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    1. What up mayne
    2. I STUCK A POSTER OVER IT because it was starting to creep me out the idea of you watching me masturbate

      sorry ):
    3. Is my eye still in your room!? Why is my vision impaired!??
    4. I do not ever use aim any more because *everytime* I sign on NO ONE is online. because I hardly use my computer, I'm always on my phone, and on my phone I can only sign on to ONE msngr service at a time. so I'm signed on MSN like 99% of my time. GET MSN FOOL IT'S EASY
    5. I've been coming onto aim almost ERRY DAY now, and I haven't seen you logged in.

      Are you teh invisible?
    6. youuuuu

      I miss talking to you :/
    7. Did you see my post in the thread? I was slammed with medical bills after spraining my neck a few weeks ago. I can't go.
    8. my brother's surgery is July 20th so I can go to the meet. but I'm only going if you and no-Name are, and he's only going if we are. LOL.
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