and the water felt amazing, at the very bottom i found the huge violin and buried slightly in the sand was a small piece of silver which just emanated power, i took both and as i swam to shore in the distance i saw a blue whale swimming in the water, all in all it was an amazing dream.
    non-lucid , memorable

    1st lucid! :D

    by mRMe on 10-11-2010 at 06:37 PM
    Ok so I finally had my first ever lucid dream since I've been keeping my dream journal. Here's how it went: starts out in my house nothing too unusual going on my foster mom and dad are in their room laying down and I'm walking around the house, in the living room there is a large woman working a bar that sells some delicious cakes, she seems to like me but I'm more interested in the cakes, when there's is only one left she tell me she can't sell anymore so i go to my sisters room and find my friends psp. Finding his psp in her rooms bothers me because i'de been asking to borrow the thing for ages and he wouldn't let me so i pick it up and start battling (He had the new birth by sleep kingdom hearts game; fitting for something in the dream world.)eventually i go into the game and start running around, though it's no longer kingdom hearts its more mario/zelda themed and i have a sword, Somehow i run into my friend Butters in the game and he wants to try a sword trick he's figured out we do the trick and somehow i think the trick is relevant to a reality check so when it causes me to appear back in my parents room from the start of the dream, i realize hey it worked and start walking around the house seeing if i can gain some dream control. I try to make some grapes appear to see if i can do it and there are like three, another interesting thing to note is that my friend came with me from the game back to the house (along with a few others) but in the transition he turned from Butters in the game part to my friend randy once we got back to my house.

    Ghosts n' Greenhouses

    by mRMe on 08-27-2010 at 06:50 AM
    Ok i used to live in a ministry home with a bad ass pastor who helped people get off of drugs and u know took in people off the streets n gave em a good home, it was for a few years when i was 13-17 years old.
    anyway last night i had an extremely vivid dream about a huge school that was like the fusion of the last two schools i went to, but also the place where our entire school went for a field trip, go figure, the hallways were filled with people and i dropped in on a few classes meeting up with a few people i knew and whatnot. soon though the school changed scenes to a house on a hill near my actual house the house is huge at least two or three stories tall with two floors going below ground as well and super coushy, and well furnished but missing an entire wall basically, its late at night and i go outside cuz i can't sleep i find some sort of treasure in the trees, i go to get my best friend to tell him of the treasure and we go out but instead of the trees there's a greenhouse attached to the house. This whole while there are ghosts walking around, their the ones who kept me from sleeping, also notably ironic seeing as how it was a dream, and video cameras are set up with the feeds going to random screens throughout the house, the ghosts popping up doin creepy stuff randomly. After the greenhouse bit i wake up.

    I hate school

    by mRMe on 08-20-2010 at 12:47 AM
    Last night as usual my dream took place at my old high school, not the one i graduated from but the one i was expelled from and therefor had to finish at a different school. I was talking to Mr. Moscowitz which is unusual for seeing as how i hate that guy and he was having me walk around some parts of the school picking up pieces of crap with a shovel and weird rake. My p.e. teacher from the second school i mentioned was also there and telling me some kind of something that i guess was supposed to be inspiring and it seemed that he worked for principle Moscowitz now as well. The layout of the school was a little different than normal and parts of it were a concrete ground kind
    non-lucid , side notes