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    My name is Travis. I get along with other people rather easily. i am usually a happy person. I have many hobbies some of which are Playing drums, piano, guitar, and Lucid Dreaming.
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    Texas, United States
    Lucid Dreaming, Anime, Japanese, Archery, Video game design, Music,
    North West Insulation
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    searching for good dream forums on Google


    Dreams are the only paradise from which we can not be expelled.


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    An Important message?

    by Neplock on 12-07-2012 at 04:55 PM
    Im in a bus with my mother, and my grandmother was driving. She was taking me to school. (i guess i was in high school still) we got about two blocks away from the school where my grandmother lives and she decided to park here. i had a car that i wanted to drive up in, also i needed to get something that was on my car. we were in the middle of the street when she started to back up into someones front yard. The man who lived there sat outside in a chair. as she backed up into his yard the man yelled at her asking what she was doing and to stop. he had a red car parked on the side of the road, my grandmother had scraped it while backing up and part of the side of the car had been torn off and was hanging. The man saw it and was bummed out but didn't say anything. I got out and saw my car. it was red, and was driving it's self. My mother and grandmother told me it was supposed to be a prank on random strangers, to see if they would help me get my car back. i found it very annoying because i couldn't drive to school or get what i needed from off the hood.

    Eventually i did after chasing it a little while and i went to school. (The school was much different in appearance than the actual one in the town i live) When i arrived it was already third period and i couldn't remember my schedule. i either had math or science at this time, i chose to go check if i had math class. i walked to my math class and didn't see any of my class mates in there, it was a different class. i saw Trey and asked him how the class was in a sort of teasing way then i walked to my science class. people were still getting to their classes and as i went up a set of stairs two people entered with me. one of them made me really nervous. they weren't doing anything but it was just because i was in their presence. i then thought to my self "WTF im being a wussy, i need to get over this" and we parted ways when we got to the end of the stairs. I passed by the theater room and noticed familiar faces. my class mates were there, i had theater not science. As i walked towards the door Lexxie came out. She asked if i wanted to play and i said yes so we started having a snow ball fight. (Mr. Biles had a snow machine that made piles of snow in his classroom. After a short game we stopped because Mr. Biles had arrived. He started talking to us about things, Then other students arrived. i distinctly remember a couple people but there were more people there. they were playing in the snow. i was a little disappointed because i wanted a large class then i remembered how last year, people could transfer in so then i was satisfied. We all talk for a little while before Biles puts on something he wants us all to watch.

    It turned out to be an anime. I knew by the opening what it was, it was ".Hack//LegendOfTheTwilight" (the anime in the dream did not actually resembled the anime in real life) the opening was filled with fan service and i was worried everyone would get the wrong idea about anime. (i tend to like the anime with less fan service more... Clannad FTW) we watched to about 5 minutes into the anime. Three guys were standing on top of a tall hill in weird costumes. they were being bathed in light from the bottom of the hill. The light moved erratically and so i presumed it was being produced by fire. There was a some sort of festival at the bottom of the hill. Then class was over and everyone was going to their next. I went outside, that is the path i desired to take. Abby was taking the same route and so we talked a little bit. then we were joking about seeing if i could walk like a girl, but idkwtf i was doing and we laughed. Then i entered the house Next door to my grandmother's.

    A woman lived there and i felt close to her, as if we were family. It was like she was my biological mother (i am not adopted, its just the only way i could sorta explain it) We talked for a little while then i presented a problem i had. She gave me a solution which was to eat this fruit from the Tall tree in the back yard that was planted by The fox goddess of fertility. This woman had a painting of 12 goddesses. after zooming in on the far left you could clearly see how the Fox Goddess of Fertility was depicted as being. Every goddess was wearing a white dress, more like the light sleeping wear dresses though. the back ground of the painting was in a forest, which broke open to a glowing valley. the sun illuminated it brightly. I walked around to the back yard and there stood a very tall tree. I remembered getting fruit from here yesterday and so i knew i could climb it. I started my way up, the branches were very flimsy and i had to be extremely cautious. I got near the top but i couldn't get all the way up there. Branches that i remembered using the last time i climb this tree weren't there. i couldn't climb the tiny ones to get to the top because they would brake. I decided to return to the ground. as i did i broke a huge branch that went crashing down. I was a little worried that i would break one i stepped on and would fall, i knew it would hurt a lot. i managed to make it without falling and i walked to my grandmothers house.

    When i got in there were beings resembling humans in dark armor. Some held twin swords and others huge war hammers. There were 4 of them total, and They tried to kill me as i made my way through the house. The ones with swords kept trying to stab me in the chest as the ones with hammer kept trying to hit me in the face. (the hammers were probably about 1ft x 1ft x 2ft rectangles) i would fall and roll and duck and jump to get away as they chased me through the house. Then i saw my dog sam. He pooped in my grandmothers house and i was a little mad at him. Then the armored guys chased sam into a hallway that had a blocked off exit. I was worried for sam and i ran to protect him. (I can't remember what happened to the armored guys, if i killed them, if they dissappeard, if they just left or what.) I got to him and the armor guys were gone. i comforted sam and we walked to the living room. the armor guys had stepped and smeared his waste everywhere. i was glad sam was alive though and then i woke up.

    Updated 12-07-2012 at 08:40 PM by Neplock


    Can I Survive

    by Neplock on 12-06-2012 at 09:13 PM
    I am with about 7 other guys and we are thinking of stuff to do. I suggest lets go to the "Red...." something. I can't quite remember what it was called but it was the red something. We wound up going there and it was going to be a long trip. (we have all been there before) we came to a wondrous area. there was a house, tall hedges in what looked like the form of a maze. Mountains, clouds, everything looks nice and peaceful. We go into the house but, as we do so we proceed with caution. we walk around, looking through the windows to make sure it is empty. I could see human limbs lying in there along with the corpse of a lion and other animals. We make our way in and we come to a room in there house were we must go into a tunnel. It was small, you had to crouch and crawl through single file lines. The first guy to go in wielded a spear, and he positioned it with his arm and his leg so that it could extend through the tunnel and he could move it quickly. we all waited for a short while before "he" made his first move. A loud unsettling noise echoes through the house. it was like a loud crunch with water splashing. Then my friend in the tunnel dropped his spear and fell to his knees. we could all see him as he sat in the opening of the tunnel. The upper front half of his head had been either bitten or smashed off.

    I was horrified and suddenly i drifted out f a TV screen and saw my self sitting in a chair in the same house watching a movie. I entered my body and the movie i was watching was the whole beginning of the dream. I distinctly remember Ray something something sitting in a chair near me checking my non reaction to the movie. I believe Mario was there too (not the you in this group lol) The movie switched to a scene where a lot of blood is falling down an elevator shaft and i reentered the movie. We all ran out of the house not wanting to die, but it was too late. A black monstrous man invaded the front yard where we all stood. He ran fast and was crazy strong. He ran to one of my other friends and punched one of his arms and legs off. He ran around killing my friends and none of us could get away. One of my friends to save his own life picked up one of my other friends who had his leg ripped off and used him as a shield to this man. It worked too, the man punched the shield in the face and chest destroying both sections and spewing blood onto the guy using the shield. I ran and was able to get away. by this time the dream scene morphed into night. It was a huge empty dirt square about a 4 miles in perimeter. The only thing was the house still stood in the center. My friends who had died returned as much weaker versions of that man trying to kill me. i managed to find a group of people who had guns. we all had pistols and shotguns and fought these monsters away. It was really dark and you could barely see the creatures. Then as people died more and more of these things came to end our lives.

    I decided to leave the group, i knew they were all doing to become of one of them, they couldn't hold them off well. I could run as fast as these monsters and could jump as high. i was able to jump up about 15-20 feet. I had a motion sensor radar like from halo and it was the only thing keeping me alive in this dark gloomy land. I would run and continuously jump to get away from the hordes of these things. i would shoot them with my pistol but it took a lot of ammo to kill each one, and when they died they would only re spawn to come and chase me more. Some times i could jump extremely high and would scare the shit out of my self. i would jump up about 100 feet into the air and then fall back down thinking i would die from the landing. eventually everyone died and i was alone. I had to survive and music played throughout this event. it was gorgeous music! it evoked a sense of despair, and poignancy. the music was so amazing and i even said so in the dream.

    Then light was shed when the president came with a large about of men. they all had good guns and could hold them off well. this drew attraction away from me and to the group. there were 4 following me and like 90 trying to kill the group of men. these 4 would talk to me and as i ran from them knowing i would die if i didn't we had enjoyable conversations. i ran and jumped into the crowd of men and began to help them fend the creatures off the president. i left two other times facing these things on my own. The second time i acquired an energy sword from on of the monsters and would slash some of them to pieces. but that bought more to me trying to kill me and so i just used my pistol. When i came back the last time there were only a few of the presidents men left. though they were good men they had failed. I felt like i couldn't fight anymore and my time had came.

    That is all i remember but, i think we might have all died.

    It was a good dream though. The music was great.

    Updated 12-07-2012 at 08:35 PM by Neplock