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    Cleaning the duplex

    by Nazrax on 02-05-2018 at 09:45 PM
    Cleaning the duplex
    I'm working at our duplex with some other people, cleaning it out and doing some maintenance in preparation for new renters to move in. I'm talking with someone about which side we used to live in and why we lived in that side, and I tell them the story. Now I'm going through boxes of appliances with long wires, and my wife says the previous renter called and said that she'd forgotten something with a red wire, asking for us to return it to her. I dig some more and finally come across something with a red power cord.

    Snakes at a campground / Bowling alley check-out / Fragments

    by Nazrax on 02-04-2018 at 09:41 PM
    Snakes at a campground
    I'm walking around at a campsite. We've just arrived, and I'm making sure there's no dangerous wildlife. I'm especially on the lookout for snake tracks - I have an app which can identify what kind of snake left a track. So far, I've only seen tracks left by snakes that are safe. Now I'm on some trails a little further away, and I'm seeing snakes lying on the trail. Unfortunately, the app can't identify snakes, only snake trails, so I have no idea if they're dangerous or not. I've heard rumors that there are dangerous snakes in this area, so since I can't identify what these are I'll have to tell the kids to be extra-careful.

    Now I see an ambulance pull up to a nearby house. Now I'm talking to an old man and ask him if the ambulance is snake-related, but he tells me it's not. He goes on to tell me a story about killing a rattlesnake during a large party. He says that someone took a video, and I ask him to send it to me.

    Bowling alley check-out
    I'm standing at the counter in a large bowling alley waiting to check out. I've got a stack of membership cards - one card for each person in my family - and I'm waiting for the clerk to finish up another task. Now I'm talking to him, saying that I only come to this bowling alley in the summer because they offer such a great out-of-school plan; but I go to another one during the rest of the year even though it's not nearly as nice because it's so much cheaper. I hand over my cards, and there's some confusion about whether I had multiple lanes or not and whether or not this discount membership lets me have more than one.

    I'm outside tagging along with a friend. I follow him onto a conveyor belt, but somehow we get separated and I end up somewhere I don't want to be.

    I'm deep inside an enemy fortress, and I see some guards patrolling in the next room.

    Yet another bathroom dream / Counseling center / Helping a coworker / Snack time / Martian building

    by Nazrax on 02-03-2018 at 09:30 PM
    Yet another bathroom dream
    I'm in a huge, fairly crowded bathroom. Dual sinks are in front of me, a wall is to my right, and a door is behind me. A long hallway extends to my left, and it Tees back to the right just past the sinks. Beyond the T is another door. Everything is very white.

    There's a thin layer of water on the counters and floor. I need to wash my hands, but I'm holding an armful of clothes and there's nowhere I can put them that they won't get wet. As I'm trying to figure out what to do, a janitor calls through the door that's further away from me asking if anyone's in here. She quickly realizes that there are lots of people in here, but she calls out that she'll wait for me - calling me by name! I don't understand why she'd pick on me specifically, or how she even knew that I was in here. Now I realize it's someone I know*, which explains how she knows me but not how she knew I was here. Now I'm talking to someone about her father, though it takes me forever to remember that his name is LH* (which, IRL, it isn't.). He died while she was engaged and never got to see her married (not IRL).

    Counseling center
    I'm driving around outside the building with the bathroom. I pass more than one entrance, each with its own large sign above the doors, and I realize the whole structure is broken up into multiple counceling centers, each with its own focus (e.g. one for moms, one for dads), but all run by the same people. After rounding the building, I find myself slightly lower down and at a dead-end. I'm not sure how that geography worked, but I know I'll have to turn around to get out.

    Helping a coworker
    I'm in my cube working with a coworker who has a terrible hunchback. I've talked to him online for years, but this is the first time I'm meeting him in person. He's having build problems, and I suggest using Git's bisect to track them down. He's familiar with the idea but has never used bisect before, so I walk him through it. Eventually, he thanks me and leaves. I check the time and see it's past time to head home, so I immediately shut down both computers and head out.

    Snack time
    I'm in some combination of pantry and kitchenette. I grab some chocolate chips, then some little candy bars, and put them in the front pocket of my church shirt. The pocket bulges, and I hope no-one notices.

    Martian building
    I'm looking at a building on Mars. For a building on another planet, it's really pretty boring, just a rounded cube shape, kind of an off-white in color. I know that something needs to be cut away from the outside. Now I'm looking at it again. The modifications have been made, and there's a bluish force-field running down the middle of the structure along with sensors which can tell when someone's about to reach it and turn it on and off.

    Something about Chef (configuration management) recipes and a young woman

    Something about the white van

    Cuphead / Car problems / Group outing / Tony's new tablet

    by Nazrax on 01-08-2018 at 04:23 PM
    I'm watching *[pu]my daughter[/pu] play Cuphead. I've never played it myself, but I've watched a couple of playthroughs on Youtube, so I'm surprised to see that she's fighting a boss I've never seen. My wife walks in with a round, grilled, open-faced sandwich. It looks kind of strange, but it also looks really tasty.

    Car problems
    I'm in the driver's seat of my gray van, in a wooded place. The car is stopped, and I know it's died. Now I'm in a bright white reception area talking to an older woman behind a desk, going through the process of borrowing something to get my car back up and running. Now I'm in the same reception area, but the woman is sitting at another desk and working at a computer desk with her back to me. I notice a stack of board games on the her desk, and I'd love to ask her about them since I'm not familiar with any of them and I love new board games. I'm in the middle of talking to a younger man about my borrowed tools. He praises me for being so on-time with my payments. I think this is kind of odd - don't most people pay on time? - but I let it drop. Now we're talking about the actual car problems and how the tools were used. He keeps asking me questions, but he gets impatient when I try to give him the background so he can understand my story.

    Group outing
    I'm in a large room with a group of people. We're all getting our coats and gloves on, getting ready to go outside. Now we're all dressed. As we're heading out, I notice a urinal by the door. I realize it would be nice to relieve myself, but there's no way I'm going to do it here. Now we're outside walking through a wooded area. I help someone do something with some rope that's fallen off of something.

    Tony's new tablet
    I'm watching some kind of meeting. Lots of people are croweded into a room looking at a couple of people up front. One of the men up front gives a cheap knock-off tablet to the other man - Tony Stark (I know it's him, even though it doesn't look anything like him). It's a gag gift, so everyone laughs, and Tony handles it well. The man gives Tony the manual, making sure to point out the Grafiti reference on the back of the manual, and everyone laughs again.

    Prison pondering

    by Nazrax on 01-07-2018 at 04:24 PM
    Prison pondering
    I'm climbing out from under a loft bed, climbing across a huge mound of blankets and pillows. I'm thinking about a guy in prison I'll be seeing later in the day. He's supposed to be in for thirty years, but people have been trying to convince him that he's only been in for twenty and that he's in for a total of forty, and he's going to ask me to tell him what I know. I'm not sure how I'll respond. I start thinking about what I'd do if I were in prison for forty years. I can't imagine the despair and hopelessness one must feel. I finally extricate myself from under the bed and walk around it.