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    I am here for my interest in dreaming, sleep, as well as an interest in things beyond dreaming.
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    Spirituality, traveling, lucid dreaming, metaphysics
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    My fear in dreams lessening, or changing

    by Neo Neo on 08-19-2014 at 04:35 AM
    Lately I have been reading on DVs how it is possible to choose love in face of nightmares or attackers, instead of fear or fight or flight responses. This is a bit from last night's dreams.

    I was in a two story house with a basement, and it was at night. I believe I was on the second floor. Outside though I knew something from the sky was coming crashing down out beside the house. I'm not sure if it was a meteor or a UFO, but I knew something impacted close to where I was at. I was going downstairs to check it out. I was in the basement, and the lights were off, and I saw a glow of lights out side. Some were flashing, and I sensed that police were outside as well. For some reason I was getting really paranoid as with most scary dreams I have. I think the police were investigating whatever was outside and were about to come in and arrest me. I turned around in the house to try to run out the back but I knew they would probably catch me either way. At the last second though I realized I could face them with courage and love. At least to the best of my abilities. The dream was ending, but I felt a change in my gut and how I could approach the situation differently. I just can't get over how freaked out I feel in dreams and how it is always a "flight" choice I make. Or just hiding. Anyway, I have started to remember how to deal with these situations differently while in dreams so hopefully I can approach my fears and pursuers with courage and positive feelings next time!

    Another lucid dream

    by Neo Neo on 10-12-2010 at 02:56 AM
    Yes! Finally another lucid. I had one last month and its been a while.

    I am on some type of train/transport and I know I am moving, and I think I did get a glimpse of the outside landscape for a moment. I was passing through a residential area and I remember seeing trees and green hills. But the inside reminded me of being inside a house; there was a larger room I was in, then it split off into another room and then a hallway leading into the next "car" of this transport. This other room looked more like storage, and had a metallic tint to it, and the room was kind of shaped like the cargo area of a airplane. This next part I was starting to become lucid. But then I ventured off to this other "car" area, and it looked just like my garage at home. I walked back and forth a couple times and noticed that I was passing some kind of barrier between two distinct dream places: one being this weird transport that was in motion, and one that would lead to my home.

    I thought "Hey, I wonder if I open up this door to the outside, I'll end up at my house." So I went up to this wooden garage door thats normally there in real life, and opened it and as I walked through it I was at my parents house. This was when I became fully lucid. The sky was blue and it was a bright and sunny day, and there were two cars in my drive way, plus this hippie/hobo guy walking towards the backyard. There was this sweet looking silver car that I thought about driving. The other car was my dad's, and he was sitting in it, drivers side. Both cars were facing right and parked horizontally in the driveway. I was thinking of getting in the car and seeing where he wanted to take me, but instead I wanted to talk to him. The silver car was in front of my dad's, but then I went up to my dad and the silver car wasn't there anymore. And his car was facing the left, when it was originally facing the right. I started to tell him about me having a lucid dream, and that this was a dream. He was ignoring these remarks, and had the demeanor that he didn't care and thought it was real life (like most DCs). Anyway, I could tell he wanted to tell me something, and so I stopped talking about dreams and asked him what he had to say. He told me the name of two universities, the university of kansas and missouri, and (university of) cincinnati. This intrigued me but I didn't ask him any further. I then was thinking of ways for me to remember this, because it seemed significant to me. I then saw this hippie guy leaving my home, and I laughed and thought it was really random. My dad was then out of the car and following me, and I was walking in my front yard. I then thought about flying, and then floated up towards the top of some of the trees in the yard. It was very peaceful and there were also clouds passing by, and I heard music too (from DBZ, but it was peaceful music from it lol). I floated towards the top of one tree, then too the other, and was expecting to find bird's nests up there but didn't, and near the second tree someone threw a brown and grey feather up towards me. It was probably my dad because no one else was there. I had some trouble flying, but was able to stay in the air.

    Although this wasn't a long lucid, I was able to consciously talk to a DC and experiment with flying. One of my longer sustained lucids. Then I woke up and felt sick again, and realized how awesome it was to feel free of being sick in the dream.


    by Neo Neo on 10-07-2010 at 04:54 AM
    Gah! I'm having so many vivid dreams but having trouble finding time to post them. Here are some bits:

    -explored the bottom of an ocean, near some ocean ridge with some other DCs and found some octopuses
    -saw queen of naboo and amidala open up a portal in space through some kind of chant, and then went through the portal with them into this wormhole
    -chatted with a DC friend who works at a airport, and he was talking about discrimination with work hours because the women there had less hours >_<
    -was hanging out with some friends in a dorm room and they were talking about "college kissing" and implying it was somehow different than making out/kissing in highschool. then I was getting angry because I liked one of the girls that was there and had to leave because I was frustrated lol
    -was with a tour group for new people/freshman for a while, and ended up getting recital credit for it. was with my violist friend for part of it, and it was random that we got recital card credit for being with this tour group
    -this isn't related to dreaming per se, but I was delirious/hallucinating and hearing full orchestral music and seeing parts of its score while it was playing while trying to fall asleep when I was sick in bed. still sick actually, and going to the health center tomorrow on campus.

    Man, I can't remember very well the dreams from the past couple days. But they've been intense. Maybe because I'm not feeling well and out of it, or because I've recently gotten off Everyman, but whatever the reason they've been super vivid. I've also been getting close to 7-ish hours a nite too, so thats got to be part of it. Anyway, will try to report back better on my dreams.

    This morning

    by Neo Neo on 10-03-2010 at 08:07 PM
    More dreams, out of sequence, and non-lucids.

    Segment 1
    I am in a pine tree forest and there are a bunch of wooden cabins here, and its some kind of camp. It was in the valley of a small mountain range. I am there and interact with some other counselors but I forget what I was doing. I remember walking around this place but forget my purpose or what my job was. It was somewhat cloudy, but it was in the afternoon and the sky was really beautiful light blue. Then I remember going to the top of this wooden building, that resembled a large rollercoaster platform, and then looking out over the forest and noticing the clouds and sky.

    Segment 2
    In my dream, for whatever reason, one of my friends was into hang gliding. She had a video camera attached to the bar of her handglider so she was able to record what she was seeing. Then I was seeing from her perspective hang-gliding through this mountain valley area, and then also knew/remembered that you could travel the world like this; by hang-gliding through towns. From the perspective of the handglider, I was approaching a small town and the valley was opening up out of the mountain area. There were a bunch of people in this courtyard, and I was landing down there. It was really awesome flying through the pine tree valley, pretty breath-taking.

    Segment 3
    I was walking around this city, eventually making my way to this strip mall on the outskirts of it. I remember being near a few skyscrapers, and it being at night because I could see the moon out. But the moon was shaped weird, it had almost a peanut shape to it (it wasn't perfect circle as it appears in the sky) and some parts were dark and some light, like it was missing parts. But it was also a full moon because there was a white halo around it. I kept glancing up at the moon because I was like "woa, the moon's all weird". I eventually made my way out of the center of the city, and the moon was more in view than before. As I past the last skyscraper, the sky had a orange-ish tint to it and was hazy. Then as I reached the strip mall, the sky was back to black, still with the moon out. Then a small booth area caught my attention. It was one of those phone-line fake psychics and there were a bunch of funny advertisements and messages on it and they were also black. One of her main posters said for no one to call her ever, or to not bother her (and implied to not contact her outside of her reading times). There were also lots of pictures of a black pastor and his family, then other pictures of him with a bunch of other women (supposedly prostitutes) and it totally sent the wrong message about him. There was also a facebook crawl about famous people's statuses about how bad this place was. Tom Hanks had a quote up that said something like "It makes my die on the inside". And for some reason, lots of people with the bad facebook statuses were supposedly jewish. For some reason this booth really fascinated me, because I was around it lots, and so were a couple other guys. There were small red and yellow banners over it, and it reminded me of something that should be found in Asia and not in the US.

    More dreams

    by Neo Neo on 10-02-2010 at 04:34 PM
    So, I just now remembered more dreams lol. Here they are:

    Segment 4

    I am returning home to this shared house-like apartment with my DC roommate. He and I are staying here with two other girls, and its a pretty big place. I'm assuming there are at least 2 bedrooms, perhaps 4, because I wasn't on the second floor. But we had a kitchen, a big living room, a dining room, a downstairs with a main room with a pool table and chairs/couches, and then at least 3 other rooms in the basement. The walls were colored light blue and there was carpeting that was either of a white or blue shade, that made the place have a blue tint to it. I go inside the apartment first and the girls were in there watching TV or something, and remarked that "Oh its just you, we thought it might've been the _____ mechanic" (can't remember which one, might've been 'water mechanic' or '*something* workman') and I chuckled and said yeah, its just me. Then they went back to what they were doing. Then I saw some other girl with them too, and was taller than them. They each had long straight blonde hair and were college-student ages. I eventually went downstairs and there was a party going on. There were about 15 or 20 people there, and I think there was alcohol there but I'm not sure. Anyway, it was in the big room in the basement with the pool table. Looks like one of my cousin's basements actually. So after a while I notice that I'm naked. Except, I didn't used to be naked, but somehow the dream changed and I was naked, and everyone else was still clothed. But I didn't really care. Then, I needed to go to the bathroom. For whatever reason, there was a huge guy's restroom in the basement of our house, and I went in one of the stalls. This restroom had at least twice as much space as the room the party was in. For some reason it was uncomfortable sitting down on the toilet so I started to cuss a little, and then some guys walking about gave me looks of distaste. But I was thinking, "I'm just expressing myself, AND its my restroom technically." I thought it was funny how they were offended by my swearing.