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      Yesterday, 04:33 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry Buddha statue guidance in ZenLD
      Had many long dreams. I'll jot or write a little Story of a wizard. The was a mage from a noble family going after him romantically. And a stud...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      10-13-2019, 10:37 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry Sweet snacks in ZenLD
      Was busy just gonna write the notes. I didn't sleep much. There was a sad sage. I forget why he was sad. I was at mr din's house the big Steven...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      10-12-2019, 07:46 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry Milk protein powder in ZenLD
      I'm pretty mad. Phone refreshed the whole entry right after i typed it all. Deilds, many Deilds. One failed ap. Dreams How to heal. Empty...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      10-11-2019, 05:49 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry Castle in ZenLD
      I didn't sleep much from ebay bidding wars. During wbtb I saw an european style castle. It was surrounded by like a moat. I thought about it...
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    • lenscaper's Avatar
      10-10-2019, 01:42 PM
      I realized this morning that it has been weeks since I practiced a traditional LD induction technique. Instead I have remained immersed in a somewhat...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      10-10-2019, 05:03 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry planning in ZenLD
      Yesterdays dreams I forgot the content of the first dream, did not jot down while it was fresh. --- amazon warehouse I was in the states I...
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    • lenscaper's Avatar
      10-08-2019, 01:33 PM
      Take a strong look at SSILD as well. I always go back to it for LD induction.
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      10-08-2019, 05:38 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry Cult in ZenLD
      Life of stars --- advanced fights, people shooting and dying. Bodies got fused together. Demon women were feeding on humans. -- In...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      10-07-2019, 06:39 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry The key in ZenLD
      Frusterating warcraft I forget the earlier part of the dream I feel like I was in an apartment , the in downtown with a pool. It was around 4-5pm...
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    • lenscaper's Avatar
      10-06-2019, 09:51 PM
      I awoke this morning from a night of no dreams. That probably had something to do with the wedding that I attended yesterday. :) After doing my...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      10-06-2019, 05:52 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry dog, mma in ZenLD
      Dog I was in the house that looked like #25. I had a dog and I was just hanging out with the dog for a while. I went up to the bedroom to lay down...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      10-05-2019, 05:41 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry back on track! in ZenLD
      I had some inner demons or something, but I had help dealing with it and now I'm back on track for lucid dreaming! Avocado, Beach I was on a...
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    • lenscaper's Avatar
      10-04-2019, 11:39 AM
      I have always enjoyed my WILD attempts. Even though I have mixed success with true WILDing, the process in itself is very rewarding. When I get to...
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    • lenscaper's Avatar
      10-04-2019, 11:29 AM
      I'm thinking that this type of awareness may be the key to incorporating lucidity into everyday life....establishing a routine that can fit into any...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      10-03-2019, 04:12 AM
      Staff I was at some high school. It wasn't the most familiar one. It was well lit and bright. I saw being chased by x and gangs and I found a...
      0 replies | 32 view(s)
    • lenscaper's Avatar
      10-03-2019, 01:06 AM
      Into month nine...... I am having one or more clear dream every night and I always have one that stays with me all of the next day. Every 5 to 10...
      133 replies | 7820 view(s)
    • ZenLD's Avatar
      10-01-2019, 09:27 AM
      I was in the beat up dry apartment. There were wc pros there hanging out. Happy fly. I felt uninspired to dj for pre wbtb. --- Underground...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      09-30-2019, 07:37 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry Embarrassing picture in ZenLD
      Spawning monsters I saw spawning monsters to train against them. After a bit i tried doing it in the air. But in the end I tried to do it in an in...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      09-29-2019, 03:44 AM
      Boxing Boxing a smart russian guy. I moved to dodge his punch and I moved and awoke. Store I was at some store, moving in dream made me move...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      09-28-2019, 04:34 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry Counting the blessings, again in ZenLD
      Well. I didn't get lucid. Well maybe I was sorta, kinda close in a few dreams but not really. I saved some DJ notes on a google docs app but it...
      0 replies | 51 view(s)
    • ZenLD's Avatar
      09-27-2019, 03:07 AM
      VR Wrestling I was wrestling in a VR setting. University, Calculators I was at university. There was X there. We were fighting and he became...
      0 replies | 38 view(s)
    • lenscaper's Avatar
      09-26-2019, 01:50 PM
      In the last couple of months I have started writing down some of the things that have been working for me. I want to have a record of these things so...
      133 replies | 7820 view(s)
    • ZenLD's Avatar
      09-26-2019, 04:44 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry 25th floor mirror in ZenLD
      I laid down on my bed after about 2 minutes of meditation. I decided to keep it short since I had trouble sleeping previously when it was longer.It...
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    • lenscaper's Avatar
      09-24-2019, 11:42 AM
      Ok....not really ignoring them....more like choosing to not let them affect the dream. As I approach month nine my dreams are now often that way....
      133 replies | 7820 view(s)
    • ZenLD's Avatar
      09-24-2019, 02:54 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry babywipes/syringe in ZenLD
      Empty place I was in some kind of place in between dreams. Wake Talking I dreamt that my mom and dad were talking. Wake
      0 replies | 36 view(s)
    • lenscaper's Avatar
      09-23-2019, 12:59 PM
      I really like that. :) I agree with Sageous that three dreams is pretty darned good recall. Also agree with what FryingMan said about good recall...
      5 replies | 476 view(s)
    • ZenLD's Avatar
      09-23-2019, 05:10 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry Purification! in ZenLD
      I have slight trouble recalling the first Dream Mexican shroom I was on a school trip of a sort down to Mexico. I was with my friend Mike and we...
      0 replies | 31 view(s)
    • ZenLD's Avatar
      09-22-2019, 03:58 AM
      Some hypno Had some very light dreams and hypnagogics before wbtb. I was close to lucid, as in I gained awareness but the dream dissipated very...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      09-21-2019, 03:50 AM
      ZenLD created a blog entry Pumpkin Forest in ZenLD
      Business I was entering a business competition with a girl who was my business partner. I asked her to follow my instructions and we were starting...
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    • ZenLD's Avatar
      09-20-2019, 04:25 AM
      ZenLD replied to a thread Hey Guys! :) in Introduction Zone
      What a coincidence, I used to live in sauga too. Good luck to you, neighbor:)
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    I'm dead

    by nia02 on 07-14-2019 at 01:13 PM
    It's been a while but now i'm back, in this past two month I was very busy and stressed for the exams so I stopped training and of course I loose all my progresses. Now I have to start all again from the beginning, but nevermind... tonight I had this cool and very strange dream:


    I'm dead and I'm going (or rather, my soul is going) in what I believe is heaven.
    I am walking in a big city, perhaps New York, and I arrive at the foot of a very tall tower, I don't see the end of it, it is all covered in gold and has no entrance.
    only the dead can see it, in fact all the people who walk beside it do not know of its existence.
    somehow I am transported to the top; I find that up there there is an empty world, dark and covered with fog.
    I set out in this world and after a while I meet an old bald man with a white beard, with him there is also a friend of mine.
    the old man tells us that he spent his whole life alone on this tower and explains that if we want we can go down and return to the world of mortals.
    he also explains that for part of the day we take back our body and return mortal and visible, it is an effect given by a particular inclination of the sun, but if we die again while we have our body our soul disappears definitively. instead when we are spirits we can do what we want but people cannot see us.

    when the old man finishes talking I ask my friend how he died, he tells me he was on a beach to take pictures when a man arrived who didn't want competition on that beach to take pictures, so he pulled out the gun and started shooting; he had to be drunk because before he hit the target he fired a lot of random shots.
    after the boy finished telling the story, I find out that I was also on that beach and that I was hit by one of the stray bullets.

    now I'm back home, I took my body back and I'm leaning on the balcony, looking down where my mom is sunbathing in the garden. I'm sad because I don't know how to tell her that in reality I'm not alive and that soon the body she sees me with will disappear.

    Updated 07-14-2019 at 03:38 PM by nia02

    non-lucid , memorable

    A geat night

    by nia02 on 05-02-2019 at 10:34 AM

    This was a great night because it was the first time I recalled 4 dreams, for me this is a new record. the first two that I'll write were more vivid and longer than the other two.
    I think that happened because I was on holiday and I slept very well in my own bad.


    Pee problems

    I'm a boy, it's night and I'm at home in my bathroom. I'm standing in front of the toilet with the urge to pee but I can't, after a wile I try I start worrying about my health, so I call a doctor to come and help me.

    A doctor arrives with her white coat on, she has brown and wavy hair that falls over her shoulders.
    She gives me a pill that should solve my problem, I swallow it and then I sit down.
    the doctor look at me in a strange way and asks me if I'm okay, I tell her I'm fine and then I fall to the ground unconscious.

    I wake up a few seconds later and stand up, now I'm a girl again, I'm myself again. I go to the bathroom and pee successfully.

    I wake with a start thinking I have wet the bed, fortunately it didn't happen.

    fighting a dragon

    Me and another boy are fighting a red dragon under the supervision of a magician who can be Gandalf the white (yes I watched the lord of the rings that night).
    We are in an enclosed place, it looks like an artificial underground river with a vaulted concrete roof, the river that flows below un and laterally a raised platforms where you can walk with side exit.

    But the battle with the dragon isn't real, because every time we made a mistake in strategy and the dragon defeats us by growing us away Gandalf save us and brings us back restarting the fight from where it ended, giving us the opportunity to find a new strategy.
    It's more like a workout.

    the other guy and I are hanging by chains at the riverbank while the dragon, breaking through the wall, has come out by one of the side doors.
    I start to the eight and to the left until I get high enough to kick the dragon on his head. but it wasn't so effective because the dragon kick me in return and I and up on the other side of the river.
    the dragon himself, snapping, comes to save me before I touch the wall and Gandalf tells him: " I was taking her ".
    but now the dragon had grabbed me and brought me back on the other side to resume the fighting again.


    I'm at home sitting in my room in front of my desk, it's evening and in front of me there is my little white budgie hanging out on my desk.
    at certain point I take it in hands and start caressing him, initially he screams and wants to run away, but after a while he understands that I don't hurt him and he relaxes letting himself being cuddled.
    I put it on the table and continue to do the scratching behind his head.

    then I take it downstairs and I put him in his cage with the other budgies.

    secret agents

    I'm a secret agent and I'm on a mission with another companion. it's night and we are dressed all in black, we are almost invisible.
    we are in a place that seems a construction site and we have to sneak into a cubic building to steal something but it seems to have no income.

    Updated 05-02-2019 at 10:37 AM by nia02


    A dream inside a dream

    by nia02 on 04-29-2019 at 10:52 AM
    I'm in a school of magic, something like Hogwarts but a bit different. we live in a castle surrounded by nature and we sleep all together in huge dormitories above hammocks attached to the wall.

    We have a lot of subject to study, like spells, transformation, other things, and one of this subject is lucid dreaming. I am very bad at it and in fact I found myself talking with my teacher about it, she is a middle aged woman, thin and tall with blonde hire.
    I'm telling her that I want to drop her class because I can't do it, but she tells me not to give up and that soon I will became as good as the others and even better. after hearing these words I found a new motivation.

    Later that evening I go to sleep in my hammock.

    I dream of being seated in a field and in front of me there is a goat that makes strange cries while it loses its teeth, and I have cuts all over my body that light up with fluorescent green light.
    I'm very scared and I wake up screaming in the previous dream.

    Now I'm in class with all my class mates, we have to collect money to do something, there is a lot of confusion and it is not clear what we should do.
    when I understand how much money I have to give I invoke some little bats, I give each of them a coin and I let them fly to the girl who was collecting the money. it would have been impossible to give them personally because she was surrounded by all the other guys. Once the bat's task is over they disappear.


    by nia02 on 04-15-2019 at 09:43 AM

    this dream is short but for me it was very interesting and strage.

    I'm in a documentary, I see the scenes but I'm not a part of it, I'm the voice that explains the things.
    the documentary is set in the African savannah, and I'm telling you how the man evolved.
    our predecessors were called Eres'al, they were bigger than us, with hair all over their bodies, they had strong arms with big hands and they walked on all fours; in practice we were something very similar to a gorilla.

    This animals became human because some individuals, in addition to looking for food and avoiding being eaten by others, found time to devote to themselves to stop and reflect, this with time led their minds to evolve.
    We can see this big gorilla laying in a field and looking at the clouds that float in the sky.

    The next part of the documentary take place on the bank of a river with a waterfall nearby, wee can clearly hear the sound of water falling from a big cliff.
    there are see a man and a woman, still very primitive and naked, who haven't yet learned to speak approaching for the first time. both of them had never seen a human being of the opposite sex, so they are very shy and wary. they approach slowly and when they are a few steps away from each other they stretch their hands until they touch each other.

    In the last part wee are in an African modern village, there are people who walk among the huts, others who cultivate the fields. then the camera zooms into a school without walls where there are a lot of children writing on their notebooks, the teacher is explaining something and on the other side of the room wee see a cameraman who is obviously doing a bad job because he isn't suppose to be in the scene.


    this dream is hilarious, I'm thinking about how it would be if they really did show a documentary like that on focus hahaha

    Updated 04-15-2019 at 09:47 AM by nia02


    medical check

    by nia02 on 04-10-2019 at 09:59 PM

    I'm in a city near were I live, and I'm walking and chatting with my friend Lucia (it's a random name) when we both receive an email that tells that we have to go for a medical check.
    So we go to the hospital, it's full of people, we almost can't move. We walk down the corridors and arrive in a waiting room where a nurse gives us notes and tells us to sit down and wait for our turn.
    So we sit down; I'm dressed in black sweatpants and a slytherin sweatshirt, I have my phone in my trouser pocket and when I sit down it slips to the floor, I pick it up and put it in my sweatshirt pocket.

    Then I look at the card I was holding in my hand: it's big and in the upper part there is an image with a written part underneath, I thought the written pat said what I had to do, and instead it's just a quote form someone.
    form the door that in on the other side of the rook, in the left corner, comes a man who is the doctor who would have visite us.
    He calls Lucia and she goes in the studio while I wait. after a while she goes out and the nurse tells me it's my turn and when I go into the room she follows me too.

    I enter the room, witch is very small, and I see a cot on my right leaning against the wall that was edged, with a piece of forniture beside it and a strange machine on it, and in front of me there is the doctor's desk.
    I approach the doctor who is on his back and after having taken a step he suddenly turns around and plants a syringe in my neck injecting something white, it hurts a little but not so much. then he puts something inside the machine that is on the cabinet, probably my blood. the machine is a cube with a screen on it that gaves the results.

    As wee wait I say " you did as in that movie..." and he concludes "doctor house", "yes,that film".
    then the machine gives a result tha corresponds to a big colored question mark, so we have to re do the test and at this point a correct result comes out. after that he makes me another test and injects me again with the white stuff in the other part of the neck. while wee wait he sais that there are so many muscles in the neck and he names one that passes from the neck and goes down n the chest, I wanted to tell him that I was studing them, bue then I staid silent to avoid making a bad impression.

    when the result comes out he tells me that everything is okay and that a ould go, I wanted to tell him the fact that my nose gets stuck at night, but in the end I didn't and I went out.
    I go to lucia, we take out backpacks and head for the exit. to go out we have to go throught a sort of checkout where we have to pass our smart card, there is always the doctor who visited us and he isn't very practical. I give him my card, he strips it, and here I have it again but broken, all the plastic that covers the chip has been removed.
    I pass and then the chest also breaks, the doctor doesen't now what to do and goes a bit in panic bcause a line of boys has also formed behind us.

    somehow we make it and go out. now we are at the bus satation and I ank lucia if she wants to go with me, but she replies that she had to go home so she leaves me.
    so I take my phone and look at the trains to get back home, the first train to pass is in over one hour, I have to wait, then I starto to move slowly towards the station.

    I pass near a playground where there are three kids on the swing, they have reised it a lot, they will be at least three meters from the ground, I hear them laughing and I think they are idiots.
    I walk in front of them pretending to use the phone and whene I'm in front of the last person I turn my head and I see on the swing a fat guy, all brown, chocolate-colored, in fact it seems to be made of chocolate, and his face is big nad plump and he stares at me with a large smile, and on his shoulders he carries a little kid.
    he is very disturbing, I feel very uncomfortable and I go away as fast as I can.


    this is the longest, vivid and more detailed dream I had since I started writing them in my journal, I'm so proud of it even if it's not so interesting