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    Hi all! The first lucid dream I had is a boring one, but I was hooked on the experience! I was at my parent's home, sitting in the kitchen and realized I was dreaming - everything quickly seemed to come into focus. It's like in normal dreams your consciousness is clouded, like it's in a fuzzy filter, and now I had snapped into wakefulness while being in the dream. I was amazed by, of all things, the simple painted wall next to me - the texture and color was right there, it was so REAL... after only a few seconds of this I woke up. I bought Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge about 15 years ago and have always wanted to get back to more dedicated practice of lucid dreaming. I've always found the brain, and dreaming fascinating!
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    Mall Pickup

    by Nebula8 on 05-16-2016 at 02:34 PM
    I'm at the mall, at some tightly packed store of pretty much everything with someone. I was sent to pick something up by an old high school acquaintance that I didn't even really know very well... I'm surprised to see that it's an ex-girlfriend working there, old flame from a LONG time ago - she looks good, and has a cold sore on the corner of her lip. She mentions that they also have 80s posters in the back of the store and I go to have a look. It's so tight and very busy that to get to the back I can barely squeeze past people coming in the other direction. At some point I meet up with my friend M who was picking up some shoes in the mall.

    Frozen goods delivery

    by Nebula8 on 05-16-2016 at 10:50 AM
    I'm on my first night in a jog driving a frozen goods delivery truck. There's a man training me driving another truck and a woman driving a third. The dream starts with is pulled over with the trucks open looking for something, the reason we've stopped. We must find it quickly or our goods will spoil. I think the man calls the office for instructions...

    June 14

    by Nebula8 on 06-14-2014 at 10:54 AM
    I was on a plane in some kind of race against the clock situation that I can't remember... I managed to escape through some hatch into another escape plane as it was going down. Then the crash became a large passenger plane and I realized it wasn't that far off the ground, so jumped out into the air as it hit, and superman style slowed its momentum and straightened it out and brought it to a stop. It seemed no one was hurt. A coworker was on board and we talked and she sounded a little depressed, not about the crash, the dream had started to move on, but of something else. I offered a comforting hug and hugged her. Then we talked of going to grab a bite to eat to help cheer her up.

    Next I was at my bosses house with some coworkers. There was this large curved half doughnut hallway he was showing us. When one door on this hallway was open to a small wing, if the phone rang you could not tell where it was coming from, some kind of illusion, the way the sound bounced around.

    June 6b

    by Nebula8 on 06-06-2014 at 12:42 PM
    I was driving past a neighbours house in the winter time, and stopped, looking at how her driveway was un-cleared, so I got out to shovel. The driveway is sloped, so I walked up and picked up a shovel that was lying there and shovelled a few times. The banks on the sides were about 7 feet tall so it was hard to get it up that far without snow falling back down. Then I noticed a friend with me who wanted to help, so we started looking around for something for him to use. There seemed to be multiple things lying around, at one point he grabbed what looked to be a snow scoop, but turned out to be a rocking chair and he kept looking. I saw my friend on the phone through her kitchen window and she waved. We were then in her garage looking around and suddenly a co-worker was with us as well looking for shovels. Then my co-worker said, "Well, it's time for work, we have to get going" and the dream ended.

    (I had this dream in the early hours of the morning before my alarm went off for work)

    June 6a

    by Nebula8 on 06-06-2014 at 12:37 PM
    I was looking down at this model of the start of a maze. There was this figure of some sort there, and I thought "I should try to go into that maze myself"... concentrated a bit and boom, I was lucid, in this small room. I examined my hands and was excited by how detailed they were, I could see all the lines in my palms. I then had a look around and left this small room into a larger one. I think it was like a video game, with various monster types coming at me. Shortly they changed slightly to look more like people in costumes, and I had a sword that was like a wide cardboard tube. One was very close by this time so I stuck my tube sword into it, with little effect. I then held up my hand going for some fire-like ability or something, but nothing happened. There were several all around me at this point, so I shouted "ok, I give up" and they stopped, pulled off their masks and showed that it was just people. The dream ended shortly after.