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    school #806

    by muskee on 07-08-2019 at 03:42 AM
    Here we go again,

    I'm in my ninth grade class, the teacher is the spanish teacher Lina. I'm sitting in the middle of the class and she starts grading some assignments. While she´s grading them she makes eye contact with me and says that "why didn't you turn yours in?"
    I didn't answer, inside me I didn't give a fuck.
    Then she stopped grading the rest of the assignments and just started talking loudly to me in front of every one.
    Her: "You could of been the best student of the year, why did you stop trying alex?"
    "What a shame, with your current grades you are going to fail the year"
    "Your grades are barely a 1.3"
    ---All the class starts looking at me
    Me: "I don't care anymore, I have a scholarship to a masters degree, I don't need to win this course"
    " I don't need t try hard no more"
    She then put a new assignment, in groups.

    I decided to sit at the back of the classroom where the bullies are, I talked to the kid that punched me before, "sebastian" I asked him if I could be there, he said yeah, no problem.

    I was sitting in the group of the kids that never did anything in class, I was in the group of the bullies, troublemakers, the bad boys.
    I was in a position where never in my head would I have thought of.
    And then I looked at the group of my "friends", they were happily doing the assignment, no one asked for me, I was with the others doing nothing.

    A fucking phoenix

    by muskee on 07-25-2018 at 03:41 PM
    After waking up from the dream I instantly remembered a conversation I had with a dude that told me that he had remembered all of his past life’s, he said he had awoken from his amnesia and that he lived in Jupiter.
    He told me that our imagination wasn’t really an “imagination” it was memories from our past lives, so everything we saw in our creative minds were events we lived in previous minds, what this means is that our scariest monsters that we have ever thought of really do exist.

    Back to the dream:
I’m at a mountain (I’m thinking the Himalayas for some reason). I’m near a hotel that’s located on one of the mountains, I came to this place to meet a guy that had domesticated a very rare eagle. He said that the eagle was the most expensive to have and keep in the world. I saw the eagle, it was white and could move its neck like an owl. The eagle behaved like a dog, it would play fetch with me, I really liked the eagle, it was kind and playful. I played with the eagle for a while, tossing a stick so it could go catch it on the ground (it would hop on its two legs to get the stick and bring it back). Then I decided to throw the stick off the mountain, with a lot of strength I tossed it and the eagle immediately flew at a very high speed and gave it back to me.

    I was completely amazed and enthusiastic about the eagle, I started talking with the trainer, I was asking him how he trained the bird and where could I get one… We are having a conversation when all of the sudden I see 2 big wings in front of me.

    I was sitting down, in the position I was in I could not see the body of the animal but the wings were huge, I got really scared. I looked at the trainer and he was as shocked as me. He said:
“I have never seen anything like it, what is it?”
    I was feeling scared but curious, I stood up and saw the face and body of the bird.

    The body of the bird and all the way to his head was a little more taller than me, I would say 1.9meters. The bird looked young, it looked like it was still growing, not and adult yet. The color of its feathers were beautiful. It was all very purple, dark purple with red, mostly dark purple. The dark purple really opened my eyes, I was amazed with this bird, I was thinking about it and all I could think of was the pokemon Moltres. I told the trainer:
“Yooo, it fucking moltres!”
He didn’t say anything.
    His head had like a little bun of feathers on top, like the one moltres has (I googled and a phoenix is also drawn with this particular aspect).

    The wings were very big, but when we started to inspect the bird we noticed he was malnourished (he looked anorexic), we could see his bones and almost his skeleton behind his feathers. The bird looked in pain and I felt he didn’t have any more energy to fly, I quickly told him to bring food. We ran inside the hotel, got some food but we were very afraid to get near the bird, we didn’t know if the bird could spit fire and burn us or how could it react (it was a legit question).

    We threw the food from inside the cabin of the hotel, I remember the bird started eating all of it and the dream ends.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Lucky charm

    by muskee on 07-22-2015 at 07:15 PM
    I woke up a 7:10 am and quickly went back to sleep and automatically entered a Ld.

    I was in a shopping mall and I remembered my mission and started looking for Gabriel. I screamed at the top of my lungs:
    - Gabriel, Where the fuck are you? I need answers.
    Then a random guy came towards me and asked me to follow him.

    Me: Who are you?
    Him: You know who I am.
    Me: Give me an answer to my life, I’m getting lost.
    Him: Right now, on your current life situation you have a problem. You want to make your mother happy, your father happy and yourself happy, all at the same time. You want to do these 3 things all at once, look into that.
    I was baffled by his comment, left me thinking.
    So he took me to a room where a very particular lady was. She had very long blue hair, white colored and reminded me of a small fairy.
    Him: This is your lucky charm. She follows you everywhere and there are only 16 of them in your world.
    Me: Where can I find you when I wake up? I asked her.
    Me: How can I contact you when I’m awake?
    No one answered ...
    Him: Alright, let me take you to a special place, hold my hands and we will travel.
    He started to open some kind of portal and the room went black,

    Emma fucking watson

    by muskee on 04-28-2015 at 01:34 PM

    I'm waiting for my bus campo valdes 052, on the oriental avenue. Next to me is another girl waiting for the bus. We see a campo valdes coming to a stop and she got in it and I followed. The bus didn't go to the route it normally went to, I had gotten on another route wich was the 051...I followed this girl because of no reasons.

    But thanks to that I saw the most precious girl sitting in that bus, emma watson. There were no chairs left so i stood up almost next to her. The bus was near the hospital metro station when we stumbled uppon a motorcycle crash with a bus, so I got out to see.

    I got out the bus and so did Emma, I saw an injured man but he didn't have anything critical so he was just waiting for the ambulance. But next to the crash there was a protest of mutilated men and women that were protesting against the goverment.

    Emma saw them and leaded me through the crowd. She grabbed my hand and pulled me inside the multitude and when I got to the other side of the protest I was at shopping mall but alone.

    I had lost emma out of sight and was desperately looking for her. Out of nowhere she returns for me and gets really mad at me for leaving her alone. I said I was sorry and at this moment my lucidity kicked in. I told emma, wait let me stabilize, so I looked at my hands, rubbed them, and I also did some spins just to make sure. I was so happy I was lucid dreaming with emma watson.

    I looked at her and said " kiss me"
    She hug me and our lips did the rest. During the kiss I closed my eyes.
    I knew I had really screwed up because its really hard to open my dreaming eyes and not my sleeing real eyes.
    I told her to open my eyes, so she did. When she opened my eyes I didn't see anything, everything was all black so I had no more other options. I opened my eyes and woke up.

    Updated 04-28-2015 at 11:52 PM by muskee


    White house with d

    by muskee on 03-22-2015 at 06:40 PM
    The dream starts of with me looking at an old photograph of the white house and its perimeter. I'm inside the white house and I'm on a tour of it. The tour guide said it was estimated to be worth at 126m, but I didn't agree, I thought it was over 2 billion.
    Guess what, next to me is D. After the tour we have a break while the guide is getting our lunch. The photographer that is with us is a freind of D, a 40+ big women. This lady said that she loved photographing D because she came out gorgeous and that she's being doing it for like 4 years. She then offered me to see the album.

    Some very "interesting" photos of D were there, on one photo it was her with a guy, and another gentlemen was on the background. The lady said:
    - That's D with her boyfriend while her husband is on the background
    D replied:
    - Well... i wasn't happy with my husband of the time, and that relationship with my boyfriend didn't work either.
    She stared at me with so much determination in her eyes and said:
    - Don't worry, I'll get you out of there, trust me.

    I heard this and part of me wanted to cry, so many feels, such a heart warming moment.
    The lunch arrived and we ate, it was a very elegant plate with snails to eat...

    We returned to a little camp fire outside, I sat down and she laid on my knees. Continuing the conversation;
    i said:
    - But d, times have changed, you have changed.
    - You are living in the past, this is the old you, who knows what you think now about this... tell me whats the current date.
    It's march 2010 - she smiled.
    A tear fell off my right eye,
    - D... it's march 2015
    You could see her startled face, like if she had no idea and someone told her she had cancer.
    she said,
    I'm so sorry
    I hugged her so hard, I knew she was saying the truth. I put so much emotion on that hug that I woke up