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    Hi, I'm Aaron my friends call me Nater.
    Im from Canada and I am in College for Digital Imagery.
    I'm a pretty deep guy, im aware and very conscious.
    I love to play videogames and have fun!
    I'll be on here mostly just to post dreams ive had,hopefully daily.
    I will comment on posts that appeal to me.
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    05-21-2013 12:50 AM
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    Another "End of the world" dream....

    by Nater19 on 05-20-2013 at 10:04 PM
    May 20,2013 @4:47pm

    >So, it starts off as me walking around in NYC and i see a homeless guy coughing up blood and then he falls to the ground shaking

    >Time passes...there is a virus everywhere which pretty much turns people into vicious 'zombies' and me and a few people find a passage way that leads into an underground room,or hall.

    >So, we go back up to ground level(the setting is on the stairs of greek sort-of-looking steps with pillars) and start yelling at people who arent nfected to come down to safety.

    > Once we get everyone in, some random guy takes my sleeping spot and then we argue.

    >As we're arguing, i find a dead looking bug that looks like a caterpillar. We put it in water, then a short whole after, it split into two dead caterpillars, we start wondering what happened...

    > then,one of the 2 caterpillars grows in size, and starts eating the other caterpillar so me and the guy i was arguing with get scared and accidentally knock the caterpillar on the floor and its bites me.Everyone panics.

    >time passes...I'm aware im infected and i go through some doorway to the zombies and everyone thinks im going t die and become a zombie. But yet (very unclear part of the dream) i go through some sort of adventure type thing and i have some sort of immunity weapon, or antidote(cant remember) and i come back to the people that were in shelter.

    >Now, during that so-called adventure, i had to battle or fght some weird guy who loooked like a zombie, but wasnt. He cut my throat, and had some old rusty pitchfork he kept bashing me with, and when i won the battle, it as a purple neon glowing thing..

    >time passes...im running away from the shelter and i have no idea why.... and i run through some yards,cut through a restaraunt,and then the apocolypse is over, me and my nephew(isaiah) are just walking around belleville(even though it wasnt belleville, i got the feeling it was;home) and we walked over a bridge looking at some cute girls and then the dream ends

    --What a weird dream huh? Whenever i remember my dreams, most of the time, it some kind of end of the world scenario.....anyone know anythng about this? i;m gong to do some research on it myself, everyone have a safe and fun Victoria Day!

    Updated 05-20-2013 at 10:06 PM by Nater19 (added posting time)


    Dreaming of Love

    by Nater19 on 05-15-2013 at 12:51 PM
    May 15,2013 @ 7:30am

    >This is an unusual dream for me, cause i usually only dream of diasters and "end of the world" scenarios.

    >It starts off as far as i remember as me meeting a girl,physically attractive(average looking) and i hang out with her and her friend for a sleepover type thing

    >We fall in love and have fun overnight,then the next day comes and we go to a cafeteria where i sit down with my friends and she sits down with her friends and we are seperated,yet keep looking at each other and smiling....some other girls i know in real life are behind me,suprised and somewhat jealous.

    >Time passes.....im in NYC and biking around to get money and then i meet up with one black guy and 1 white guy, they are arguing about Life,Religion,etc. and i prove one point wrong, we become friends,they give me ride to where im going and point out a house, in which they say OpTic Hecz lives in.

    >I go home, loook through weird,gold magnifying glass...time passes....im walking by OpTic Hecz house as the boys earler said theyd lived.(even though they said it was Peterborough, it was Belleville)

    >I'm waiting for my dad to drive me to a far city where my GF was going for the weekend, so i could meet up with her.

    >When i get there, we are supposed to have a fancy dinner, and i have corny "dressy" clothes on and im getting nervous bc i dont know what to wear....i tie my tie,tuck in my shirt and she comes up to me,undoes my tie, calms me down and finds me a nice casual yet fancy outfit to wear...

    >*over* this is all i remember.....it was so overwhelming to wake up to.....i felt love.....the perfect reassurance of love, the power of love....

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