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      Hey! Thanks for adding me! If you ever need anything, just PM me. Happy dreams.
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    Live in the USA. I found out about Lucid Dreaming in February 2014, and tried to get one for about a month. After about 2 weeks into the month, I started to give up. I tried again for a week in July. Now this is my third time, and I am getting close and not going to give up.
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    Whether you think you can or think you can't, you're right.- Henry Ford

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    Those who have compared our life to a dream were right.... We sleeping wake, and waking sleep. ~Michel de Montaigne


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    The Huge Kayak

    by nbent412 on 10-29-2014 at 07:54 PM
    The start off to this dream is weird. I woke up at about 3:00 for a WBTB. I did a puzzle game, on an electronic (probably should have gone on an electronic, never doing that again on a WBTB). After about 1/2 hour, I went back to bed. I could not fall asleep, no matter what I tried. Eventually as I was watching my HI (but I couldn't fall asleep?) A scene appeared. It was a river sort of thing, like a lazy river at a water park. My brain puts somethings into the river for me. Remember, at this point, I am still awake, just imagining all this. Around this point, I drifted off to sleep, still sort of aware that I was dreaming. Like it was in the back of my mind and I didn't really care. I didn't go to sleep with the intention of having a lucid dream, just of being able to actually fall asleep. In the dream, I go over to a bend in the lazy river. There is a small alcove behind the wall. Inside of the alcove, is a small underwater sand castle. With me is a small hermit crab. He jumps into the alcove, but latches onto my finger so that I don't lose track of him. There are a lot of hermit crabs that look just like him at the bottom. I go back out into the lazy river. I ride the giant kayak that my brothers have alway to a huge wave pool/bay. The waves are too large so I take over the kayak from my brothers. My mom keeps telling me to stay on the lake. (She is on a different boat with my dad)I almost hit some other people that are on another kayak. I am sitting at the back of the kayak. Whenever a wave would come, the kayak would almost tip. The front end has purple on it. Eventually, I fall off. As the waves push me back to shore, I see my sister and my little brother in the water near the shore. Floating in the water near my brother are his glasses. He yells to me to pick them up as I go past. I try, but miss them. He starts getting mad at me. The dream ends.

    Failed WILD/Good Dreams

    by nbent412 on 10-22-2014 at 04:50 PM
    Lucid: Green
    Semi-Lucid: Orange
    Other: Black

    I woke up at about 3:20 this morning, after my first long dream cycle. (I wake up at 4:45, go to bed at 8:45. My subconscious had rewarded me with an abundance of dreams, and it took me about 20 minutes to write them all down. Since I had been up for about 20 minutes, I decided to do attempt a WILD. I got into position, and relaxed. The hypnagogic imagery started immediately, and a dream scene started to drag me in, but whenever I reminded myself that I was dreaming, it would pull me back out. Eventually my mind fell asleep, and I had a non-lucid dream.

    The Weird Customers
    My family and I are sitting at a table in a restaurant that looks like my local Burger King, eating food. The restaurant is empty, and I think we own/run the restaurant. I look out the window to my left, and see a line of cars in the drive through. The one at the window is a large green SUV with a lot of adults in it, at least 5. I say something to my family, most likely a complaint, then I go to the window to collect the customers money. I tell him (a tall looking dark haired man) his total, and apologize for his wait. When he hands me the money, it is bundled up in a rubber band. As I take his money, he says to me: "Aren't you gonna say thank you?" I grumble a thanks, and hand him his food. He drives away. I look out the window and see a long line of cars coming. I shout to my Mom that i don't want to do so many cars. She tells me I can take care of the money from the other man later. I go over to the money and look at the wrapped up bundle. Inside is an American Express credit card. I look at the man's name on the credit card so that i can return it to him. I can't remember what the name was. When the next car pulls up, inside is a plumpish man, mostly bald with a scruffy beard. I tell him his total, and he starts to rummage around in his car. As he does so, I look around out side. The sky is blue, with a few wispy clouds. In the distance, I can see a line of spectacularly beautiful mountains. They are a tannish color on the bottom, purple and white on top. I come to the conclusion that I must be in Utah. The man in the car hands me a box full of toys, trinkets, and stuffed monkeys. He asks if that will work as payment. Humoring him, I ask my Mom. She tells me that each trinket/toy/monkey is worth 1.80$. I am astounded, but I give him his change in toys. The dream ends.

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    Bad Drivers and Bad Magicians

    by nbent412 on 10-22-2014 at 02:24 PM
    Lucid: Green
    Semi-Lucid: Orange
    Non-Lucid: Red

    I am sitting in the passenger seat of the SUV that my family owns. My older sister (16 years old has a license). She is texting, and has her feet up on the seat, not paying attention to the road. We run over some political signs. I start getting mad at her, telling her to pay attention. In my anger, and to get her to stop, I through my book out the window. She turns right at the next intersection. I get out of the car, and walk over to the side walk. I look back and see my sister following me, having left the car in the middle of the road with both turning signals on. The car is diagonal in the middle of the road, blocking traffic. Sitting in the back seat is my little brother. I walk over to the stoplight, needing to cross the road. I press the button, but a nail has taken the place of the button. I press the nail, and it works. I look around me. It is slightly misting, and it is gray cloudy. It feels cool, like a spring morning. As I am waiting, a man walks up the sidewalk from the direction of our car. He looks like a man I know from my church. He is completely bald, with a large brownish-reddish beard. He is wearing a brown leather jacket. As we walk across the crosswalk, my sister joins us. We walk up the small hill on the other side of the hill. Part way up, the man stops us and says he wants to do a magic trick. He pulls out some cards, and starts to do a magic trick. He is going to switch a card around, but I can see him switching them around in his coat. Some one walks past us on the sidewalk, and he goes and follows them. My sister and I keep walking until we find my book. The dream ends.