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    tournament, popsicle box hall

    by MustardDrinker on 02-11-2024 at 08:18 PM
    I was in a crowd of people, there were two in the center doing something I couldn't quite see. Some guy with uncannilly cubed teeth blocks my view and asks me what I think of the tournament. I tell him I have no idea what they're doing. I feel a pain on the bottom of my foot, he is pinching it with a single chopstick. He then lets go and gives me a pair and tells me nobody will suspect they're weapons.

    I am walking down a hall littered with boxes, mostly popsicle boxes. I kind of want to eat one, but I don't.

    tried to get burger king, stole car

    by MustardDrinker on 02-09-2024 at 05:19 AM
    I was at some sort of event, I was at a counter where blocky things that vaguely resembled SNES's were being sold. They had purple, black, and blue. I was disappointed there was no orange, so I grabbed a blue and started walking away.

    I was in my father's truck, he had told me to pick up some burgers or something. I had to pull up the seat and adjust the height because he's the size of a gorilla, anyways I back up, and speed around a small gas station like building with a burger king sign. I park outside and enter, there's some chairs and a table. I end up in a grocery store like section. There's some lettuce and a couple tomato slices just sitting on the shelf. I think it's convenient and take a couple bites, its messy as hell and I am somehow covered head to toe in juice. I toss my clothes on the floor and walk into the clothing section, I'm hoping the employees don't catch me naked, so I steal a pair of camouflage pajama pants and struggle to put them on.

    Me and some other guy are eaten by some giant monster, there is a room inside it, I catch one of the several strings attached to the ceiling and watch his shoe disappear into the darkness below. I see 3 doors, one has a green sign above it which says exit. Another has a red exit sign, and the last one has a blue sign above it which says not exit. I swing across the strings like a monkey until I reach the red door. I open in, and I get a view of a parking lot and some bushes. I'm about 10 feet off the ground, but I think the bushes will help break my fall a bit. I jump into them and miss a little bit, my butt slams into the asphalt, and my shoulders land in the bushes. I get up and start walking around [COLOR="#0088000"]I think the fall should have hurt a bit more, I remember that I wanted to steal a car. I see a maroon one with the door wide open, I'm about to hop in, but I think that they left their door open for me, so it doesn't count as stealing. I find a nice white one and try to phase through the door. I fail, so I just open it. I tell myself that it doesn't need keys to work so I don't have to look for them. I examine it a bit, where the radio should be, there's a blue button with a G on it. In the back seat there's a small instrument which looks like a ukulele, but the body's square, and it lacks a sound hole. I pull it out, and pluck a string as I run my finger up the fretboard. It has 7 frets and a higher sound than a uke. I toss it back, and push the brake and G. The car starts, I slam the gas to the floor and swerve right. There's a small group of people and one of them is in my way, unfortunately he dodges just in time. I remember that I was supposed to get something from the gas station, I leave the lot, and go down an empty highway with several curves and a bunch of tan walls around me. I end up is some other building, there's a small crowd, and in the center there's an old lady making her crusty white dog stand on an upside down metal bucket while she showers him with a hose. Some other lady is squatting a foot away acting like it's the cutest thing she's ever seen while the water runs off the bucket and soaks the carpet under her shoes. I go have a closer look, and I sit on the carpet, the old lady asks me how I feel about her dog. I'm trying to think of a response, when my father comes out of nowhere and asks me to give my mother's shorts back. [/COLOR]
    lucid , non-lucid

    almost fell down stairs, met santa claus

    by MustardDrinker on 02-07-2024 at 09:52 PM
    I was on the top floor of some sort of indoor skyscraper. There was a sign with rules for people who wanted to go down, so I barley glanced at it and started walking down the stairs. I walk down a flight, everything's hunky dory until I start going down this one section, and one of the stairs crumples under my weight. I lose my balance for a second, but I'm holding onto the rail, so I step onto the trim that's on the wall, and make my way down like that. I turn around, and see Santa Claus stepping out of a square shaped hole in the wall. He looks at me and asks "Why didn't you follow the rules?" 'I didn't even look at them.' was the best response I could think of. He walks away like he's disappointed in me.

    water park place

    by MustardDrinker on 02-07-2024 at 04:49 AM
    I was listening to some youtube video where a guy tells someone else's scary experience at a convention.

    I was going down a lazy river with my mother. I felt the floor scrape my butt so we got out and walked along it. It got a bit deeper later, but we kept walking. We then get to a ramp, she points out some frog coins and I grab them. [COLOR="#008000"]I feel the dream fade, I try telling her to come get me when my WILDs succeed, it completely faded before I got her response.[/COLOR]
    lucid , non-lucid

    saw cousin and giant wave lakes

    by MustardDrinker on 02-06-2024 at 04:20 AM
    My cousin L and I were making our way into a house because my father had made a bonfire. I opened a drawer and grabbed a bag of mini marshmallows. She told me not to use the mini ones, so I found a bag that had regular sized ones mixed in and started picking them out. I noticed she was gone, so I went into the kitchen. She had a bottle of wine so I took it from her, I had a sip and poured into a pot on the stove. I was then in the backseat of the car, I watched pretty green trees go by, 'I wish my place had trees.' L asked me"Doesn't [name of the town I'm moving to] have trees?" I saw a couple trees covered in pink flowers 'Yeah, but not cherry blossoms'. I stared out the window, the strip of land we were on was getting narrower on both sides, the lake around us had giant waves. I told my father to stop the car and he did. I had a bathing suit under my normal clothes so I took them off and grabbed the towel that was next to me. I opened the door, and was about to step onto the ground.