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    Lucid #5 - Very vivid

    by MyNameIsNotPa on 12-01-2012 at 05:04 PM
    I had a lucid dream last night, my 5th! This one was the first one vivid enough to actually write about. It was short, but sweet. And I think I've broken a long dry spell after attempting to get back into LDing!

    I was in one of my classrooms, at a desk. I looked around for a while, bored. I decided to idly nose RC. I do that often in real school. I found that I was breathing through my held nose. It felt like my nose was running, but I could still breathe. I looked down and tried to count my fingers, losing count multiple times. I got pretty excited. I looked around the room again. I have never had a dream this vivid. The entire thing felt completely real. It was so bright, too. I was surprised. All I can remember that was out of the ordinary was that my teacher was not the right teacher for the class I was in, and a thin, faded black border around the edge of my vision. I got out of my chair, thinking of what to do. I walked over to my teacher, holding my nose harder to confirm that it was a dream. I was going to slap him in the face just for fun, but wasn't confident enough. I turned around and walked to the classroom door, thinking of what to do. I told myself that my friend was just outside the door. When I opened the door, my friend wasn't there, and some visual distortions and purplish-blue spots faded in and out of my vision-something that happens when my dreams collapse. I stopped thinking and they slowly stopped. I walked down the hall, finally remembering I should stabilize the LD. I was pretty excited at that point that i was able to stop the distortions. I walked to one side of the hall to rub my hand on the wall, hoping to stabilize the dream, but that is all I remember.
    lucid , memorable

    Remembered a Dream for once in a long time

    by MyNameIsNotPa on 04-29-2012 at 02:59 AM
    Black = Dream
    Blue = Comment/Not Dream
    Red = Lucid

    So glad I remembered a dream, and quite well too..
    I am in a state of the art mall with a friend, E. We are pretty bored and walk up to a conference table and take a seat. Across the short side of the rounded rectangular wooden table, 2 businessmen in suits are obviously having a business discussion of some sort. I didnt think my DCs talked amongst themselves, apparently this is false. My friend mentions watching a cartoon movie that he brought along. Something like a cross between anime and Despicable Me in terms of what the movie looked like and was about. I ask the men across the table if we can watch the movie on the big screen behind us. They say it's fine. So E puts the movie in the centerpiece of the table, a very long xbox 360 with multiple disk ports. This is a well thought out conference area. The movie starts and I get bored pretty quickly. I decide to continue work on what I am building in a small part of the mall where you can build anything you want easily with giant digital lego-type blocks. I'm building an aquarium. I add some rocks to one tank and work on making some broken pipes look realistic beside the entrance to my aquarium. E comes over right when I finish and asks me to show him. I give him a little tour through what i've built. There are 2 exits to the aquarium and E takes the bad exit, where I basically built a lava temple that looked like stereotypical hell. I grab him and walk him over to the good exit, where there is just a cobweb in the corner to remind me of the bad exit. After rushing him out, I show off another thing I was building, the payload cart from TF2. The track lays itself out in big blue slabs as I walk over to the cart, explaining that it dispenses health and ammo just like the real thing. The cart is blue all over instead of blue and white, which seems to be how my subconscious remembers it for multiple reasons. I walk over to the cart as a lego-like brick extends from a few feet away from the cart to a few feet from me. Then I wake up.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Weird Neighbors

    by MyNameIsNotPa on 04-14-2012 at 03:04 PM
    I'm watching a prank TV show called "Weird Neighbors". *The pranksters have set up a mudkip impression booth at the entrance to the local library, where they meet everyone who comes in with a horrible moaning noise right in their face, then try to charge them money for the impression. *The next prank is the finale of the show. *The squad stands at the side of a country back road, signaling for a ride from passing cars. *An old blue pickup truck with two old farmers riding pulls up. *The squad of pranksters thanks them and gets in. *It's not long before one of them acts very sick and exclaims he needs to take a dump. *Unfortunately they are in the middle of nowhere so the farmers stop and hand him an egg carton. *He walks away, acts like dumping in the carton, and then starts running back holding the carton limply and pinching his nose. *Right when he reaches the farmers he trips and they nearly have a heart attack. *Its the end of the show, I wake up.

    Finally had a snowboarding dream at least

    by MyNameIsNotPa on 04-14-2012 at 02:59 PM
    Im a snowboarder tasked to keep watch over the mountain and fix any problems that arise, no matter the difficulty. *My first job is on the slope known for insane winds. *An avalanche is beginning to build and I have to stop it before it reaches the town. *As I walk away from my drop off helicopter a gust of wind blows it off the cliff. *Its up to the pilot now, so I drop in to the slope. *The avalanche proves, like most avalanches, to be unstoppable by one snowboarder. *When I reach the town its oddly unscathed. *I look back. *The avalanche is harmlessly turning into a stream of water on the strip of desert on the mountain slope. M is waiting at the town. *She says Christmas is tomorrow. *What? We haven't even set up a tree!
    --no recall here--
    My next task is to rescue a crying young boy (nobody i havd ever met) named Timmy from a cable car parked at the top of a slope. *M is busy in town looking on her iPod on an app that is basically a welcome to visitors, so I'm on my own. *I pick up T and begin the ride down. *We crash and I suddenly find myself back at the top of the slope. *I respawned? *I decide to try to mess up what I now see as a scripted scenario in a game, I walk in front of T to see if he spazzes out trying to walk through me like most video game characters. *Suddenly my sworn enemies known to cause trouble on the slopes show up. *I ask what they are here for. *They say nothing but they show me a video clip of a YTMV of T crying. *I wake up.

    Lucid 3

    by MyNameIsNotPa on 04-12-2012 at 02:08 PM
    I had my first successful DEILD last night without even trying or practicing DEILD. *I woke up from a dream and moved around a bit without thinking but decided to instantly return to my sleeping position and freeze. *Soon I was sleeping and I somehow just simply realized I was dreaming. *Maybe it was ADA and not DEILD? *Anyway I did the nose plug RC and counted my fingers. *I had 11 fingers. *I remembered dream stabilization and focused on looking at everything around me. *I don't remember what I exactly saw very well but I was in a fancy hotel. *After stabilizing the dream I was suddenly confronted by a few DCs and nearly forgot I was dreaming. *I ignored them and decided to try to fly with a jet pack and succeeded... Until it crashed and I was back with the DCs. *They kept pestering me about sonething I had to do and I saw my dream getting blurry and start to fade. *I tried rubbing my hands and spinning, it didn't do anything. *I got the stupid idea to fall backwards instead of use verbal commands to restabilize it. *I immediately went into a false awakening, but didn't reality check. **
    Too bad I forgot the dream I was in before my lucid and I barely remember my lucid itself but I guess that's what practice is for.

    Updated 04-12-2012 at 04:16 PM by MyNameIsNotPa