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      The dog in your avatar and profile pic is adorable~! ^o^
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      I love your dream posts i'm new to this and i'll be reading
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      Thank you Mydera. Pray that she has no more pain, please. I appreciate that very much. Colon cancer is one of the worst ways to pass away...or to go home. It's so very, very sad.
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      Hello, Mydera. Happy Mother's Day to you too. :0) I am well, but my mother is not. She is in the last stages of her life. And so, I have not and will not be on here too much. You take care and sweet dreams... <3
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      Happy Mother's Day to you too! Hope the kiddos let you sleep tonight
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      Happy Mothers Day Mydera!
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      Lol. It means that your becoming a firm part of the DV community Mydera. It should be a Community Hall right between your friends and dream journal. Thats where you keep track of the points you make by visiting threads posting, or by posting your entries.

      Also right at the very top, between dream tube and memberships, should be a Community Hall as well. Thats where you find out how to get certain achievment awards, and other goodies as well.
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      Lol! OHSHC is great and honey is so cute! I heard of Hetalia and truth be told I stumbled upon it on the internet and really didn't care for it. The on Christmas my family was out and I decided to stay and I walked in on it. God staying home was not a mistake~ What do you watch?
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      Congratulations on your 1000 points promotion Mydera.
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    I'm off and on, not actively tracking dreams or trying to lucid dream these days. However I'd like to keep record of dreams I deem important either spiritually or to a special dream character I refer to as K. I'd like to start back on the dreaming train again, but have found my job and lifestyle of the last three years don't really lend well to sleep and dreaming.
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    Ludic in a strange city with monster citizens looking for K as usual lol

    by Mydera on 09-03-2018 at 02:12 PM
    I woke up in the back of an SUV. I noticed there was another girl beside me, and I had no clue how either of us got there. I looked outside and noticed that it was early pre-dawn, the sun wasn't quite up yet but it was light enough to see and it was quite foggy. I could see the buildings of a big city very close, and wondered how in the world I got so far from home and in the position I was now in. I asked myself if I could see those building so clearly from my home town, and logically realized that no, I could not. Then I see that one of the buildings is actually upside down, it's hanging from the sky instead of rising up from the ground. I'm dreaming!

    I open the SUV and disregard the other woman, she's just a dream character, and not in any danger. Looking around I am in the middle of a very busy city street, but not a big city with big buildings, a small city with only one and two story buildings. I decide that because I am finally lucid for the first time in months, I need to go find K. I start walking down the street to my right. I notice the people I am walking past all look like monsters, there's a girl with medusa hair, a ghost, and some zombies. I am not afraid though. I stand as straight as I can and picture myself in a fantasy game style tattered leather dress with a dagger by my side and light leather armor. I figure if everyone else looks like monsters I might as well look like a hero for my dream. A guy who looks like a young slender man waves at me and I politely say hello but keep walking towards what looks like a cinema.

    Everyone else walking the direction I am is going in there, but I can hear screams coming from inside as I get closer. I know there is something scary in there, something so scary it is scaring even the monsters around me. I stop and consider if I should go in or not. If I encounter something scary, K might come save like he used to do for my nightmare. Then again, it's been a very long time since he's had to save me from a nightmare. He may not show up and I may scare myself awake. I decide not to risk cutting the lucid dream short and turn back towards the SUV.

    I see a glass jar candle on a ledge and take the lid off from it. I start walking again, this time throwing the lid in the air and catching it so I can focus on something and not get caught up in the dream events surrounding me. After several tosses though, I realize I threw it too far forwards and I'm not going to catch it. My first instinct is to lunge forwards so I can catch it, but I stop myself because I feel like I can feel my body sleeping, and if make such a big exaggerated movement I think I might lunge out of my bed and wake myself up.

    The lid hits the ground and rolls to the left,striking the bottom of a bar counter. My lucidity is slipping here because I don't realize it's odd for a bar to be outside instead of in a building. I start walking towards the bar with the intent to ask the bartender if she has seen K. She is really busy though, and I am recognize that there are at least 3 people shouting their orders at her or trying to get her attention and it's very unlikely she'll have time to talk to me.

    I turn back to the street and keep walking. I pass the SUV, now walking towards the big city buildings, and see another less busy bar. This one has stairs behind it and a bridge that connects the bar to another building. The stairs are butted up against the bar and there are railings not walls, so I go half way up the stairs and wait for the bartender to walk towards the back of the bar. When he grabs some bottles from under the stairs I call out to him and ask, "Hey man, I'm looking for someone. Can you help me?" his response is very half assed and he's not really paying any attention to me, "Aren't we all? I'm busy." Undeterred I continue, "His name is K. Do you know him?" at the name, the bar tender's head shoots up and he looks at me startled. "What business do you have with K? Are you a younger woman? You're not very pretty." I'm annoyed, I'm not going to argue because I wouldn't consider myself attractive either. "No, I'm not pretty and I'm probably middle aged, but I need to find K. Do you know where he is?" The bar tender shakes his head, "It's none of my business." and starts to turn around. "Wait, I'll pay you!" I tell myself there's a pocket in the dress I am wearing with cash in it and so there is. I hold out first a $5 and a $10 and the bartender scoffs. I imagine the ten becoming a $20, and then the five becoming a $50. The bartender takes the money and tells me to look in the building across the bridge,in the dark hallway, the first door on my right. I thank him and go up the stairs and across the bridge.

    I see a dark hallways to the left, not even inside the building yet, and think this must be it. A guy is walking out of the door on the right as I approach the hall. He has blood around his mouth and covering his arms up to the elbows and is wiping his mouth on his shirt. He jumps when he see's me, and takes a step backwards, "Who are you?" "I'm looking for K. is he in there?" "What do you want with him?" "My name is B, I've been looking for him." He opens the door, but doesn't let his guard down, watching me the entire time instead of actually turning his head in the direction of inside the room. "Yo K, there's some girl out here looking for you."

    And I wake up for real this time -_-
    memorable , lucid

    9-18-2016 Three toilets in bathrooms, gas shortage, and a bad storm

    by Mydera on 09-18-2016 at 01:46 PM
    Dream One- I am in a large city standing on some sort of bridge walkway over a large and busy street surrounded by very tall sky scrapers. There is a man and a woman, dressed in very nice clothes standing in front of me talking excitedly to each other. What I can remember of the conversation they were making plans and preparing for something. I think they were my parents in the dream? I was really too busy just looking around at how huge and busy this place was to listen to the conversation. I remember everything in the city having kind of a bronze and gold tone to it with rounded edges everywhere, kind of futuristic I suppose. A guy stands behind me slightly to my right. I couldn't remember when I woke up if he was my boyfriend or Kurasawa, but I remember that he made me feel super comfortable and happy as if we'd been together forever. He steps forwards and reaches out for my hand and asks me if I would "Like to leave these two here to make there plans and go see what our rooms here are going to look like?" I take his hand and we walk into the big building to the right. The entrance to the building is absolutely stunning. There's a HUGE golden arch over the door with bronze accent lines above and below it. Inside the line that makes the top of the arch are many decorative white and grey moons that start as new in the beginning of the arch, full in the middle, and new again at the end of the arch. Inside the building are many double doors. We walk up to a set and he presses a button. The doors open to a HUGE elevator. We each walk into separate doors, but both doors are connected to the same double sized elevator. Along the back of the elevator is glass so I can watch the buildings around this one as we go up. I find myself freaking out a bit internally about the height, so I decide to stop looking out the window and distract myself. I turn to face the guy still with me, and walk in his direction. I am aware at this point that walking feels like I am wearing high heels. When I reach him, I reach up and wrap my arms around his neck and hold him close. He returns the hug and absentmindedly pets my hair while telling me it will be alright, I will get used to the heights when I ride the elevator every day. When the elevator stops, it opens up right to a room. It looks like a hotel room, with two beds, two desks, and a door that leads to what I assume is a bathroom. There really isn't much to look at in the main room, so I walk on through to the bathroom. What I find instead is a closet with three toilets inside of it, and another door. I mention out loud how incredibly awkward it is to have three toilets in one room because who's going to want to use the bathroom in front of and with three other people?! The guy laughs and shrugs and says something about how he could see it being useful in a party scenario where everyone was too trashed to care. I walk through the door on the other side of the closet to find a bathroom, this one also has three toilets, but a sink and what looks to be a HUGE tub on the other end. While I stop and stand at the toilets trying to figure out why on earth a room with two beds would ever need six toilets, the guy goes straight towards the tub to check it out. I hear a lady scream, and the guy start apologizing profusely and backing away with his arm over his eyes so he can't see. Turns out there was some chick naked and soaking in the tub that we couldn't see over the rim because the tub was sooooo big and she was laying back in the water. I step in to apologize for him and ask why she's there. Turns out that the room next to the one we were in shares this bathroom, and she lives in the other room.

    Dream Two- My mom calls me and wakes me up. She claims that my work was canceled because of the are's gas shortage. I think this must be total BS because my work doesn't close for much, and they'd probably expect us to walk or borrow our kids bikes My boyfriend wants to know why she's calling and I tell him, he suggests calling the employee hotline to make sure. I dial up the number and as it's going through it's typical thank you for calling spiel, I wake up.

    Dream Three- It's raining and windy outside. We are living in the house I grew up in, but it's my boyfriend, my kids, and I. My mom's there too for whatever reason. Mom and I step outside to see what's going on b/c the weather seems super crazy. a HUGE gust of wind comes, literally blowing us sideways like in a cartoon. The rain gets so heavy as well that the ground is flooding enough for the wind to make waves that wash over us. some trees start falling at the neighbor's house and I am relieved that our house isn't close enough to any trees to get hit. My mom falls over in the water and the wind. I help her prop herself up against one of our cars, and then rush to the garage to find a rope to help her into the house with. I tie the rope to the garage door, and carry the other end out to mom. I tie that end around her waist, and then go back to the garage and pull her in as she tries to walk and swim back to the garage. As soon as she is inside I close the doors and think everything is ok, but then we hear some loud crashing sounds. We look outside and the power lines are being blown over. We watch as they start falling and realize that the power poles are close enough to hit the house. I start running through the house trying to tell everyone to get on the other side of the house. I can see the poles hit the house, but they don't immediately crush the places they land, instead the ceiling starts dipping and bowing. My son is arguing because he doesn't want to leave the room he is in and the game he is playing, but I manage to sound urgent enough for him to leave the room JUST as a power line presses it's way through the ceiling and opens a big hole in the house. I am so relieved that everyone survived that, that I wake up.

    8-2-2016 & 8-3-2016 Splatoozle and a baby Dream

    by Mydera on 08-04-2016 at 02:39 AM

    I dreamed that I was playing a video game called Splatoozle. It was a colorful 16bit looking game with a black background. The title screen had a pink picture of Discord from My Little Pony. The point of the game was to move a curser up and down on the screen to avoid obstacles as the screen panned from left to right.


    Dream One- I was in the old part of Downtown Hic town with my boyfriend. We walked to the corner of the street where there was a lawyer's office. The office was "Thompson & (Something I can't remember)" The two sides that face the roads were full glass window walls in a golden or amber colored glass. My boyfriend and I are talking about the upcoming elections, and I say we should talk to this lawyer about how he feels the elections will go with the candidates supposedly having so many legal issues. We leave the corner, and cross the street. There's a large grand staircase that we walk down to a tunnel under the road, and I wake up.

    Dream Two- My boyfriend and I are driving home and it's snowing. Snow plows have plowed the roads in our neighborhood, but they pushed all that snow to the entrance of the neighborhood making snow walls blocking the way in. My boyfriend, A, floors the pedal and hits the snow wall at a high speed causing the jeep to jump right over the snow wall. We get home and I start to call into work letting them know I can't get out of the neighborhood to come in to work. As the phone rings, it starts to rain outside and I can see the rain melting the snow. I think I might be able to make it into work in an hour or two if the snow keeps melting at that rate. I wake up

    Dream Three (Fragment)- I am at my aunt's house with my boyfriend. somehow I end up giving birth to a baby boy. I'm laying in a bed holding this baby boy and expecting a second baby to be born any moment and I am not sure how to tell everyone that I am having a second baby as well, nor do I know how I know there's a second one on the way. I briefly wonder how I am going to explain conceiving two babies at the same time. One key "dream sign" in this is that my boyfriend was happy about the baby. In real life he doesn't want any children of his own, or even to adopt any more kids, especially not babies.

    6-25-2016 Just a bunch of fragments

    by Mydera on 06-26-2016 at 01:04 AM
    Fragment from over night- I am in the car talking about creating things in the world via manifestation. The car is parked at a restaurant near the house I grew up in, but the restaurant has been closed in waking life for a long time and was actually torn down a month or so ago for road expansion.

    Nap Fragments:

    Fragment One- I am walking with a small child, maybe 3 or 4 years old, through some grass and woods. I tell the child to watch his step because he doesn't want to step on a copperhead or anything. As soon as I say that, the child runs forwards giggling, not watching his step, and gets bit by a copperhead. I pick him up and rush to my car, letting one of the girls I work with (we'll call her K) know that I am taking him to the hospital and why. I think he may be her son?

    Fragment Two- My boyfriend and I are at some sort of car show. A guy I work with, S, is there with his car too. It's not for any particular type of vehicle though, and there are some really crazy looking themed cars with weird names like "the golden god" and "beast mobile". All the cars are parked side by side like ||||| but some announcer calls out the name of each car going down the line and when your car's name is called you back out of the line for everyone to see, then park at a diagonal like \\\\\ When it is our turn, we park super close to the straight car on our left and worry that they may hit us on their back out. they don't but they have to pull in super close to the car on their other side, and it starts a domino effect making us worry more with each car that someone is going to hit someone else's car down the line.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    6-23-2016 Baseball and dead chics

    by Mydera on 06-24-2016 at 01:03 AM
    I am playing baseball with a bunch of people I know and some I don't know. Among those I know is my boyfriend's older friend P, and a guy I work with E, along with friends from high school and college like EG. It's my turn to bat, and I walk over to the plate. Everyone starts joking around. E says he's gotta step back because I might hit him with the ball, and P says he's going to step closer to throw the ball so I can hit it easier. EG steps closer saying that if I do manage to hit the ball it's not going to go far. I joke back telling them I'm the best they'll ever see and there's no need to step back, I'll blast it too far for anyone to catch anyways. P surprised me by throwing the ball in mid joke, so of course I don't even swing at it and E isn't expecting it either so he doesn't catch it. The ball flies past E, bounces on the ground, and then rolls down a hill into some woods. we go to get the ball, and stop at the top of the hill. It's super steep, and at the bottom are three figures laying in the grass. We can't tell if they are mannequins or dead women and everyone gets quiet for a bit. Some girl who I don't know in real life gets brave and scampers down the hill to touch one of the thing's hands. she runs back up the hill and reports that it felt like some sort of gel so it must be a mannequin. Everyone else buys this, shrugs, and goes inside. I notice one of the women moan and move slightly and know they must be dead bodies, but one is still alive! I run inside the house to tell everyone, and someone suggests I call 911. I try to call from inside the house, but all those people make it too loud. I step outside onto the front porch to make the call where it is quieter. A guy with shoulder length dark hair and kind of an emo cut is on his way up the porch steps as I walk out though. I recognize him as my older brother's best friend (I don't have an older brother lol) and say hey to him. He says hey back, and then I notice his hoodie. The hoodie reminds me that I had given my older brother the money for a hoodie, but he had told me it was going to cost me $50 less than I thought it would. I realize int he dream that his best friend had given him money to help me pay for the hoodie because we played the game the hoodie had the logo for online together.I think the hoodie said battlefield in red hollowed block letters with splatters of red all around it on the back. I tell him I know he helped me pay for my hoodie, and that I really appreciate it. I give him a platonic hug, and then ask him if we can play the game after I call 911. He seems pretty happy about that and goes inside. My big brother is outside walking my dogs so I wave to him as well and them start trying to call 911. I can't get my phone to work right though. At first it tries to open the internet browser, then it tries to call 611 instead of 911. After several attempts the call finally goes through. When the dispatcher guy answers the phone, I have a hard time understanding him. I ask him to repeat that please, and then I notice a ten year old girl walk out of the house. She's black so I think she might be E's daughter. Then I notice a dude with an Afro and solid white eyes walking up the hill that the bodies are at the bottom of carrying a chair. I run over to the girl and tell her to go back inside. She worries that I might be hurt outside, and I tell her not to worry that my brother and his buddy will have my back if there's trouble. Then I tell the dispatcher that we have another situation starting. The guy with whited out eyes sets the chair down and runs off back down the hill, but another guy comes up the hill to pick the chair back up and walk up the street with it. A blonde chic runs out of the house screaming that the guy with the chair is stealing her clothes. When I turn and look back the chair has turned into a flowery green crochet tank top. I run after him and tackle him to the ground. My older brother and his dark haired friend come rushing out of the house to help hold the guy down. The blonde chic pulls a giant rolled up carpet out of no where and rolls it out and around the fence corner. It's a timeline of her relationship with her current boyfriend complete with pictures and dates of what she deems important events. I wake up.

    *Side note, pretty sure the dark haired friend was a musician (or maybe a fan running that musician's facebook fan page, I honestly don't know who's picture was on the page lol) that I had looked up yesterday hoping to find more than the handful of songs I knew by him? Her? I thought about that when one of those songs cam eon my MP3 player and I remembered I felt the same comfortable and familiar vibes from that dc that I do when I listen to those songs.

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