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    5/5/13 - First Lucid Dream In Months

    by MrSlugInfinite on 05-06-2013 at 02:30 AM
    Note: This is my first lucid dream that I have had in months. It was really a great experience to have again. Almost forgot what it felt like, almost. It is rather short, but I hope you enjoy reading it half as much as I enjoyed having it.

    I am inside a cafeteria of what resembles my old high school. That wasn't enough to tip me off though. I look around, there are people sitting chatting and eating lunch everywhere. I can hear multiple people having conversations at once. There was a black man that was staring at me, about 4 feet away, sitting at a table. He definitely looked too old to be in high school, and this is where I realized I was dreaming. "I'm dreaming", I thought, trying to block out the face of this man that looked very angry. He looked like he was pissed at me. He stood up and pushed me. I pushed him back and he threw a punch to my face. I retaliated with a mean right hook and he dropped to the tiles on the ground. I plugged my nose and started breathing as that's my go-to reality check. I reinforced to myself that I was dreaming. It was a really awesome feeling.

    As I start heading to the front door, a young black kid runs by(it looks like the older guys brother), giving me the stink eye like he wanted to fight me. I just ignored him and was thinking about trying to run up the wall and flip off. I lost my train of thought and looked ahead. There was a display case with pictures and trophies in it. I punched through the glass. My fist didn't break the whole glass pane but it put a little hole in it. I felt the corner of the glass pressing up against my skin, I thought for sure that I would be bleeding. Luckily, nothing happened.

    I looked to my right and seen the ladies restroom. It really made me wonder what was inside, so I started heading towards it, walking around crowds of people that were everywhere. As I walked into the ladies room there was a girl peeing at a urinal. I didn't really think anything strange about it at the time. I looked under the stalls and I seen the feet of another person using the toilet. I looked to my right and there was a small hallway. Me being curious, I headed into it. It went around a bend, then to a dead end. I stopped and looked at it for a minute, then proceeding to turn around to leave. What? What happened? There was no longer a exit, instead there was a hole about 1ftx1ft that lead back into the ladies room. I got on my hands and knees and pushed my head through trying my hardest to make it out to no avail.

    My phone vibrated in my pocket like I had received a text. I picked it up and I had missed texts from a name called "Vancouver". I have an iPhone 5 so it showed up like "Vancouver (4)". I unlocked the phone and there was a game screen on it. To be exact, skyrim. It was my character sitting in a scene I recognized, Whiterun, if you're familiar. Whenever I would move my phone around, the screen would move as if I were moving the characters aim around. I pressed the home button because I wanted to read the texts. I couldn't figure out how to read them so I locked the phone and put it back in my pocket.

    I glanced around. A picture in a picture frame caught my eye. It was on a shelf that was about eye-level, that also mystically appeared. I picked up the picture and inspected it. It appeared to be a Japanese mer-man. It looked like an engraving and blue was the only color. It had incredible detail for it just being a single color, I thought. I looked at it closer and remember thinking about how focusing on this painting would help increase the stability of the dream. It worked too, everything went from slightly blurry to crystal clear.

    Then, I awoke with my right arm tingling from falling asleep. I can't help but imagine if my arm didn't fall asleep that I could have continued that lucid dream. I really need to learn to sleep on my back, I always have problems with my arms falling asleep. Glad you read it, feel free to leave a comment if you like!

    Welcome to my Dream Journal!

    by MrSlugInfinite on 05-06-2013 at 02:15 AM
    Welcome DV members. Thank you for checking out my online dream journal. I believe the dream journal is a priceless tool and an awesome function of this forum. Adds another layer of awesomeness to what is the Dream Views forums! I am going to try to put at least 1 entry into this DJ a day, lucid or not, remember or not, just to keep my motivation up. My problem with LD'ing is that I could never keep my motivation up. I'll do good for about a week, then completely forget about LD'ing. That is changing! Lucid dreaming has been an interest of mine for years, and I've been having them for years. It's time for me to really learn about how to have amazing dreams and keep them going for as long as I can. I had my first LD using the Sporadic Awareness guide. It really blew my mind the first time I had a lucid dream after reading all about them on this site. They really are quite the experience to have.

    I am going to try to place the dreams from my dream journal (new journal started on 5/5/13) onto here so I can get some insight on what others think about my dreams, and maybe make some new friends while I'm at it. You may see me around the IRC every once in awhile, so if you see me in there be sure to say hello! I am going to color code my entries and try to provide as much information as possible. Hopefully this will train my mind to retain as much information as I can during my dreams. When I LD, they are usually DILD's or MILD's, I haven't had much experience with any other technique besides WBTB. The type of lucid dream I had will be on the entry as well.

    I really hope you enjoy this journal, and I hope that it evolves into something great over the course of time and frequent LD's!~