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    Lucid River

    by Nightingale42 on 07-15-2013 at 10:26 PM
    Slept from about 5pm to 130am.

    normal dream
    dream sequence leading to lucid

    Im in a game store. E is working there. I'm there to get an expansion to some game we've been playing. She pulled out a sheet of paper that I thought at first was a job application but wasn't. I got what I needed and left. The journey was... odd and mostly forgotten till I went down some stairs - trying to get back to some people I knew. The bottom of the stairs was blocked off by a bunch of people in chains. Teenagers. Apparently someone threw a party when they were babysitting. Groups of us (people in the area- bad place/time) were sectioned off into different rooms. They had a group of adults come in - looked like bikers - hard people. To scare us? They started a trivia game - a question about taco bell - something that had stuck with taco bell since the founding of the first store. I had first try on this one. I brought up how the founder was rumored to have been big on live sacrifices and asked if that had anything to do with it. He said it did not and I gave up to the next person. It was apparently something that played in the background of a lot of taco bell commercials. A reference to a movie or game or some such that did not exist.

    My mate and I were in a car together. He pulled off to the side and someone was.. following him? Trying to get to him. He drove off and up the rode a bit. Made me get out of the car and kept going. I started following him on foot - almost up a hill till I got to a parking garage. I was distressed that he left and worried about him. As I was walking there was a bunch of other people on foot going the same way. One guy had on roller skates - I think he was one of the ones after my mate. Im in the parking garage - some sort of gathering of people here. I was naked. Grabbed someone's jacket and then she got upset with me so I gave it back. ((Here I think I became briefly aware of my body due to discomfort in the dream and a light sleep - and I thought going to bed sleep deprived would make me sleep deeper)) I tried to imagine clothes on myself because it was silly that I was feeling insecure. It worked - briefly. Something loose and guy like. Comfy. Then it disappeared. I decided I didn't care and wandered down to the stream (down a hill off to the side of the garage). It was very murky, but I got in anyway. I wanted it clear so I visualized this strongly and it cleared. I was giggling joyfully in my new found powers. I swam around a little - enjoying the feel of the water and the trees all around the river. I swam back to the bank near the garage - all of the dream characters that were in there had come down. Clustered near where I jumped in. Someone was afraid of getting a cd out of a cd player. I held my hand out to it and willed them to open one by one (there were several cd trays in a column). The last was a tape, not a CD. It was supposed to be a message to someone (me). I decided to oblige and listen. Instead of putting it back in the player I made it start playing in my hand and used the center piece that turns the tape to turn the volume up. I had another little tehehe moment of playfulness at making this work. There was nothing I could decipher in what came out. Music and gibberish. ((I had felt this dream slipping in several places and brought it back. I loved the sensation and control and didn't want to let it go. There was no real 'ah hah! I'm dreaming!' moment. It was rather gradual. I was aware within the dream that both the lucidity and the body awareness were due to the light sleep. I pushed the body awareness down to barely noticeable so I wouldn't full myself out that way when I was still playing. I felt in the dream that the message must be important if my dream characters were bringing it to me like this, but I think it just wound up being a way to drag me back under. At this point I had a false awakening and started writing all this down. I then 'went back to sleep'))

    Dystopian type world mega corporations. The milk company wants to make cheese. I (head of the cheese corp) deny them the ability to dont want the competition.

    My mate and I are having sex like REALLY good sex. We somehow manage to make it to the bathroom (for a shower?) while still going at it. There was some sort of portal in the bedroom. A new friend of ours is in the living room. There is an altercation between her, a different friend of hers (over the phone), and my mate.
    lucid , false awakening


    by Nightingale42 on 07-10-2013 at 11:04 AM
    My mom had died. I did not initially have an emotional reaction to this (shock?). I didn't like that so I forced myself to cry until I actually felt grief. When I paused for a breath I heard sobbing behind me. I went over to the stairs (house I grew up in) and she is sitting on them - looking like she did when we lived there. Something about the emotions I felt at her passing made her solid to me. I gave her a huge hug. We talked a little and she started to fade but I used some sort of mental trick to stabilize her. I got an email telling me an ex had died. I told my mom to tell him he is a douche when she saw him. There were people over. me adjusting the temperature - was too hot ((likely rl temp registering)). There were a bunch of old ladies in the living room doing some sort of craft. My mom was trying to do whatever craft it was with them. She aged her face at some point - made it super wrinkly - like 80 or so. I was asking a friend(a) (who was now the dead person instead of my mom) if he had seen the way to move on. He told me he had. That it was a doorway in his (my old room) room. It had a red heart or red figure of a woman (can't quite remember) on it. To entice him? I told him all they needed was techno music playing behind it. He laughed.

    ((remembering now something else. A... feeling/sensation - possibly from a different one where I kept dying? a sensation of holding on to my essence, my self as I went through these transformations. I would intentionally kill myself and come through the other side intact. I think the dead people in this dream might have briefly made me remember that sensation while in this dream))

    update+6/3 - dinos and sand

    by Nightingale42 on 06-03-2013 at 07:02 PM
    Haven't updated this in a while due to relatively crappy recall for the last month or so. can't seem to maintain a 'normal' sleep cycle and this seems to REALLY screw with my recall. I have had several entries in my physical journal, but typing all of them out is going to be far too much of a pain. I will, however, post the dates of the more than two or so line entries - 5/14, 5/15, 5/17, 5/19, 5/20, 5/25, 5/28, 6/2. I think not posting them here has also contributed to the decline in recall. My comp was down for several weeks though, so I have an excuse there at least.

    slept 430am-730am. had broken sleep from 8-11, but remembered no dreams from that time.

    There is a montage of several different scenes, but only remember the one that... expanded. A guy is on a tour in the future - the people are on these hoverbike type vehicles (all different - their own i'm guessing) with free range of motion. The guy its focused on started falling asleep on the tour and kinda fell off the other's train and hit a tree branch. He wandered around for a little bit till he ran into a Trex attached to a harness and in a parade type deal attached to several other dinos (more passive) and santa clause leading them. Something my guy did knocked the dino out of his line - it started following the guy. He pulled the T Rex around and did a full on charge of the santa train. Apparently something like that was supposed to happen, but not until the end of the float/parade. The commenters are talking - well, one guy and the santa guy are talking. The trex is referred to as santa's knight. When I was rushing towards him (as the guy on the bike), there was this howooo noise - halfway between a wolf howl and a siren that I was suing to encourage the dino to move ((If you've ever heard the tornado sirens, it was essentially that)). The T-rex was more the stature of a velociraptor.

    My old house. My old room. There is sand... The AC kicked out for a little bit and it's *much* warmer upstairs than down. There are a couple of asians in my room with me - they have something to do with the sand - cleaning it? They don't speak english. When I go upstairs there is a doctor that is supposed to give me a shot to boost my resistance to getting allergies to the sand, but all the sand they brought was dirty already. I think this is my fault and feel bad. To test my potential allergic reaction I go through some sort of weird gauntlet that turns into a Monaco ((x-box game i've been playing)) looking 2f thing. When I get through it (after some loud alarm like noises) there is a health/healing for me to use.

    Weird Weather Heralds Zombie Apocalypse

    by Nightingale42 on 05-11-2013 at 06:22 PM
    Sleep from 3am - 10am

    I go to my mom's work to give her something. I was going to stay but realize i'm just going to be board for several hours and have my dad take me home. She works was for a law firm, but she was only one of the three people working there and the place was tiny and attached to a few little stores. Largish open area for the main office and one little sectioned off area for the boss.

    Dream starts just before the zombies start coming. There are a really bizarre weather phenomenons - flash floods, tornadoes, wildfires, etc. I'm at some sort of yoga retreat. there is a male instructor and several people lined up along with me. we are all lying in our own little dugouts in the ground. we are in the middle of a forest with natural hot springs in the ground beneath us. At one point I turned the water on because I was cold and I missed a few words the instructor said (it filled my dugout like a bathtub). So did the person next to me. I apologize. I had tossed my clothes off to the side - kind of in the woods - back the way we came here? There were fires going on around the word. They caught some trees near us. I freaked and ran to get my cloths. They were just past some trees that were on fire. We were trying to decide what to do. We knew something bad was coming. A zombie wandered into our camp and someone mashed its brains in. I was asking if my grandmothers place ran on propane. Probably not - most houses switched over. there were little teepees a little in the woods. I almost thought we could stay there but then saw they were miniatures. we would never fit. There was a house a little ways into the woods that we wound up staying at. || A young guy comes to his home. His mother is ecstatic - 'you're alive, he's alive.'. the father gives him an axe to the head. They had never been close... The father figured he had to have been bitten. When he (the son) died he came back almost immediately all gray like. He was put down. Someone had a business card for Buffy. || Older family member - grandfather? - has a bald head from chemo. All this fighting to extend his life and now he dies anyway. He did get to spend a little more time with his loved ones though.

    weird apartment and traveling w/phone

    by Nightingale42 on 05-10-2013 at 02:03 AM
    sleep 530am-4pm

    I'm asleep at home in bed. My mate calls - I was supposed to pick him up from the airport or train station or something. I call him back - can't get ahold of him. I leave and head towards him. He calls as i'm near a hotel. I pull over. I can't understand him and my phone is dead. I call him on the hotels phone. Somehow as i'm on the phone I leave my purse in the hotel and wander outside and get on a bus. When the bus starts moving I realise what is going on. I'm still on the phone. I pull the cord, but we are on the freeway and aren't stopping for a while. Loki is bitching about me missing his calls and tells me he isn't coming home for a while - work. The bus finally lets off in a kind of major bus pit stop. there are books everywhere but no list of the bus routes - I don't know when the next one that can take me home will be there. A bus arrives, but the scrolling text above it that should tell me where it is bound is missing.

    At a weird apartment with my mom and dad. I'm making an egg with fried rice but my mom doesn't want rice. I give her the one egg, apologize and tell her i'll make more. I feel bad because I can't make some for my dad as well because there aren't enough eggs. 'I don't think shes looking in the right fridge' -dad?. sure enough, there is another fridge with tons of food in it. The apartment is all open - one room open to the next open to the next. Makes it easy to rent more rooms.. there is no one living next to us so the openness was never an issue but they were using a fridge in a room that wasn't rented out to us. I was worried the landlady would find out and fine us. There are a few rotten (green insides) eggs I throw away. We had just moved into this place and I have to keep asking where everything is. There is an oven type thing in a island in the kitchen. If you move this piece of metal, you have an oven. If you move it the other way you have a toaster oven. the previous owners left something in the oven - a pizza? Someone there wants coffee, so I go looking. I know we have a coffee maker and coffee somewhere. I found the tea in a cubby hole on the ground of a shelf in a corner. I bitch to my mom about its inaccessibility and start moving them elsewhere. Turns out my parents have tons of coffee, but it isn't where the tea is.

    Visiting family - cousins are there. I felt bad because I hadn't gotten anyone presents
    fragmented sex dream (completely unrelated to above )