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    12/12/11- Had Two Dreams, Remembered One

    by Neoquestmoo on 12-13-2011 at 10:30 PM
    I clearly remember having two dreams last night.
    But I can only remember one.
    Basically, Peter and Lois from Family Guy are in a hotel (or they bought a house) with a very Arabian theme. Lois yells at Peter for knocking over a lamp. Then he tiptoes around a fountain. That's all I remember. This was after having woken up at 07:15 and falling back in to a light sleep at 07:40.
    dream fragment

    12/6/2011, becoming someone else, snowball fight to the death

    by Neoquestmoo on 12-07-2011 at 10:33 PM
    I had two dreams last night.
    In one, I was on vacation somewhere with my friend's family and mine. I accidentally put on his (my friend) sister's shoes and suddenly an earthquake hit. When I woke up, I was his sister! This should have seemed a bit odd, but apparently I don't RC enough because I did not become lucid. I completely took on the role of his sister, and when we went home I lived her life for about a week (it was like a movie, where it showed small clips of things. I didn't experience a full week as her.) Then, I woke up around 1 AM.
    I attempted to WBTB but it didn't work. I simply fell asleep. I had a dream that me and my friends Konnor and Kevin were captured by this group of 3 people. They said they were going to enslave us. First they fed us Italian-Style thanksgiving dinner, and then they took us to their garden (which was oddly similar to the garden at my old house) and gave us some rather sharp gardening tools. We seized the opportunity and grabbed the tools and charged them. Then something happened and before long we were having a snowball fight. My friend Kevin was on the other team for whatever reason, but me and Konnor were together and halfway in, Konnor pulled out a revolver. Kevin pulled one out too and shot Konnor. As I was crawling over to get Konnor's gun, Kevin shot at me and I dodged, but suddenly I woke up in the middle of performing the action of dodging.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Two Indian Men serve me an Italian Meal, and other wacky adventures

    by Neoquestmoo on 12-04-2011 at 06:08 AM
    In this dream, I was in Florida with my cousins. There were two parts of the dream, both connected but I cannot remember how.
    In the first, which is much more vague in my memory, we had some sort of spaceship which we had to use to defend the Gulf of Mexico from the USAF (?) with. Apparently we succeeded.
    The second is far more vivid. In it, a neighbor threatens to kill us. He chases us throughout the state as we search for a telephone, until finding one on a boat. We call the police, and a man named Bill picks up and asks me how I'm feeling. But the man is instantly killed when I hang up. Then, I walked in to a subway. Two indian men were behind the curtain. I asked for pizza and some garlic bread, which they gave me. I ate the meal, and was soon after woken up.

    Breakups vs. Dreams

    by Neoquestmoo on 10-12-2011 at 04:02 AM
    So last Thursday, my girlfriend dumped me for my best friend. Needless to say I beat him shitless and we're friends again, but she's out of my life.
    Anyway, I had another dream about her, as always, even though I'd though I'd lost feelings for her.. but I was dreaming we were together again, not kissing like usual, but just happy to be together. We made passionate love on a rock afterwards, and I thought it was magical. This was non-lucid.
    But I woke up and felt nothing for her. What's going on?

    Sort-of Lucid? Battle in Manhattan

    by Neoquestmoo on 09-27-2011 at 02:29 AM
    So I was trying to fall asleep last night at like 2AM after an emotional night with my girlfriend. But I couldn't. So I tried doing the visualization and mantras from Naiya's MILD Technique (great technique by the way, check it out) and I imagined myself with my girlfriend and just let my subconscious take it from there.
    Bold Represents pieces of the dream I actively controlled
    So me and my girlfriend are at a fancy dinner party with my friend and his girlfriend. Him and I are in sportcoats and the girls are both in tight pink dresses (my subconscious is a dirty little thing ) when suddenly someone walked in to the party who I can only describe as the antagonist to his life and mine. And he walked in with a girl who could be described the same one. We'll call him Rob and my friend Andy. Rob pulls a glock out and starts shooting at Andy and I. Everyone else flees the room except our girlfriends, let's call mine Kayla and his Gina, who hide under a table. Andy and I, of course, are strapped with heat (note: I don't actually carry a gun around and neither does he) and we fire back. Rob's girl, we'll call her Amy, pulls out a gun too and fires at Andy and I. The room is full of bullets and it's a miracle no one's dead. When suddenly, Rob shot at Kayla. Enraged, I tackled him and fired 1, 2, 3 times in to his head. Because I was lucid, he died from this. Amy was still shooting at Andy, who she managed to hit and he fell. Gina rushed to him, and Amy shot her too. They were pretty hurt. I had a good shot, so I shot at Amy, and she fell. Kayla and I rushed to help Gina and Andy. Rob and Amy, however, were dead.

    That was the first dream, and I was drifting in and out of lucidity the whole time. In the second one, I was much more in control.
    So me and Kayla were walking home from a party, dressed in the same things, me in my sportcoat her in her tight little pink dress. I puffed up her features a little, I mean come on, I'm just a guy! When suddenly, Rob came around the corner and shot at us. I jumped in front of her now voluptuous body, trying to take my focus off of making her hotter. (I mean come on.) Finally I broke free and DC'd up a glock for myself and shot back. I managed to hit him in the shoulder, but I was still hurt as well.
    Meanwhile, on another street (it looked like 42nd Street in Midtown), Amy shot at Gina and Andy, who were together. Andy did not protect Gina, but thankfully Amy did not hit them. Andy pulled out his gun and leaped for cover with Gina, and they leaped and crawled to Rockefeller Plaza, which me and Kayla had somehow gotten to. Amy and an injured Rob had followed us there, and a massive shootout ensued. Before anyone could get a good hit out, a helicopter landed carrying President Obama and Jay-Z. The shooting stopped. But they just walked away. I shot at Rob and took his head clean off. Amy shot back at me, and in a sudden lucid decision, I dodged it. I shot back at Amy and hit her. Before I finished her, Kayla grabbed my arm. "Let [Andy] do this." I looked at her funny, but before I could protest, she kissed me passionately. Well forget the other thing.
    Andy shot up Amy for a good 10 minutes. Gina praised him as a hero, and he took her in his arms. Me and Kayla looked on, smiling.

    This dream was low clarity, but was very easy to manipulate. I enjoyed it very much. Again, Naiya's MILD technique is amazing.