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    StarLand [ IMGN-BETA ]

    by Myu on 08-17-2014 at 06:30 PM
    Starland is a "Astral Game" that anyone in the universe can play! Instead of playing Video games for hours and hours with limitations, you can create your own game... FOR FREE! Starland is for people who love to share dreams, have Astral projections, and OBE's! You can think of Starland as an "4D Infinite Open World MMORPG Game". The possibilities are endless, as far as your imagination can take you!

    How To Play! : Starland is playable during OBE's ( Lucid Dreaming, Astral Projection, etc. ).

    To play Starland all you have to do is imagine it! IT's THAT EASY!

    *( You do not have to use these terms by any means. MAKE UP YOUR OWN TERMS IF YOU WANT )* :

    You can also (optional, but highly recommended) make your very own " IMGN [HS] "( Image for short ) ". You can think of Starland's IMGN as a type of Server that you find in games today, but it's your very own server!
    In a IMGN you can build your own town, city, world, galaxy, universe, or MULTIVERSE!
    You can Also build your " [ HS ] ( Higher Self ) ", a character that best suites you! Your HS can be: A Knight, sorcerer, archer, healer, teacher, Guru, Builder, Inventor, philosopher, Spiritual teacher/ guide/ healer ANYTHING YOU WANT!
    There are also Your " [ WAY ] ( WAY ) " Your " Species/ category/ Typing ( Type ) ".
    Your WAY can look or be anything that you can imagine! You can be a Blue Knight with a yellow glowing sword,
    A Bear that can jump as high as 30 stories, a Mermaid who can heal with the water element, A Bounty hunter,
    A Black belt fighter, A Great Teacher , ANYTHING!

    Once you're done creating your [ HS ] and [ WAY ] you can now star your adventure into your inner world!
    [ If you're having trouble with any of the following task, feel free to pm Me and I would love to be of assistance! ]

    Creating/ Managing Your Inner World: You can Create Your Own Inner World How Ever You Like! You can make it as big as earth or as small as Pluto, or even smaller! You can have many worlds even galaxies! You can color your worlds and have anything in them like jungles, cities, towns, homes, you name it! You can also invite friends to come and adventure in your world! ( You can also set your world to a population limit or friend(s) only limit )
    [ If you would like you can come to my world " ToyBox" and I could help you get started! :D ]

    Adventuring: In Starland You can go on Billions of adventures throughout the Universe! You can also rack up points from adventuring called " [ AP ] ( Adventure Points ) ". AP is calculate by how much and how long you adventure in Starland! The Higher the AP, the more prizes/ Items you can obtain. [ You can also choose not to have AP :D ]
    There are also "Adventure Stories" you can choose to play with different levels: [easy, medium, hard, very hard, Hero ]

    Party/ Groups/ Clans/ Organizations : You can also create your own "[ PRTY ] ( Party) " with your friends to go on adventures with! You can name your party ( group/organization/Clan etc. ) anything you'd like! Partys can consist of all warriors, healers, inventors, or even Teachers ANYTHING! A Party can also have a combined A.P. Count of all the adventures they went on together.
    [ You can also join my Party " StarParty " for assistance on any form of a OBE]

    How To Beat The Game: Well there isn't a specific way to beat Starland, but the main purpose of Starland is to let you fuse with your higherself, meet your sprit guides, and adventure on to the 5D. It's A game of FUN and LOVE and only LOVE and FUN!

    So feel free to play! and PM me for details or concerns! And have fun!
    Myu <3

    [This is a beta of the game ]
    task of the year

    [ Toy Box Advent ]

    by Myu on 07-09-2014 at 09:08 PM
    [ATTACH=CONFIG]7377[/ATTACH][SIZE=5][COLOR="#EE82EE"]A game you can play when Lucid Dreaming, Astral Traveling, OBE'ing ETC. PM me for details[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Updated 07-09-2014 at 10:49 PM by Myu