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    Crazy Museum Mario Kart Bus LD

    by MustardDrinker on 05-12-2023 at 03:17 PM
    Before I fell asleep I did MILD , or the M at least. I forgot my other dreams cause my journal is on the other side of the country.

    Anyways, I walked into this building with my mom, I though of it as a museum for some reason. I go up a couple stairs, and I'm about to sit when I feel something brush against my leg, I look down and It's a skunk in a red and green sweater. I stay as still as possible because I don't want to get sprayed, and one of the cashiers my moms talking to says that the skunk likes me, so I sit down. I looked out the windows and around, and I decided to do a reality check. Then I plugged my nose and breathed through it just to make sure, and then I decide I want to look around so I tell mom I'm going to look at the exhibits. Then I go to my right which is just a bunch of clothes. I walk into the bathroom and try to give myself man genitals, I fail, so I leave the bathroom, and start looking around. It's dark now for some reason, but I keep looking anyway. There's nothing really interesting, just a bunch of objects I can't recognize, and ones I can. Then I walk into this room, and I realize that this is like, someones house. I then hear their footsteps, and they scare me for some reason, so I run back to the bathroom and lock the door and tell myself that the lock will make me safe. Then I eventually feel safe, so I leave the bathroom, and the building, and I walk down the parking lot, and I find my dad on a sled, so I hop on, and we start sledding. He's a completely different person in my dreams (especially the LDs), so I decide to talk to him. 'Why do you appear in my dreams so much?' "Because I'm your dad, silly." 'But who are you, really?' "I'll tell you if you get on the dream bus. Just imagine a vinyl seat, it's easier with your hands." Then he was hit with a blue shell from Mario Kart, he was gone just like that, replaced with Luigi. We continued sledding up this hill path, and at the top, I saw a really crazy battle in the distance. There were these koopa like turtles fighting the four giants from Majora's Mask. I somehow ended up sitting on a cliff while I watched it. Then Skull Kid and Majora's Mask came out of nowhere and they used that purple magic and told everybody to stop fighting. I then realized that I was sitting like I would in a bus seat, and I closed my eyes and made my hands feel the vinyl seat. Now I'm in the dream bus. I see that cashier from the museum, and this other guy, and they say they're sorry about how I lost my dad, and then I realize that there's a lot of road noise, and that my window's down by a crack, so I roll it up completely, and the noise gets quieter. I put my seat-belt on, and then to the right of the cashiers I see a back full of thousands of moles, It's my father, but before I can say anything, the dream fades away in like a second.

    Was close to lucid dream but wet bed

    by MustardDrinker on 05-02-2023 at 04:00 PM
    Sleep Quality: ok
    Wake Times: 3-5AM?, 7-9AM?
    Before Bed Activities: Meditation

    These dream fragments occurred the second time I fell asleep.

    The first fragment I remember Is going in a shed or something, I was searching on this dusty counter with a bit of garbage, and found a Nintendo DS cartridge for Super Mario Maker, I was happy, and picked it up.

    The second fragment, I walked past my father, I think I went in a hall. I was thinking about what I'd do when I was next lucid dreaming. I remember thinking that I'd fly, or pee, or pee while flying. I Went into the bathroom, which had a toilet, next to a really worn down drawer. I climbed on the toilet and squatted like a monkey, while I looked through the drawer. The cloth or plastic or whatever in the bottom of the drawer was peeling , so I threw it on the floor. Underneath it were a couple brown rodent turd like objects, and a really long DS card that looked like Final Fantasy. I was happy even though it was too long for my system because It was a 'sound card'. Then because I'm on the toilet I start peeing, which results in me waking up to myself peeing.

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