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    Lots of fragments, no lucidity

    by Mystycal on 08-13-2014 at 10:39 AM
    Fragment 1
    I remember my dad preparing to leave to go somewhere (Belarus?) and saying that in his absence I would have to go to this shop and pick up some things he ordered on the Internet. I said okay, and asked where the shop was. He said it was in a country which was not in Europe. He expected me to travel thousands of kilometres, apparently. He also said that when he comes back we'll have to go the United States at one point. I thought that was cool since I have never been there.

    Fragment 2
    I was in a building that was presumably meant to be my school, but like large buildings tend to be in my dreams, it wasn't quite finished. There were staircases leading to nowhere and staircases without bannisters and such. I was going up this one staircase because I wanted to show this girl where something was, though I don't remember what.I went up this staircase which was made in a lavish style with gold bannisters. The staircase went up like a corkscrew but soon the bannisters ended, and then after so did the stairs. There was about a two metre gap between the last step and the gallery that we wanted to get on. However, the gallery was on our level vertically. There was a rope going from the gallery to our staircase, as a kind of improvised way to cross.
    There was about a 10 metre drop from the highest step to the floor, so it was going to be dangerous, especially with no safety equipment. One of my old teachers was on the gallery opposite us, encouraging us to cross and not be scared.
    The girl behind me hugged me tightly and said she was scared. It was the cutest goddamn thing ever. I, like a fearless gentleman, stroked her hand and reassured her that everything was going to be okay and that she should just do exactly as I do.
    With that, my recall takes a break and resumes when we're in this garden sort of place. There is a wide stone path running down the middle. It's an obstacle course; there are darker patches on the path on which you're supposed to walk, and then there are lighter ones which you can't touch. She went ahead of me this time; it was quite easy, though I remember losing my balance once.
    We got to a green patch of the path, about two metres long. There were signs on it - they explained that we couldn't touch the grass as it was against the rules, but that later on we'd find water as well (which wasn't actually water but just blue patches) and we could step on those. We could also step on ice. We jumped over the grassy patch and that's where my recall ends.

    Fragment 3
    I also remember at one point texting my girlfriend and being annoyed at her for some reason.

    Fragment 4
    I also remember being in a school with my brother and to our right there was a figure of a child holding up a book; there was the title in black letters and a subtitle underneath it saying "SUVAT" but the "T" was made by what looked like the end of a steaming flute. We laughed.
    "Ahhh, I remember SUVATs" I said. My brother read out the rest of the title as something like "Basic School Textbook of Mathematics".

    Fragment 5
    I was taking a bath in water too cold for my taste. As in, water which was not hot, although it was still pretty warm. There were two bath tubs, one on top of the other, though the top one was to the side of the bottom one so you could climb into the bottom one. I barely remember filling up one of them. I sat in the bottom bathtub and could see all the dirt swim around in the water. I got up and looked down, and noticed that my private parts were bleeding. I wasn't too concerned and I submerged myself again.

    Fragment 6
    My brother and I were at what was supposed to be some kind of scout initiation thing. We were going to be scouts, and we were in a group with about five girls. So we were the only guys. We all stood in a row and one of the girls stepped forward and put her arms out to the sides. The people in the row did too, including my brother. I had no clue what was going on but I did the same. Then the row sang like two or three lines of a song while swaying to the tune. I tried to copy them. I suddenly remembered that we were supposed to have read the scout initiation handbook and that I hadn't bothered to read it.
    Once the dance was complete, the girl chose another girl to replace her. That girl then went up and we did the same thing again. This continued for a few times.

    Fragment 7
    I was walking down an alleyway when I noticed a small man standing in the bottom half of a camcorder and with the top half on his head. As I got closer, he noticed me and went into the bottom half, forming a complete camcorder. I stopped in front of him and bent down, then waved to the lens, showing him that I'd noticed him. Then I continued on my way, but after a few steps quickly looked over my shoulder. The man was standing up again. Then my siblings came to me and we all opened up the camcorder and pulled the little man out.He looked dead but he came around after a short while. He then thanked us for setting him free and ran away.

    I was in a building that had a courtyard. I was looking out of a glass-less window at the courtyard. I had what looked like a First World War rifle on me and I had the absolute conviction that I was fighting for all that is good in the world. There were soldiers in cover in the courtyard and they were shooting at me. I was shooting back, except my gun seemed to be a Quasar Laser gun and it didn't shoot bullets at all, but I was trying to hit the soldiers as much as I could. Their guns were just like mine, though they also had pistols. There were other people shooting at the soldiers next to me.
    I remember one soldier leaning right out of cover and I hit the end of his gun, causing it to jam. Then he leaned left and I shot again. After a while the shooting stopped and people gathered on the courtyard.The soldiers were taking them prisoner. I went around the building, careful not to be seen from the courtyard. I was seen by one of my friends, who nodded. I then went around and ended up seperated from a courtyard by a heavy gate, a kind of a portcullus. The courtyard behind it was now huge, with Polish flags hung all around it. I noticed an old woman at the opposite end of the courtyard and I thought that she had supernatural knowing powers, so it was vital she didn't notice me. I also had this thought in my head that said that if I thought along those lines, the dream would act my thoughts out and I'd get spotted.
    Somehow, I didn't get lucid, but the old woman did notice me and started to point at me. I turned from the gate and there were two people there; I asked where the exit to the castle was. They pointed down the corridor. I started running. I came out onto a stone square, still on castle grounds, and noticed a lot of people escaping as well. I ran towards the exits which were towers that you had to go up and then out of the caste, since the castle was in an area of lowered ground. The towers were completely crowded, so I went to the left of one and I climbed up the wall of the crater. I came out onto the road and looked behind me.
    There were two men on horseback, they looked like hussars of the Polish army from the 17th century. They were pushing through the crowd, going to get me. Then I thought I was in a dream, though I still didn't get lucid, and pulled out my sabre which I suddenly had. Then the dream dissolved and I imagined killing the men, by first slashing across the knees of the horses.

    Three more lucids, but recall suffered

    by Mystycal on 08-12-2014 at 11:46 AM
    I had three lucids, but could only remember a fragment of the second and the whole of the third. My recall suffered last night presumably because I went to bed a bit stressed and very late.

    Fragment of nonlucid
    I remember at one point waking up and going to our kitchen. There was this cook/cleaner lady there who we hired in the dream. She kept moaning and complaining about everything and was generally obnoxious. I got a glass of water and drank it. She was wearing an apron and was quite old.
    A while later we had another housekeeper lady and we sat down for dinner. There were baked beans, potatoes and chicken. Everyone loved the meal.

    Fragment of Second Lucid
    I became lucid and wanted to go outside. My sister was walking past so I decided to look her in the eyes and see if her face was normal in the dream. It was. I can't remember anything else from the dream.

    Fragment of nonlucid
    I was fighting this massive orc guy in armour. We both had battleaxes and the only way to hurt him was wait until he attacks, parry and then counter, like in Assassin's Creed. Just attacking him was bound to fail - he parried everything flawlessly. But there was a problem - he wouldn't attack for ages. It was as if he'd glitched out or something. I took a few steps backwards. He was on this pedestal a few steps up. He just stood there looking at me. I attacked, he parried, sending my axe flying across the sandy courtyard. I ran backwards and picked up a sword. But the guy wouldn't move, and I can't remember anything else.

    Third Lucid Dream
    My dad, brother and I were walking around town which was bursting with pickpockets. Seriously, everytime we paused to look at something, they'd all be all around my dad like flies. He kept pushing them away. One time we went into a public toilet and as my brother and I were peeing, my dad had already finished and there were about three pickpockets on him, and he was pushing them away. We finished and then went towards him, shooing the pickpockets away. One of them said, "We know what make your wallet is now" to my dad.
    We kept going and outside the toilets I asked dad if they'd succeeded in stealing anything. He said he doesn't think so.
    "They're not getting my bracelet," he said, "and definitely not my necklace." I thought what? My dad wears jewellery? But sure enough, I saw a gold chain around his neck. I got the impression that they were given to him by his wife...but not my mum. Suddenly he wasn't my dad anymore. He was Phil Dunphy from Modern Family.
    And the dream fastforwarded a few years, to a time when his wife had died. Phil had gone insane, his life didn't mean anything to him. I remember seeing him run out of a house, an American-type house. He was holding a knife of some sort with a weird contraption on it. He turned back towards the house. Another man came out with an identical knife and threw it. That knife whizzed through the air, but didn't rotate - instead it just flew like a homing missile. Phil blocked it with a rectangular piece of colourful material, probably made out of something like kevlar. The knife burrowed its tip into the material, still trying to get him.Then it retreated and hung in the air like a wasp. I saw the construction - it was a normal army knife, except it had attached to it at the bottom what looked like a magazine from a Tommy gun from those gangster movies. The component was round and made of metal. It was responsible for the knife being able to fly.
    The two men went back inside, talking about how fun the game was. I followed and suddenly became an actual person as opposed to just a viewpoint. Phil, tired, sat down in my nan's chair and suddenly we were in my house. Me and the other guy sat down at opposite sides of a little table in front of Phil.
    "Take out the pens" said Phil. I went over to a little cupboard and took out two more knives, but they had much narrower blades, clearly designed for thrusting and not cutting at all. They looked deadly, and had pens tied to the blades. I extended one pen over the edge of the blade, Phil did the same with his. I retreated back to the table.
    "And now we shall play with theeeseeee" said Phil in his crazy voice. The other guy looked at me, terrified. I looked at him in the same way. I decided a swift exit was of highest priority. I got up and ran for the door. Phil screamed in rage and I could hear him going after me. As I was leaving, I saw the other guy put on a world war II helmet and curling up in his seat. I ran out of my house.
    About halfway to the gate, I realised it was a dream. The garden was sunny and I had seen this setting too many times before not to realise I was in a dream. Suddenly my priority became to get rid of Phil so I could get on with my lucid. I stopped by the gate and turned around. Phil was running towards me, almost foaming at the mouth. I raised my hand kinda like Neo does in The Matrix Reloaded to stop all the bullets, and I willed Phil to stop. When he was about a meter away, he did freeze indeed, and then I waved my hand to the right. He was thrown on the floor with an invisible force. He was alive, but visibly hurt, though I'm pretty sure non-lethally. He seemed to be in a lot of pain. I concluded he would no longer be a problem in this dream.
    I turned around and climbed over the gate. Once over I stabilized the dream by paying attention to my surroundings the feel of my feet on the street. I held out my hand and willed and imagined a sword materializing in it. Nothing happened. I tried again, with no luck. I racked my brains to try to remember other ways of summonning objects. And I remembered one.
    "Oh wait, I REMEMBER: I put a LIGHTER in my POCKET" I said, very pointedly. Suddenly I was wearing a coat and put my hand into my right pocket. There was a lighter. I pulled it out. It was quite big and just made of plain shiny steel. I produced a flame and held it up. There were two dogs looking at me from a balcony of the house to my right, and I showed them the flame, impressed with myself. Then I put the lighter back in my pocket and said,
    "I swear I remember putting a SWORD in my other pocket." And I reached into my left pocket hoping beyond hope that there'd be something in there. I felt some loose paper, but I closed my hand around something that felt more solid and pulled it out. It was a stiletto of sorts, still in its sheaf, quite light. It was still bigger than what could realistically fit in my pocket, but not as big as a sword. Still, I was quite pleased with myself. Still holding the sword I came to a crossroads. I thought I'd explore my subconsciousness a bit.
    "Subconscious, show yourself!" I shouted. My voice was louder than I expected. I hoped that my physical body was well paralysed and not screaming in bed.
    The streets, which had up until now been eerily lifeless, came to life. I heard barking behind me and turned around. Behind one of the houses' fences was a medium sized dog, running up and down the fence and barking at me. I looked around - there was a Jeep coming to me up the road. It stopped right next to me. There was the driver - a middle aged man, either bald or losing hair, I can't remember - next to him a large dog, what looked like a cross between a Collie and a German Shepherd, and then in the back sat my sister and another dog. I opened the back door and climbed in. I looked at the driver.
    "Are you supposed to be my subconscious?"
    The man shook his head and looked at the dog next to him on the passenger seat. My gaze followed his. I suddenly realised that I wasn't looking at a dog, rather a man. Morgan Freeman to be precise, except he looked older than he is and he had something distinctly dog-like about him.
    "YOU'RE my subconscious?! Morgan Freeman?!" I said, laughing. Morgan smiled and nodded. "You look a bit...different" I said.
    "You don't look so bad yourself," he replied. The driver laughed. "I like the hair. It suits you." I thanked him. Lately in real life my hair was getting quite long.
    "Anyway," I said, wanting to get on with more meaningful interactions with my subconscious, "where are we going?" We were driving up the road and then turned left onto the main road between Warsaw and Lublin. We were going towards Warsaw.
    "Well, your sister will explain." said Morgan.
    I turned to my sister. She started going on about our friend's birthday party and how she didn't have any shoes to wear.
    Then the dream ended and I woke up. Goddamnit subconscious.

    Three lucid dreams, got around to doing TotM's! :D

    by Mystycal on 08-11-2014 at 07:28 AM
    It was a third-person viewing of a guy with some kind of silver medallion exploring these Stonehenge-like ruins for something like the Key to Lucidity I think. There was a compass which pointed in different directions depending on where in the ruin you were.
    I was sitting with my siblings in a room and became lucid. I decided to make the lucid last and for a while just sit on the floor in a meditative position and just be aware and be lucid. So I did. My mum came in with a basket of laundry and started talking a lot about nothing much, as she always does, and I just imagined her lips shutting to make her shut up. It didn't seem to be working very well, but then she turned to me and asked, "Are you trying to shut me up?" I nodded. She smiled and walked away. I sat on the floor another half a minute or so, just contemplating the dream and lucidity.
    Then I decided I would go have sex, so I got up and went outside to give into my dream libido.
    Just then, the dream ended.

    I woke up. "Crap, the Tasks of the Month!" I thought, and went back to sleep.

    I appeared in my room, it was dark. I was unsure first whether it was a dream, in fact I thought it wasn't, but the self-awareness I had been doing all day suggested otherwise when I felt it in the dream. The cupboards were open for some reason, so I tried to telekinetically close a window by forcing it shut with my will, which didn't work. Then I tried a much lighter approach, just waving my hand while having the intention in my mind of the window closing, and it worked a dream (pun intended). I then did the same with all the cupboards, and opened the door onto the corridor in the same way.
    I went into the living room and because it was night time, I quickly pushed the Moon out of the way and pushed the Sun up. The Sun was small and square like in Minecraft, but it provided enough light for it to feel like a warm summer's sunny day. Once this was done, I went outside, paying attention to my surroundings and stabilizing the dream as I went. Some people walked past my house; I remembered the foreign word basic task of the month and I started running towards them shouting, "Hey! Hey you!" they turned around and walked up to the gate to my garden.
    "Give me a word in a foreign language!", I said, hoping I'd remember once they did, and hoping they won't turn out to be unhelpful DC's.They were what looked like a group of students - I think there were four, a girl, two guys of average height and one tall guy, standing at the back. The tall guy spoke in a friendly tone:
    "Rystkievin". At least I'm pretty sure it was Rystkievin, I made an effort to remember it. I repeated it to be sure, and he did also, nodding. The "vin" part was pronounced in the French way of pronouncing "vin".
    "What does it mean?", I asked.
    "Everyone has a right to fair play.", he said. A DC that actually talked sense. Wow. I can actually imagine how there would be a foreign word or expression to mean that kind of thing.
    I thanked the DC's and they walked away. Then I remembered the other task - rob a bank with a banana! I exited the gate and went left, and neighbouring my house was some kind of building with a couple of shops in it and some kind of Starbucks drive-thru or something. I had tried to incubate a bank to be built there in my mental map before I went to sleep, but I half-assed it so all that appeared was this building.
    I wasn't sure if there was a bank in there. Oh well, I wasn't going to be defeated. I noticed this one particular room of the building, accessible from a little outdoor corridor which was drilled into the building, in which there were heaps and stacks of banknotes. The room was shut behind a metal fence door, but I didn't have much of a problem opening it. It was a bank vault. As soon as I went in, alarms went off but I also noticed I had accomplices with me. About three other guys, all in masks and holding machine guns. I also had a machine gun, but it was a Lego one and I could only pretend to shoot from it, although it seemed that it could kill people just fine.
    There was a little table in the middle with heaps of "50" banknotes on it, and one of my accomplices pocketed most of the money. I said I'd take the remainder just in case we got split up and stuffed the notes into my pocket. At that point, some people at the door started shooting at us and we started shooting back. We killed all but about one, who had one of our guys as a hostage with a gun to his head. My guys put their hands up; I hid behind the table. Then the guy said there was another guy hidden in the ventilation shaft, a sniper ready to kill us, and he let go of our guy. At this point I stood up from cover and pretend shot a few rounds into the ventilation shaft on the wall, my men shot the last guy. We got out of there with the money and all split up. Then I was walking down the street and wanted to summon my girlfriend for a bit of fun, pleased that I had completed the TotM.
    She didn't appear however, and I woke up.

    "Rob a bank with a BANANA" I thought, annoyed at myself that I had used machine guns. I fell asleep again, desperate to rectify my mistake.

    My family and I were eating strawberries with cream in my room. There's nothing really unusual about that. But then my self-awareness kicked in; I suddenly questioned the reality I was in. But it all seemed so real. I was questioning my reality but didn't believe it to be a dream - then I did the nose pinch reality check. Sure enough, I could breathe. I couldn't believe it! It took me completely by surprise. I immediately went outside my house, repeating arithmetic calculations in my head all the while to make sure I keep my logic active in the dream and stay lucid. I also paid attention to my surroundings, stabilizing the dream. I went out of the gate to my house and turned left again, and came upon the same building again. "Rob the bank with a BANANA", I thought, and looked around. Behind me there was what looked like a massive inflatable banana lying on the floor. I grabbed it with my right hand and made a magical gesture with my left, shrinking the banana to normal size and properties - it now looked exactly like a regular banana, only I didn't think to taste it. I went into the building and went behind this counter. Behind the cashier's place I could see the entrance to the bank vault - it was like I was looking at a mini bank of some sort.
    There was no cashier. Wielding the banana, I went up to the till (which was conveniently left wide open) and pocketed a handful of notes, so technically I did steal from a bank, even though I didn't rob the vault. I turned and saw my dad, who was holding some kind of keyring thing with a button on it. He pressed it.
    "Now we will see if they respond. You better not have stolen that money."
    I pushed past him and ran out of the door. Alarms went off. He started talking about how I will never amount to much and how the best thing I ever did was join a church choir and how at that point he thought I was going to grow up into a good person but I disappointed him. Amused, but wanting to run away from the police, I went left out of the door and sprinted into the bushes. I ran through a wooded bit and came out onto an asphalt road - there was a black audi coming down it.
    It occurred to me that it was an unmarked police car, but I kept running. They turned on their lights and sirens and drove down the road in my direction. They stopped about 5 metres away from me.
    "Stay the f**k away, I have a f***ing banana!", I screamed, and I held up my banana. The policemen looked terrified.
    "S**t, another psycho bank robber!" shouted one of them.
    I turned around and kept running through a little grassy square. The dream dissolved around me and I woke up, at 6:50am, having had three lucid dreams and being unable to go back to sleep because I managed to complete two TotMs and had three lucids before it was even anywhere close to my usual wake up time.
    lucid , task of the month

    Two lucids!

    by Mystycal on 08-10-2014 at 05:53 PM
    First Dream

    I woke up in the hallway of my house,in a dream, and remember seeing my nan talking to someone else, and I was irritated that they woke me up so I can't lucid dream. I checked the time; 8:20am. I then went back to sleep, remember hearing buzzing and feeling water in my ears and entering another dream - I thought I had successfully WILD'ed, but later on of course realized it was just an FA and then a DILD.I was lucid. I appeared in my room and the lamps were on, I ran outside my room to the living room. It was night time outside. Both my siblings were on the couch, and I told them that I was lucid dreaming. My brother said, "cooool" skeptically. I went up to the door of my living room which opens onto the garden and looked up at the sky. There I saw the Moon, so I thought it'd be cool to change the time to day, so I held up my right hand and pushed the moon down across the sky, and then once the Sun appeared on the horizon I pushed it up to about noon. It became day and sunny. Pleased with myself, I ran outside and tried to summon Ani, this girl I had created in my imagination, because I wanted to do it as a kind of experiment if I could design people and bring them into my dreams. I held out my hand behind me and imagined her and willed her to appear like with Justin Bieber the other night, but instead my girlfriend appeared.
    Still, I wasn't complaining. It wasn't exactly what I wanted but since I haven't seen my girlfriend for about a month and won't see her for another few weeks because I'm on holiday, I thought it could be a fun dream anyway. We made out in front of my house in the sunshine, laughing all the way. It was a beautiful experience. Then I stood up, not wanting to use my whole dream up on kissing, said my goodbye and walked onto the road. I then proceeded to walk to our local shop, the shelves of which were very unusually empty and there were people everywhere all holding the same item, which I can't remember what it was but I think big cartons of apple juice. They were all arguing and complaining, and then I remember seeing my dad start touching up some random guy, so I without further ado I got out of there. Outside I tried to materialize an apple pie in my right hand but it wouldn't appear, though I did feel some tingling.
    I then saw a massive chair factory to my left, and decided that my siblings and I should try to rob it. We ran over there and my brother and I started loading chairs into this forklift-like vehicle.
    The chairs were all flatpacked, and I broke one accidentally when I dropped it. The people at the factory soon noticed, but there was also another gang of furniture thieves who occupied their attention. I think that by that point I had lost most of my lucidity, because why the hell would I be stealing chairs in a lucid dream?
    In any case, then someone intervened and said that we'd play a game of cops and robbers of sorts, and the chair thieves would be in teams and be given a head start and then we'd get chased down. But in the end it came down to me sprinting away from the factory and these people trying to chase me down. When I came out of the factory grounds, I saw my old physics teacher coming the opposite direction and he said, "On my start" and I stopped and said I had already started. He winked and told me that he was trying to help me. So I kept running. But I was running my fastest when this girl caught up to me and tapped my back, like it was a game of It. I stopped, knowing that I'd lost. But then sprayed a deck of cards in her face, for which I got criticised by my physics teacher. Yeah, no lucidity at all by that point.
    I woke up and looked at my phone: 7:58am.

    Second Dream

    A few friends and I were at some kind of airport, waiting for someone's auntie. When she came I decided she was definitely a MILF. Then we were walking down a street close to my house and BAM, lucidity. I broke away from the group and decided to go have sex with someone, since I sensed that the dream was really shallow anyway and would end quite soon. There were numerous girls on bicycles but they were quite fast, so I telekinetically made their bikes break down and stop. But I was way too picky damnit. After stopping one or two girls I saw another one pass me, and she was very fit. So I waved my hand, imagining the front wheel of the bike coming off. It did, but the bike turned into a car. It spun out on the hard shoulder of the road. I went up to the car. A man also did, opened the door and sat inside, talking to the woman. They were husband and wife. I opened the door, grabbed the man's head and threw it out of the car, the body vanished. She looked at me horrified as I sat next to her.
    She said, "You just threw a human head out of the car!"
    Me: "Nonono, it was just a piece of dust." - just wanting to get the talking over with.
    Her: "No, it was definitely a human head."
    Me: "No it wasn't! It was just some dust!" And I sidled over to her, admiring her body. And then the dream dissolved too quickly for me to do anything in the way of stabilization, and vanished. I woke up.

    Updated 08-10-2014 at 06:02 PM by Mystycal

    lucid , false awakening

    A short lucid, but fulfilled a dream goal!

    by Mystycal on 08-10-2014 at 05:48 PM

    I was travelling with two people - a guy and a girl. I remember having a camp somewhere snowy, blizzardy even, and I remember that we were getting chased by this monster thing. Soon I was in my house, with the guy and girl nowhere to be seen, but there were guards patrolling outside the house, protecting me. I had some kind of electric superpower, so because I was bored I pointed my hands towards the window and charged my power, just in time for one of the guards to walk past my window. I couldn't stop myself and electrocuted him. He fell down, pale as dead people are. Another guard quickly ran over and inspected the body, trying to wake him up. The eyes jolted open and the guard started. The eyes then closed. I knew what was going on - the bad magic that was following us was turning the guard into a zombie.
    I ran out of my room into the corridor and then the living room, hearing a scream from the guard and an exclamation along the lines of, "He bit me!" and then he entered through the front door. I asked if he'd been bitten. He showed me his arm, with a nasty, swelled up bite on his forearm. I knew there was no hope for him so I was gonna kill him, but then realised he can still fight and killing him would turn him into a zombie anyway. Meanwhile, the other guard, now turned into a ghostly white, toddler-sized monster with a relatively big head, small torso and spider-like arms and legs ran into the room and burrowed into the wall.
    There were by now other people in the room, trying to see where the monster thing went. Cracks started appearing in the walls and ceiling before it re-emerged from the wall, ran a bit along it. I electrocuted it but it recovered quickly. Turns out, these things were notoriously difficult to kill. People were trying to hack it with swords, there appeared more monsters, it turned into a battle. I was electrocuting every nonhuman thing I could find. In amidst the chaos there was what looked like a young woman with completely black eyes (as in, no whites could be seen) and black hair. She was actually pretty hot even though her eyes were so strange. She turned out to be some vampire-like being, only without fangs, and she was commandeering the monsters. She grabbed my hand and bit it, but not in a vicious way at all, more like seductively. I looked at my hand and saw what looked essentially like a lovebite. I felt myself getting worried that I'd turn into a zombie, but then I thought, "wait, this is a dream, I won't turn into a zombie".
    I became lucid.
    I thought it was tempting to have sex with this woman...but then I remembered my LD goals and how I've wanted to punch Justin Bieber for ages and how I recently read about a summoning DC technique that might work. I ran outside through my front door and fell onto the grass, stabilizing the dream.Just in front of my house I put my hand behind me, imagined Justin Bieber and willed him to take my hand. Once he did, I led him around to in front of me. He was grinning like an idiot and didn't have a hat that I imagined him with, but it was Bieber nonetheless. I proceeded to make a solid punch across his face. He spun around on the spot and toppled onto the floor. Mission accomplished. The dream was destabilizing so I threw myself down onto the grass again, but the dream dissolved and I woke up.

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