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    Yard Ruckus

    by Necrox on 08-24-2016 at 10:22 PM
    My dad is working at some hole-in-the-wall dessert place. I am working there and remember seeing some assorted foods. Then I take a ride with some slightly bitter co-worker with a red sports car. He drops me off seemingly 30 feet from the place and starts complaining about how he's next to leave. But I'm then somehow in my dad's backyard near the (slightly modified) outdoor shower (abstract space). They are horsing around and I decide to join them. the rest is a blur. I remember many people being in the yard at one point and the outdoor shower getting a door and becoming bigger.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Confusing Circuit

    by Necrox on 08-24-2016 at 08:23 AM
    I'm indoors in some slightly dark building. I am with VWP people as I know someone there even though others are different (this person was slightly notable). the instructors are dif as well and I remember little. The rooms all have an abandoned/haunted feel despite being clean and sterile in appearance. We are doing a series of exercises I cannot recall well. I remember someone from crew being there to talk to me during one part. He was a particularly social member IWL. The director of VWP was there but played a role I cannot recall. At the end of the series is a game where the objective is to find out if the audio is clipping. I knew from certain waveform patterns (FM8) what it looked like but I checked out the modern-looking interface anyway. This was the last of the dream.
    non-lucid , dream fragment


    by Necrox on 08-22-2016 at 02:25 AM
    After going to bed with barely any food or water during the day I had fragmented dreams of thirst before waking up hot and thirsty. There is a fridge in the living room of my dad's house and I remember drinking lots of orange juice. Mom is up and I feel it's around 3 AM. In the cul de sac oustside, there is some structure where I am drinking chocolate milk (unclear but mostly certain. My sister is there as well. I think my family was there as the night marked the first one back in college.
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    Beach Ventures

    by Necrox on 08-21-2016 at 08:02 AM
    I'm at some unfamilar beach with a single small building and natural rock structures that have an opening through to the water. I am some sort of guard using a fake name and I am sitting on the side of some serious conflict in the building. There was some sort of argument and I remember feeling tense like this was a matter of war and I was in the presence of enemies. I sat next to some other similarly dressed people who seemed to be on my side. Then I left and became myself. I was with band and it was familar, at least two people and the director were. the rest were just a mass. We are in uniform and I want to take part in the "parade" (we are assembled at the opening, west of the singular building) but I am lacking a harness, white shirt, and coat. The white dress shirt is not a part of the uniform IWL. Seeing as I am unable to participate, I set the drums down (God knows how I was holding them up) and set off to find the "color guard shower". whatever that is. I remember hearing the sound of a shower growing stronger (voices too? unclear) and ending up in a curving passageway with a slight ascension. I am somehow aware I am still near the band despite said passage being invisible earlier (abstract space, DS). I only really remember coming into the end of it (I'm assuming there was a beginning) and it had cracks of light in the ceiling. The light would suggest sunlight but the passage was far too bright to be hidden from the sun and the cracks seemed to be beams. I think I woke up shortly after seeing these beams.

    More Gym Stuff

    by Necrox on 08-19-2016 at 10:37 PM
    fragment 1: I'm wandering around the same racquet club with a friend; can't recall what we were doing.

    fragment 2: I'm still there, doing a closing shift. I am outside pool-side seemingly walking between the two sides of the building and there is a (platinum blonde) guy who is trying to salesman me some technique about driving. He keeps claiming I'll be committed once he adds the next step (reverse of me asking caption head to write for a show?). I go around thinking about checking the towels as I had not done any loads in a while. I remember being in an unfamilar landscape-esque area at this point.

    fragment 3: I'm back on the actual property and there seem to be a bunch of people I'm with, including the same guy from earlier. I keep doing awkward things but I am only certain of knocking over coffee cups (I knocked one over at band that day). The walkway above the lower fitness room is divided into two stories with the upper one having a sharp cutoff. I knock over a coffee cup at this area and nearly splash someone I used to know from band below.

    fragment 4: I am in a nearby hallway and the upper fitness room has been replaced by an elevator. I see the near-victim from earlier and am still with the same group (nearly instantaneous transition, almost not a fragment). I can't clearly recall her reaction although I believe it was an expression that she used to do commonly, similar to superficial shock.

    fragment 5: I'm then with I believe a different group and there is a big, dangerous snake we are trying to get out of the building. Prior to it retaliating I can't remeber much although it must have been near the kid's area and racquetball courts as I easily recall it striking near the exit there. we had been quickly kicking it in spurts to avoid any danger. We started to get cocky and feel a sense of comfort. Then it was near the doorway and the girl's turn to kick it. I got a bad feeling and the snake lunged. I don't think it made contact but then suddenly it was outside near me. I don't remember kicking at it but suddenly it was in my hands albeit at a distance. It lunged at me and was about 4 inches from my chest. I thought "fuck this" and woke myself up (improved lucidity/control?)

    dream 2 (after about 3 hours of sleep)

    fragment 1: I am at the 6-lane pool not far from where I had been before the unplanned WBTB. I remember there being a theme of gaming somehow (probably mid-dream recall). An instructor from band is there and he is my boss.

    fragment 2: there are structures in the bark near the pool scoop. I have to assemble these structures outside the bark (uncertain recall) and find the quotes describing the structures in the bark (definite). I only remember being in one spot despite the structures being spread out. I recall not being able to see the words in the random bark patterns in this one spot.

    fragment 3: another very slight transition. there are more people now (uncertain of number before, maybe not many) and they are jumping into the nearby river via two methods. There is an edge that I hypothesize is formed from a path being where the tool shed behind the pool was. all i can see is the distant edge. I also see people jumping off the tops of the nearby buildings. Despite a feeling of apprehension and never recalling seeing anybody surface I believe these jumpers were safe. Perhaps because their jumps were more look-at-this than suicidal. I do recall some worry from adults nearby. The jumpers seem to all be guys of late HS-early college age although I only recall a few. Back to the bark, for some reason I have to get gloves so I head to the bathroom which seems to be where the aerobics room is. the gloves had the look of latex gloves and smell/feel of sanitary wipes, both tools I had used IWL at work. At one point the room was crowded. I believe around now there were many people outside although that is also unclear. I also remember being in what seemed like the aerobics room but I had an awareness it was on the other side of the club (abstract space, doesn't logically fit like the 2-story walkway or elevator might). there were many people there. Back to whatever I needed the gloves for, I remember making 1 or 2 trips (the instructor is still here; hard to recall what he was talking to me but it was more friendly than boss-like. knowing his authority seemed to be more of an abstract intrinisc knowledge as most of his talking was this way, somewhat similar to how he talked to me at band despite being the lead instructor) and then the final trip I got a lot of extras. I was dissembling the bunch and walking outside while stuffing the spares into my pockets (another work practice although I don't recall ever getting that many extras). the dream ended in what I now realize as the same spot the last dream did.

    Updated 08-19-2016 at 10:47 PM by Necrox

    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable , dream fragment