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      Lol, I'm on this site WAY too much. I go to school for computer networking so I'm always in front of a computer. The past week I've been on here the entire time instead of doing my work xD.
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    February 25, 1984 (36)
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    Currently I'm working to get my GI Bill so I can transfer to reserves in Cali and go to Academy of Art University in San Francisco to major in Photography! I'm originally from Pennsylvania (where all my family is), went to Texas to train for AF, then to Mississippi for school and more training and now currently stationed in Idaho (yay me).

    I am located "everywhere but there" because my soul friend, my best friend, my boyfriend and true other half is traveling for his wind turbine job always and is currently in Canada, and I'm half empty without his presence.
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    Everywhere but there
    Astrology (it's my god), writing poetry, bonsai, music-no mainstream, acupressure, um DrEaMiNg!
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    searched "controlling dreams" in my browser


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    Specimen slugs

    by Nilabimini on 03-12-2011 at 03:31 PM
    Original Date: 3/12/2011
    Type: Fragment/Non Lucid

    I walked into a kitchen, the room was dark, it was nighttime. I had just left my boyfriend/husband in the other room. I opened the refrigerator door to put something in/take something out (can't remember), but when I went to close the door, it would not close. I tried again and same thing, it wouldn't close like something was sticking out and blocking it. So I looked closer. The handle was on the right side, so the door opened to the left. I looked at the lower left corner of the fridge and saw this little external/internal "pipe" that was beige colored but was sort of cut in half so that you could place something into it, like a tiny jar. The closer I looked I realized I couldn't close the door because there was a clear little specimen jar in this little pocket (I remember having this dream a long time back and only seeing this jar), so I pulled it out and put it on a shelf in the fridge where I got a better look at it. At first it was very cloudy and hard to see it clearly, like there was movement inside and I couldn't focus in very well. Then when I could see, there were these 3 thick greyish slug/worm creatures floating in the liquid inside. I remember thinking that this was something that my BF put in the fridge to hide from me. I then looked down and realized that the door wouldn't close because there was a smaller jar, about half the size of the other one, that the first one had been placed on top of and that was why it got stuck in the door. I attempted to pull this one out too, but it somehow ended up on the floor just below it. That's when this one actually turned into the shape of the worm encased inside of it, but the worm was still inside of the jar. This slug was striped with teal/aqua and black horizontal stripes and I could see his eyes staring back at me, it had this glow of light just above in between its eyes. I went to pick it up to put it back in the fridge, but it slithered very fast towards the entryway out of the kitchen, and I felt a tad bit of panic as I didn't want it getting loose in the house. Then the next second it was back in front of me, looking at me with it's glowing patch, then tried to slither away again.

    Curiosity, wonder, fear, panic
    non-lucid , dream fragment

    My Missing Car

    by Nilabimini on 03-08-2011 at 02:20 PM
    Original Date: 3/8/2011
    Type: False Awakening - Partial Lucid

    I woke up and walked into my living room, went over and looked through the blinds out the window (like I usually do) and it was still dark outside (like it usually is) and noticed my neighbor had like 3 other cars of visitors over there (which takes up all the space of where we have to park), and then I noticed my car was not there! So I was looking over to the right farther and saw that my car had been moved, but I didn't understand how and knew it had to have been while I was sleeping, someone had to have come into my house gotten my keys and moved my car while I was sleeping!! I went to the door and saw that it was not closed all the way and the lock/bolt was sticking out but the door not shut, like it was locked but not closed. Somehow I knew instantly that my neighbor had come into my house and did this and I actually started seeing images of this in my mind in my dream. Then I opened my door and I was looking around... my old best friend was sitting in the dark on a curb, she said something to me, but I couldn't make it out. She came inside and I knew then that I was dreaming*. So I decided to skip past an RC because I knew I was dreaming and I knew exactly what I wanted to do... I wanted to walk to my bedroom and see myself sleeping. So my best friend followed me into my bedroom, but when I got there, my body was not in the bed, the bed was empty. I was disappointed because I expected to see myself lying there, but I just saw my bed all unmade and pillows strewn around it. Then I looked at my best friend and we started to make out (which was very strange to me) and then I woke up. (I think I lost lucidity because I didn't know what to do after my expectation of me not being in my bed was disproved.)

    Exposure, violation, surprise, disappointment, curiousity

    *Side Note:
    I am becoming lucid when my dreams take place in my current home, I'm beginning to know instantly when I am in my living room (which is where I practice my waking RCs the most) that I am dreaming.
    lucid , false awakening

    Too Many Fingers

    by Nilabimini on 03-06-2011 at 03:39 PM
    Original Date: 3/6/2011
    Type: New - Lucid

    I was in my living room (not exact, but it was mine) and everything was so realistic, like no dream I have ever had (and mine are usually pretty vivid, yet a bit cloudy), so crisp. I suddenly thought about dreaming and how I might be, my body felt weird in the dream, like tingly and light. So I actually remembered to do an RC! (This has never happened to me!) So I did the one I like the most, I looked at my hands and counted my fingers. At first, there were 10, so I was going to stick my fingers through my hand, but decided to count again... and this time there were 11, my pinkie finger on my left hand had an extra finger!! So then I knew I was dreaming.... I was trying to get a handle on it, and stabilize myself, but I was so excited, I could feel myself sort of getting pulled in and out of the concentration of the dream. - Now for some reason, this is the part of my dream that confused me. I went to the kitchen and decided to "roll out of my body" and rolled onto the floor (and I could hear my real body falling on the floor in the bedroom. I wanted to go look at my real body sleeping, but I got distracted with something else.) and then the last thing I remembered was going back into the living room, laying on the floor face down, and closing my eyes. I could then hear someone walking/stomping their feet and coming closer to me, I was terrified, and then (still with my eyes closed) I could feel them grabbing and pulling on the back bottom of my shirt, trying to yank me. I was really freakin scared at this, I had the urge to twist around and kick them away from me with my leg, but I was so scared that I woke up.

    Excitement, experimental, memory, fear, scared

    Objective Context:
    A week ago I was reading "School of Out of Body Travel - 1 A Practical Guidebook" and wasn't really having success and was busy throughout the week, so I stopped my attempts. I have also been getting into the habit of doing RCs all throughout the day, usually counting my fingers and sticking them through my hands.
    lucid , memorable

    Savied A Life

    by Nilabimini on 02-27-2011 at 05:21 PM
    Original Date: 2/27/2011
    Type: Ordinary - Non Lucid
    This started with me sitting in bed at my laptop talking to a man on the phone about billing for an old phone contract. He told me that the phone number they had on file for me started out with 627 and some other numbers, but I knew this was not correct. I was somewhat irritated and said "I don't know where you got that number from, but it is not correct, my phone number is..." (and I proceeded to give him my real phone number in the dream). Next I appeared in a store (sort of like an office store) and I guess the guy I had been talking to was standing to the left of me. To my right a woman was trying to set up a shelf display and was having trouble, so I tried to help her put these little plastic things on the shelf. Then the whole environment changed and half of the store turned into and outdoor vertical racetrack with a small bleacher area with a small crowd and part of the track went under the bleachers below the crowd. The other half of the store turned into like a gift store for the racetrack and the office shelf display turned into a huge wall display of little matchbox cars, like everyone you could imagine all on wooden shelves. I was helping a woman and a man set them up, row by row, all facing the same direction (away from the front door, even though I suggested the effect would look much more interesting if we had them all facing the door, the man agreed, but we kept it the way it was). Then I stopped and walked to the door in the back of the store, it was a full glass pane door and I stood there and looked out. The color or the sky looked like cotton candy, it was pinkish and blue and maybe purple slightly, and the overall color outside darkened because it had begun to rain and I took notice to that, I liked it. Then I turned back around and went over to the bleachers, the final lap for the race was coming and I stood next to the bleachers where my step mom, step brother and dad were. I remember saying to my step brother "it's the final lap, stand up so you can see" and I stood on an open spot on the bleachers and watched as the first car came down the track behind the bleachers, and a little bit of fire was on the track (the crowd was like "ohhhh") and then the car disappeared under the bleachers and the crowd. The next car was coming down, about to make the turn to go under the crowd and once it went through the fire on the track, it lit the whole car on fire and spread into the bleachers, but then disappeared and no one was hurt, except a an old man who was sitting with his back to the bleachers facing the gift store. His entire head caught on fire, I had seen him earlier in the dream, just sitting there, and I feel like i knew something was going to happen to him. I immediately ran to him, pulled off my thin little jacket I was wearing and started patting it aggressively against his head until the fire disappeared. And it was gone, his head was fine. I touched his cheek (his skin was thing and he had little age spots/dots all over) with my right hand and thumb sort of squeezing and looking him in the eye and I asked him "are you okay?"... I was starting to get teary eyed, but he never replied. Then my family and I were leaving, walking in the parking lot. My step brother said, "there's nothing to eat at the house", and I replied, "what about a tuna wrap salad, and I could make hard boiled eggs to put into it", and he just said no. Next we were in a grocery store, kind of like a Target, with my step mom because she said she needed to find a 2 cup blender or some sort of small kitchen appliance like that. I remember we were in that section, looking at mixers, and then the last place I was suddenly in the nut isle looking at canned macadamia nuts and peanuts. Then woke up.

    Objective Context:
    On call today, was thinking of making tuna wrap salad yesterday, was playing a game with a woman whos screen name was nascar something, boyfriend and I are talking of plans to have a baby.

    Content, worried, helping, observing

    Drowning Mom's Dog

    by Nilabimini on 02-26-2011 at 02:25 AM
    Original Date: 2/25/2011 (afternoon nap - first recall in 2 days)
    Type: Ordinary/Anxiety - Non Lucid

    I was suddenly in a living room my mom and step dad. I remember my step dad saying something about my mom's dog, Buddy, and then pausing for a bit. A few moments later he stood up and walked over towards my mom and opened a box next to her, and I heard rustling around and a jingle of metal/aluminum. Then Buddy popped up out the top of the box, I was calling out his name and was very excited to see him (because I absolutely love dogs and had to leave my 2 back home). So I was sitting in a chair and Buddy was then up next to me in the chair curled up along my left side sleeping, and somehow was covered in like a cloth or blanket. I remember watching tv, but somehow interacting with whatever was on (it was vivid in my dream, but I cannot recall), I think at some point my step dad was changing channels and I may have been changing them back.

    Then the setting changed, I was in some kitchen with a very dim light. I don't remember how, but I filled some container up with water that was on the counter. I turned away and I think I was looking for Buddy. All of a sudden I couldn't find him and thought "oh shit!", I had accidentally dumped him in the water pitcher! I could see him still wrapped in the little thin cloth lying on the bottom of the filled water pitcher! I instantly pulled the top off of it, shoved my had in and pulled him out. I unwrapped the cloth, at this point he was palm sized, so abnormally small, not because of the water, but in the dream it was natural. (I felt like his size was possibly a sign of delicacy.) So I started trying to get the water out of his lungs by patting his back sternly, and some was coming up/out. Then there was this strange like 2 or 3 piece machine in the kitchen that he would fit on that would somehow xray him to show water spots in the lungs, but I couldn't find a piece to it, I was searching frantically. At the same time Buddy (still micro size) was up, alive, walking around on the floor, soaked, but alive. I remember seeing him walk around but still feeling worried about him. So I took hold of him and for some reason stuck my pinkie in his mouth to trigger gag reflex to force up excess water. (But this makes no sense because there is no danger if water is in the stomach, only the lungs.)

    Objective Context:
    Today is my birthday and my step dad (who creeps me out and I have not had contact with for over a year, by choice) texted me and called. My mom sent me a text. I am an EMT basic, so life skills and sustaining life are ingrained into me, but a dumb attempt like that makes no sense to me.

    Excitement, contentment, neutral, fear, panic, sadness, worry and guilt